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Connect Better With Your Audience Via Vidmonials

With Vidmonials, you can be sure of reducing the bounce rate of your business or personal websites. They’re gonna love it from now on!

Connect Better With Your Audience Via Vidmonials
professional videos

Welcome With A Smile

Give your website visitors a great welcome with personalized messages and make their experience more engaging.

Indulge In Conversations

Vidmonials also lets your videos be a substitute for chatbots. A visitor may record and send their query in response to your videos.

Become Popular

Increase your website’s SEO and therefore, your profile / professional site will become a success in no time.

Vidmonials Key Features for Professional Videos

Vidmonials is a versatile video platform with limitless possibilities. It can be your personal/public diary, or it can even be your business profile. You can literally decide how and where you want to use the videos made through our platform.

Record & Share On The Go

You can record Vidmonials on the go and get amazing sharability features like instant uploads to YouTube, quick embeddable links, or even easy sharing on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Interactive Widgets

Utilize our live widgets to showcase your best videos as welcome messages on your website or blogs. More so, use them as a substitute for chatbots and display recording links below your video messages.

Qucik & Easy Editing

On Vidmonials, you don't just have to record mediocre videos. We have a set of some great editing tools that will allow you to edit your videos as per your desire and enhance your video content to a new level.

Gather Responses

Let your audience interact with you in response to your videos via quick and easy invitation links. The best part about this is that they get to enjoy the same recording features as you.

Wanna Try How This Works?​

Record a quick video testimonial sharing your initial impressions about Vidmonials.

Augment your audience interactions with Vidmonials!

Showcase your content in a more engaging way.