15 Successful Strategies to Attract More Customers to Your Business with Video Testimonials

Successful Strategies to Attract More Customers to Your Business with Video Testimonials

It is essential to develop brand recognition and reputation to attract new customers and increase conversion rates. To attain these goals, you can leverage customer video testimonials as one of the most powerful marketing methods.

According to some studies, video testimonials significantly impact “word of mouth (WOM)” marketing.

Eighty-three percent of respondents said they “totally or partially believe the recommendations of friends and family” in an AC Nielsen survey, while 66 percent said they appreciate internet customer reviews.

Customers trust internet evaluations to “judge” the “quality” of local businesses, according to a survey of more than 2,100 people.

To boost website conversions, you must focus on securing video testimonials from customers. What methods do you use to gather client video testimonials? You have to ask.

However, this only works if your product or service meets or exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Successful Strategies to Attract More Customers with Video Testimonials

1. Enhances the Credibility of Your Company

There’s no guarantee that clients will put their faith in your items simply because you do. Doubts regarding your products or services will persist despite all of your reassurances.

Because I don’t want to be taken for a ride. How would you feel if this product didn’t do what it was supposed to accomplish?

The only way I’ll test out this product is if other people say it’s a good one. Is this a brand that other companies endorse?

To be sure something will help me, I want to see concrete evidence that it will. Is my investment worth it?

Each of the three questions posed above can be answered using video testimonies.

Social proof is provided through video testimonials. When consumers speak positively about your brand, they are more credible than a sales agent who is paid to say so since they have experienced it.

There is usually no need to know the video testimonial provider to trust what they say. As a reminder, paid video testimonials do not work.

A well-versed consumer will expose this person to their product or service.

2. Be Emotionally Available to Your Prospective Clients

How do videos improve the SEO rank

Video Testimonials help you connect with your audience emotionally for more than just marketing purposes. When making a decision, emotions have a significant impact.

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio examined the brains of patients who had suffered damage to brain areas involved in emotion generation (the amygdala and prefrontal cortex).

The individuals were able to think logically about what they desired, but they could not make decisions. This is because they were unable to deal with their feelings.

These studies help businesses create marketing messages that appeal to various emotions, including happiness, wrath, fear, and surprise.

Customer testimonials have the same effect, motivating your target audience to purchase because they want to feel the same joy and fulfillment that others have.

3. Use Storytelling to Get People’s Attention

You might not realize it, but every video testimonial is a story about an individual customer (the protagonist) searching for a solution to their problem and who ultimately finds it when they come into contact with your company.

According to recent studies, our brains are hardwired to process information in narrative form. As a result, brands that tap into this human tendency are more successful in their marketing initiatives.

New leads are more likely to pay attention to you if you can tell a story that finishes with happy endings for your consumers when they turn to you.

4. Keep Your Customers Happy

In all likelihood, you’ve used or bought something that exceeded your wildest dreams. Thanking the company for such and such must have made you feel great. They got in touch and requested whether they may use your kind compliments on their website.

Moreover, they wanted to feature your message on their site is intriguing because you were grateful for the attention. You felt as if you were part of the company.

Loyalty develops due to a strong bond formed between a customer and a brand. If you keep making your clients happy, they’ll refer others to you, and if things go awry, they’ll be more forgiving.

As a result, every transaction and interaction should be viewed as an opportunity to show your customers how much you value them. When you do this naturally, you’ll be able to get testimonials from your customers.

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5. Customers Hone their “Pitch” for Testimonials

Consider a time when you had a clear idea of what you wanted to say but could not articulate it.

When you talked to your friends, you may have been discussing a new device or app you had recently purchased.

Asked, “So what’s so amazing about it?” you realized you didn’t understand why it was so appealing to others. Although you were impressed by the goods, you were at a loss for words.

It isn’t the only time anything like this has happened. Our words constantly fail us because we don’t practice by writing down or reading everything in depth. We feel uneasy when this happens.

By recording a testimonial, the recorders are compelled to concentrate on what they are saying and clear their mind of any potential obstacles.

To make matters worse, when you know everything there is to know about a product, others look to you as a reliable resource.

Your clients will feel the same way. If you ask someone for a video testimonial, they will have all the information they need at their fingertips, thanks to the option to express their thoughts.

6. Using Natural Language to Build Relationships

Customer Centricity

Brands need to be impartial; therefore, corporate messaging is carefully constructed despite its importance in conveying information and educating your audience; corporate messaging falls short when building genuine relationships.

Video Testimonials are more effective since they aren’t meticulously planned, making them more relatable.

Aside from that, they provide your website with a more personal touch by breaking away from the formal tone set by the rest of your content.

7. Chances to Enhance (and Grow)

There will be some negative comments. Negative reviews are understandable, but you should not dismiss or suppress them. If you’re willing to accept criticism, you can:

Improve your product or service by identifying and correcting any flaws you discover through customer feedback.

Please make the most of it. The following is an example of an inadequate review response:

“Dear *Neal,”

I appreciate your input. My apologies that you were dissatisfied with the quality of our offering. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an answer to your question.

Sincerely, *Nelly

This response allows you to save face by:

Putting a human face on your business. Observe how frequently “I” is used in the text. It demonstrates that at least one person is working on the problem.

The complainant will feel more secure if you sign off with your name instead of something impersonal like “from the customer service staff.”

Show that you can maintain your promises. You provide the buyer with another criterion to judge you by giving a time (24 hours).

Your customers will be pleased with the service you provide. Show your customers that you care by promising to “look into” their concerns.

A 2018 Zendesk survey found that excellent customer service directly impacts how customers interact with a brand, including influencing future purchases and referrals.

8. Strengthening Employee Loyalty

It’s a terrific method to show your customers that you value their feedback.

You value the effort your employees put out.

With this acknowledgment, it becomes clear to you that you aren’t the only one who contributed to your brand’s success.

When your employees know they’re appreciated, they’re more committed to helping you succeed. Employees who feel appreciated are less likely to leave the company and more likely to bring in the top talent.

9. The Capacity to Share

In addition to being an excellent platform for monitoring, social media is a great way to get your brand noticed.

The best way to get your message out there on social media is through video testimonials rather than sales pitches.

Testimonials from your admirers will be passed on to their followers, who will, in turn, pass them on to their followers, and so on. Word-of-mouth marketing like this works wonders.

Your website URL will also be clicked on a lot if you include it as part of your postings, and you won’t have to make an overt sales push for it.

10. Testimonials are More Critical than Analyst Reports

Is There A Way To Get The Money Funds You Need

Online, third-party analysts are some of the most highly regarded experts. People’s perceptions of your brand can be influenced by what they think.

As a result, engaging third-party analysts to review your product or service might help you gain much attention and exposure.

Although analyst reports are significant, research reveals that customer testimonials are more successful since they represent the “voice of the customer.” 97% of B2B customers believe that user-generated material is more credible than that produced by a third party.

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11. Affect the Decision to Purchase

B2B and B2C buyers rely on customer testimonials to make purchasing decisions. Several studies back up this claim, including the ones listed below:

Ninety-five percent of internet shoppers check reviews before purchasing, particularly for products and services with a higher price tag.

For lower-priced products, reviews can enhance conversion by up to 190 percent and by up to 380 percent for higher-priced products.

Online reviews have influenced the purchasing decisions of 88% of consumers.

Thirty-one percent more money is spent by clients if a business has positive reviews.

12. Increased Conversion Rates (CTR)

Brightlocal studied 6,283 customers in 2016 to see how reviews affected click-through rates and some interesting findings.

According to the study, listings with 5-star ratings drew more clicks than those with 4- or 3-star ratings.

However, postings with a 1- or 2-star rating were less popular than those without a rating.

According to this research, companies with stellar online evaluations generate more business.

On the other hand, negative reviews indicate a company’s poor image and reduce its ability to generate new customers.

13. Video Testimonials Generate More Leads than Case Studies

Regarding B2B marketing, case studies are a go-to resource. However, a Trust Radius B2B Buyer Disconnect Report from 2018 found that customer reviews were a more reliable and unbiased source of data than case studies.

Recommendations that are more personalized and accessible are viewed as more trustworthy by the responders. It is important to read customer reviews to verify or disprove a product’s claims.

14. Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage

Video Testimonial Marketing as a Lead Generation Channel

Social proof can be boosted by using video testimonials. Compared to other forms of content, video is the most convenient, entertaining, and trust-building for customers.

Individuals that videotape themselves promoting your goods or services can be considered the “face” of your company. Because so few people are willing to do that for a company they don’t own, they also risk their reputation.

As a bonus, video is a popular medium for distributing information. According to a study by the networking company Cisco, the majority of internet traffic will be made up of video material by 2021. As a result, you should incorporate video testimonials into your content strategy.

15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we said earlier, a more considerable number of clicks are attracted to firms with higher ratings. To achieve this, you must first appear in search results. Google uses review ratings from reliable review sites to determine which businesses appear in search results when a user does a query.

If you haven’t been collecting testimonials from your customers in a while, you need to check to see if they’re current. Most businesses don’t update their client testimonials because it’s difficult to ask for one. It’s important to remember that those search engines prefer sites with regular content updates.

A simple way to get customers to provide a review after completing their transaction is to use Google Customer Reviews. A Google Customer Survey logo can also be displayed on your website.

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7 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video has taken over social media and is becoming an essential part of every brand’s promotional efforts.

According to our piece on marketing trends for 2021, online videos will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic in the following year, a 15-fold increase over 2017. (Cisco)

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the video.

Consider the following while developing your video content strategy:

  • 84 percent of customers said that watching a brand’s video encouraged them to purchase a product or service (wyzowl)
  • The most popular videos are those that are less than two minutes long (Wistia)
  • As much as 80% of consumers are more inclined to watch an entire video if there are subtitles accessible. (Newton)
  • Use motion graphics like lower thirds, title cards, and other transitions throughout the film to promote your business.

Consider how you can add video content into your marketing plan if you haven’t already.

We’ll go over seven different ways to use video to excite your audience, foster relationships, and keep them interested in your company and its products in the coming section.

1. Promote your brand with a video ad campaign

Your company’s story, mission, capabilities, and vision for the future may all be conveyed in a well-thought-out brand video. A high-level idea can be expressed excitingly, and brand recognition can be built through this format, which showcases your company’s ambition and skills.

2. Create a video testimonial to tell the client’s story

Customers are your best advocates. Video testimonials are a powerful sales tool because they allow your customers to spread the word about your business to their friends, family, and coworkers.

The most effective strategy to move prospects down the sales funnel is to ask satisfied customers to tell others about their experience working with your company.

3. Case study videos are a great way to retell a success story

Video can highlight a successful project or connection in the same way as a client testimonial. Various stakeholders, including employees and clients, might be featured in a case study or testimonial video, as well as the steps are taken to ensure the project’s success.

4. Educate the public via a video

One of the most popular video formats in the business-to-business world is an instructional video. A single-focused video like a webinar allows you to address a frequent problem that clients may have and present the best answer.

 A how-to video is one of the most popular formats. A well-optimized blog post is a fantastic source of thought leadership content, and it may also help with SEO and traffic to your website.

You may also make an explainer video to explain why someone might require your product or service by narrating a problem and its solution.

5. Use spotlight videos to highlight your people and company culture

In a spotlight film, an employee talks about their experience working at a company, their path to career advancement, or a particular facet of the company they like.

With this structure, you send a clear statement to potential employees and clients about your company’s culture.

A video in this format is ideal for posting on social media, especially on sites like Instagram and Facebook, suitable for showcasing your company’s culture.

6. Participate in a live webinar to demonstrate your knowledge

Customers may watch and interact with your information for extended periods in a live webinar.

Expertise can be demonstrated, questions can be asked, and trends in the sector can be discussed in a live setting.

After the broadcast, a recorded version of the webinar is available for users to watch at their convenience.

Establish oneself as a thought leader in your area, and this is an excellent complement to your content marketing approach.

7. Get started with your vlog series

When you combine video and blogging, it’s called “vlogging.” It’s a creative and cost-effective method to give your content marketing campaign a more visually appealing and engaging structure.

Vlogs are short, low-budget videos in which a subject matter expert talks to the camera about a specific topic.

Vlogs can be used for various purposes, from tutorials and “how-to” videos to product demos, explainer videos, tips & tricks, and interviews.

You may post the films to your company’s website, blog, or social media accounts and provide a transcript for viewers to read.

Be a stalwart

Creating a steady flow of video content is essential as more companies invest in video marketing across all of their channels. Using these examples, you’ll be able to craft a video marketing strategy that will attract, educate, and entertain your customers.

The Bottom Line

Customer video testimonials are critical for B2B and B2C businesses of all kinds, and their importance cannot be overstated.

Customer loyalty is based on word-of-mouth recommendations, no matter how big or small your business is.

By increasing involvement and taking a proactive approach to correcting problems, even inadequate evaluations can be turned into a positive.

You might ask your reviewers to submit a picture of themselves and personal information like a firm name, title, or occupation.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin, you can consult with Vidmonials to see sample video testimonials that can assist you in gathering important data, such as:

  • An explanation of how your product works
  • The positive impact on the company
  • Quality of service provided to customers

Reach out to us here.


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