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Attract and acquire top-tier candidates with the skills your organization requires or are in-demand by your industry. So you get the cream of the crop candidates.

Get the Top-Talent To Work For You
video resumes

Curb Applicant Ghosting

A video-based application process develops a personalization touch, making the candidates less likely to ghost.

Personalize the Recruitment

Off-site recruitment is often aloof and leads the candidates to ghost, but with Vidmonials you can personalize the process.

Use Candidate Feedback

Have the candidates review your recruitment process to market your business or to optimize the application process itself.

Vidmonials’ Key Features For Recruitment

The functionality of Vidmonials makes the interviewing process easier and gives the hiring process a rather humanized touch, thus helping the recruiters better than others in top talent acquisition.

Talent Pool Collection

Recruiters can create a video library/collection of the candidate pipeline in a single place. When there’s a vacancy in any department and is required to be filled urgently, recruiters can quickly go through the candidate quality from the applicant pool.

Keep Track Of All Candidates

All video resumes are stored in an interactive library that allows you to keep a check on each candidate based on their information like name, email address, desired position, etc. Recruiters can also view live statistics of the whole recruitment drive via dashboard.

Easier Interview & Screening Process

You can perform candidate screening by requesting all the job-contenders all together for a video resume in a single click. Plus, the candidates can submit their videos just by clicking on the provided link without having to sign-up anywhere.

Attract Top-Talent

With Vidmonials, attract highly-skilled candidates by sharing the positive views of the current employees towards the work-culture of your company by embedding video widgets on your website and showcasing their thoughts.

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