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Record interactive videos to engage with your students online. Send a welcome message, share assignment instructions, or ask them random questions about the courses.

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Increase Student Attendance

Create fun videos ranging from informal messages to interactive lessons using Vidmonials. Your students will never abandon any lecture again.

Make Learning Fun

Make step-by-step videos and personalize your courses. Using video allows your students to acquire a deeper understanding of you.

Interact Better

Interactive Vidmonials allow your students to become more interested, invested, and confident in their ability to participate and ask questions.

Key Features For Teachers & Gurus

The versatility of Vidmonials allows it to be just the perfect remote education tool. Teachers and trainers can use it to create excellent courses for their students. More so, the amazing features of Vidmonials make this whole experience a treat for both the teachers and students.

Embeddable Video Widgets

Educators can record introductory snippets of their course or various interactive welcome messages for their students and then use this feature to embed those messages on their website homepages.

Easy Replies

Vidmonials makes it very easy for the students to share their feedback or ask questions. They can either record a video reply, a text reply, an audio reply, or even a screen recording to explain their queries in the best way possible.

Screen Recording

If your course involves slides or on-screen actions more than your face, Vidmonials has got you covered for that too. To present their thoughts and teachings better, users can record hours of screentime.

Multiple Storage Options

Vidmonials also makes it easy for teachers to save their course-related content. They can choose to save student submissions in the platform's dedicated storage. They may also download the video assignments or queries with only a single click.

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