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Sell Or Buy Property Conveniently

Give a huge boost to your real-estate business by using our platform as a video funnel for refining real buyer and seller leads.

Sell Or Buy Property Conveniently
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Hire Better Agents

Eliminate back-and-forth calls and messages, and hire good property agents in lesser time with Vidmonials asynchronous video collection.

Virtual Property Tours

Record property tours using Vidmonials & let your customers have the opportunity to virtually explore them from anywhere they want.

Get Instant Feedback

Gain more trust in the market for your property by collecting video reviews from your real estate customers or employed agents as well.

Vidmonials Key Features for Real Estate

Vidmonials was designed to serve as a multipurpose video platform for various business models, and the real estate business happens to be among the prime ones. It is just the perfect tool for any real estate owner if they’re looking to optimize their efforts.

Embed Vidmonials To Your Emails

You can definitely improve your email prospecting by simply embedding one of your video messages recorded via Vidmonials in that email. This will create a touch of personalization, while also grabbing more attention from your leads.

Social Media Marketing

We all know that videos are the top content type that social media users prefer. Well, having Vidmonials at hand is therefore a golden chance for you to get popular on the internet. You can easily share your favorite videos there and let them do their charm for you.

Collecting Video Reviews

Another good reason for Vidmonials to be used by real-estate dealers is the ability to gather video reviews from the buyers and sellers. Having these video reviews about a property or your dealership can instantly boost your business outlook.

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