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Why are Video Testimonials better?

Text reviews may be effective in their own way, but people are more into videos these days. According to statistics, video testimonials are 60% more effective than text reviews + are 30% more effective for SEO purposes than text reviews.


Social Proof For Feedback

Text reviews can be faked by companies sometimes and there's no hard evidence for their authenticity. On the other hand, video testimonials are proof that customers have actually done business with you and they love you.

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Videos Get Shared Quickly

Videos allow you to engage more audience than a regular text post because they use both sound and sight for the show. Plus, whether or not a person buys something from you, he/she may share your video on social media.

Get Noticed

Build Lasting Trust In Your Business

The primary basis for building trust is authenticity, and while convincing your customers, a standard text review (however positive) cannot compete with a pleasant video testimonial from a delighted customer.


Higher Sale Closings

More customers will be interested in doing business with you if they find a clear track record of your business from the viewpoint of previous customers. Video testimonials are a great way to speed up that process.


What’s The Process Like?

Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps!

Step 1

You can simply send feedback requests for your brand or products via our smart forms.

Step 2

Users can post video testimonials either after the usual review or before.

Step 1

Our team moderates these testimonials and they are published on YouTube and your site.

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