Videos are a Better Call to Action

Share video testimonials of your successful sales for making the conversion funnel successful by decreasing the customer bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

Videos are a Better Call to Action
online store video testimonials

Decrease Bounce Rate

By using videos of successful sales, the visitor is made curious to learn more about a business, resulting in a decreased website bounce rate.

Limit Abandonment Rate

Vidmonials helps you to persuade the store-visitor in a way that makes the conversion funnel complete and website abandonment rate to a minimum.

Increase Conversion Rate

Using Vidmonials, you can use video testimonials of those sales that can present your business better, increasing the conversion rate of your eCommerce website.

Vidmonials’ Key Features For eCommerce

All the features included in Vidmonials were designed to meet the exclusive needs of an e-commerce website by allowing it to include a stronger call to action and complete the sales funnel process successfully.

Group Call-to-Action Videos Together

With Vidmonials comes the ability to group the videos of your successful sales together, so you could swiftly browse through all the videos and use the required video easily for making a robust call to action on your website.

Request Video Testimonials With Ease

Keep track of your successful sales by requesting multiple consumers for a video testimonial in a single go. The best part about it: video reviews can be made and provided by your consumers without signing up anywhere.

Embeddable Video Widgets

Win the trust of your website visitors by embeddable video widgets. You can build trust in two ways: either use a floating trust seal or a video playlist widget containing all your successful video reviews.

Live Analytics

Track all customer feedback requests with information like customer email, testimonial reason, URLs and see the status of each. Users also get a interactive that provides a summary of all video reviews to date.

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