How to Increase Email Marketing Conversions With Video Testimonial Service?

Increase Email Marketing Conversions With Video Testimonial Service

A video testimonial service, as with its name, helps make customer testimonial videos. A business can request its users for a positive video review using such a service and can later use it for marketing purposes.

Email marketing is one of the marketing strategies of a business, and a video testimonial service can play a large role in increasing their conversion.

A brand using any video testimonial service can make, and thus have, influencing videos of its customers. These client videos can be largely based on the help that the very brand provides in meeting the needs of its customers and addressing a particular problem.

The testimonial videos, once made and finalized through a relevant platform/tool, can be included by a business in its prospective email marketing. As a result, for the very business to increase its email marketing conversions, that is, increasing sales conversions with the help of prospect emails becomes possible and easier.

This article discusses in detail everything that you need to know with respect to the role of a video testimonial service (and subsequently the client videos) in growing the sales conversion of a business using email marketing.

What are Video testimonials?

Video testimonials are essentially the review videos from the existing customers of a business. These reviews are regarding the experience of the customers with the service/product of a brand. So, in a testimonial video, a customer shares how competent a particular business has been in meeting the required needs of a client.

A business can make use of the testimonial videos from its customers. However, only if they are based on how good its services are. A customer video that comes from a happy and satisfied customer goes a long way in promoting a business and making its marketing success.

Research in this regard also indicates that such videos can be hugely beneficial for a company. In one of the relevant studies, 85% of participants said that they always look for the reviews of a business before making a purchase from it. Thus, testimonial videos from a satisfied client are of considerable importance for any business.

Why are video testimonials important?

What makes testimonials so effective for email marketing in particular and sales conversion in general? Below are some of the reasons that have made the customer videos essential for building a better brand image of a business:

– A video from your customer explaining how capable your business is in resolving a particular problem helps garner the attention of the people facing the same issue. However, when the target audience of a business watches such a declaration in video form, it may sound more authentic and credible.

– A client testimonial that comes in the form of video may be more appealing as compared to the testimonial that is text-based. It may be because, in the video, the potential clients are being made aware of a business through different perspectives.

– A customer testimonial video, in contrast to its more traditional (text-based) counterpart, may be easier to grab. Therefore, for a business to make itself become clearly understood to its potential customers becomes easier.

Why is video testimonial service(s) in demand?

Why are video testimonials important

The first and foremost reason why online video recording software is highly in demand is simply because of the delight that videos provide to the audience.

The rationale for a business today to opt for video testimonial service is due to the stats that affirm their importance: 53% of survey participants revealed they would like watching more video-based content by their favorite band. It is also why nearly-90% of the marketers in a survey were of the view that videos play a much more important role in marketing today.

A study carried out by HubSpot by the name “HubSpot Content Trends Survey” (for Q3 2017) asserts that the future belongs to the videos. In this regard, the participants of the survey were asked: “What kind of content do you want to see from a brand or business you support?”

The findings of the study in the discussion were overwhelmingly in favor of the video content. As much as 53% of the survey participants said they would like to see the video content more in the future.

This leads us to the conclusion that for increasing email marketing conversions, video testimonial service(s) have become essential and will continue to play a significant role.

Benefits of using video testimonial service(s)

Benefits of using video testimonial service(s)

With a video testimonial service, you can have videos of your satisfied customers and high-quality service. Therefore, using them brings many benefits concerning email marketing conversions. The reason is simple: video increases conversion rates.

Another reason is that videos have a better engagement capability than any other marketing approach. And some of the obvious benefits of using videos in email marketing are below:

1) As mentioned before as well, the ability of videos to make a viewer pay attention to the content is second to none. Since the videos help develop the interest of a user in the message being shared, a video-based email can leave a positive impact on the recipient.

An email that is purely text-based, on the other hand, is less significant. The reason is that it is hard to prolong the attention span throughout the text-based content. Also, it is less likely to make the potential customers interested, thus making them skip it.

2) Videos can go viral today in a matter of time, for better or worse. So, if a business is successfully able to make a video about the quality that it provides go viral, it can promote its better image amongst the general audience quickly.

A video testimonial service can help you create videos of one of your satisfied customers. However, depending on how intriguing the viewers find it, it can be shared across different social media channels and thus can become a viral hit. As a result, not only is a business introduced to a wider audience, but its marketing is also performed more than right.

3) Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, has become the main reason why businesses are adopting and including videos in their marketing strategies.

A business can create video testimonials using a video testimonial service. Later, they can be used on the business’ website. Doing so brings twofold benefits: The first and foremost benefit is that it improves its google search rating, and, secondly, the video testimonials help convince the landing user (the potential client) to opt for the service of the very business.

Best Practices To Increase Email Marketing Conversions Using Online Video Platform(s)

Best practices to increase email marketing conversions

More often than not, making impactful videos about your business using a video testimonial service is straightforward. However, it is the subsequent practices that determine how far they can help a business.

We list some of the best practices after you have created testimonial videos using an online video platform:

Plan before you kickstart

Before you start using videos, it is always a good practice to determine why you created them in the first place. It will help a business become clear in its objectives. That is, is it to spread awareness about the services of a business, or is it about lead generation or for announcing the important events of your company?

You can use the guide below before you begin using videos on any platform:

  • Before making a move, determine the marketing strategies that you will be using.
  • Perform a significant amount of your time in finding out who your competitors are.
  • As with the case of finding out competitors, perform thorough research on finding out your target audience.
  • Learn your budgeting constraint, and try to be within the budget range.
  • Prepare the list of the actions that you are required to perform. And, so, achieve them one after the other.

Keep the videos brief

How long should a customer testimonial video be is not unanimously accepted or universally defined? But, as a rule of the thumb, you should avoid including extra or unnecessary information so as to not make the video to the extent where its views lose interest in it.

Additionally, your video should also not be too short where it even lacks the essential and necessary information necessary to provide the audience.

Using videos in email marketing and social media

While this article essentially advocates the use of videos for email marketing conversions, it also suggests using video-based on various social media channels.

When a business uses videos of its customer testimonials, it, basically, is trying to make the audience realize how beneficial its product/service is for resolving a particular issue. And what better way to drive home this message could be than using the social media platforms that are used by millions of users worldwide on a regular basis.

Use a video testimonial service

It can be tempting to make your video testimonials without using any relevant online video platform, and it is understandable. Yet, it may provide no help and may also prove counterproductive.

The reason why this endeavor (of making videos by one’s self) may become a failure is due to the absence of certain aspects. And the important aspects that a video (made without the use of an online video platform) may lack are optics, image quality speed, etc.

There can be other technical points as well besides the one just mentioned. However, they are to provide a rough idea of why it can be a useless attempt to create excellent marketing videos without a video testimonial service.

It is therefore recommended, and is a better practice as well, to use a relevant tool/ platform, such as the Vidmonials.

Vidmonials is online video software that comes with multiple features. It is built with such functionality that can help different industries in making videos that can help them according to their need.

Try out your videos

It needs no explanation, for obvious reasons, why you should check your videos before using them on different platforms.

In this regard, you can make your videos live within a certain group. However, importantly, you should make sure that your video remains within the same group. It is important because if the video-based content is not up to the mark, the reputation of a business can be affected negatively.

In addition to this, you can also ask for opinions on how your content can be improved. So, it can better influence the larger group of your audience.

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Increase Email Marketing Conversions With Video Testimonial Service

How to increase email marketing conversions with video testimonial service

You can increase the email marketing conversions using a video testimonial service. Nonetheless, it necessitates a few practices, which are explained below along with the video email marketing examples:

Mention the word “Video” in the subject line

A great way to increase your email marketing conversations is to make sure that the subject line of your email includes the word “video.” Doing this will help indicate to the recipient that the received message includes a video. And this will increase your odds of receiving the attention of potential clients.

It is important to use the term video in such a way that it does not feel unnatural to the one receiving your email. It means that using the word video should not appear as forceful and unrelating to the complete phrase.

You can indicate that your email contains video(s) by coming up with such a phrase for your email subject that clearly requires using the term “video.” It will help your message appear original besides making its receiver give it the required attention.

Making parts of a video

A smart approach in this regard is to create such a video using a video testimonial service that could be divided into a series of videos.

Basically, using one complete video for one marketing email leaves a business with no significant option for the next time. Therefore, dividing your video(s) is always a good idea as it also helps to prolong your marketing email for one prospective client.

This approach also helps to make the email recipient involved, though unintentionally, in the prospective email. The reason is that with the content of the video divided, it naturally makes the receiver curious about the next part of the video, which is a great move to make a potential client pay attention.

Determining the call to action (CTA) of a video

The call to the attention of the video that you are using for increasing the email marketing conversation holds much importance.

The video used in your email is intended to perform marketing of your business. Also, if the users find it interesting, they may share it on their social media accounts. Thus, mostly, the call to action of the videos used in the emails is to make the user opt for the services of the business and/ or share the very video sent to them with others.

Nevertheless, the CTA is generally included at the start or end of a video. And if you are going to use it in the text content, it is better to use it in the first paragraph.

Below, you can get an idea of how important your call to action is:

  • CTA helps prompt the users to take the desired action. And so, it should be clear and unambiguous in its statement.
  • You can convert your CTA to a button that redirects the user to social media platform(s). You can also redirect your users to a form (a contact form usually).
  • Make your CTA appear urgent so it may convince the user more to take the required action. For example, you can use a deadline. However, it should not be an extended one. You can use a clock for this purpose with a countdown of no more than ten minutes.
  • CTA also requires you to learn the number of users who actually performed the required piece of the action. This way, you can learn how effective your strategy, as a whole, and CTA, in particular, is working.
  • Your CTA may help you gather the contact information of your prospective client. So, it should be used with that purpose in mind.

Avoid autoplay necessarily

When you send video(s) to users, it is important that you turn off the autoplay. The recipient of your email may not be in an appropriate place or situation to have the sent video played on receiving. Furthermore, it may place a receiver in an awkward position when the video includes plays soon after the email is opened.

In addition to this, when a video is played forcefully, it does not leave a very good impression of its sender. It is, therefore, important that you allow a recipient to watch the video at the comfort of their schedule and place.

A good practice for making better use of a video testimonial, made using a video testimonial service, is to enable a single click. A single tap is always convenient for the user.

On the other hand, a double click requires the user to open a new window on their browser and tap the link for the second time for the video to be played. And this may annoy users, which can’t be afforded at the very beginning of the prospective emails.

Additionally, single taps are also convenient for mobile users.

Customer interviews and video testimonials

Take care of the interviewee's comfort

Needless to say, how important it is to use your video testimonials concerning email marketing conversions.

Nevertheless, the interviews of your existing customers also play a large role in making your prospective emails successful. Furthermore, understanding the importance of customer interviews, organizations are increasingly making ‘customer success stories.

A customer success story does the work of a customer interview and video testimonials. However, the customer explains how a product or service helped in overcoming a problem, which essentially turns it into video testimonials. Additionally, a customer is asked a few questions, thus turning it into a customer interview as well.

As for making customer success stories, you can make excellent use of a video testimonial service or a relevant online video platform.

Include a sense of personalization

A video that includes a touch of personalization may help leave a better impression, create interest, and persuade the prospective client. Thus, explaining the services of a business right away is never a good practice.

A better practice with respect to persuading customers requires you to connect with the customer on an emotional level first. It helps to build trust as well when a brand creates a personalized touch in its videos, which, as a result, betters the email marketing conversions.

The example of Dove, a famous American personal care brand, is highly relevant here. It made a marketing video that explains the self-created negative perceptions women usually experience.

The video in the discussion turned out to be a massive hit as women around the world liked it greatly. And the reason why it was highly appreciated was due to the fact that it enabled many women to relate themselves to the message given in the video.

To conclude, for a video that is intended for email marketing, it should not lack a factor of personalization.

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How Not Increase Email Marketing Conversions With Video Testimonial Service?

How not increase email marketing conversions with video testimonial service

No matter how catchy a video you have made using some video testimonial service, you can always reduce your chances of catching the attention of a potential client if your prospective emailing is based on the following practices:

Avoid suspicious phrases

It is always a substandard practice to use such phrases in your email subject line that makes the sender and the email appear skeptical. The words such as “click here,” “Watch yourself,” etc., can even discourage the recipient from opening such emails, let alone taking the required action.

Avoid exclamations (too many)

Using too many exclamation points in the subject line of your email is a big no-no! It does not leave the recipient of your marketing email with a very good impression. It may be because too many exclamations may imply non-professionalism, thus diminishing your chances of email marketing conversion.

Avoid the caps lock

Just as unnecessarily long use of exclamations can do more harm than good, the use of uppercase letters can also prove counterproductive. However, you should avoid caps locking your entire email subject line, but you can always make use of it for highlighting a few words/terms, as at times it may be required or is necessary.

Avoid using fancy colors

Fancy colors such as the dazzled shades of the colors yellow, red, blue, etc., should be avoided at all costs, as long as you are not in high school, which of course you’re not! It will not only make your email look non-professional and non-serious, but the recipient may also assume receiving it from someone still in their high school.

Avoid fewer amounts of text with HTML messages

If your video-marketing-based email includes an HTML message, then a safer practice is to use an appropriate amount of text along with it.

An HTML email can be concluded as spammed if it does not include suitable text. It is for this reason that the email spam filters are not capable enough to read the images, and this can lead your email to be sent to the spam folder.

To avoid your email intended for the sales conversion getting trapped in the spam folder of your prospective client, you should always use some text along with the HTML message.

Avoid multiple recipients of the same company

All your efforts spent on making a worthy customer video (using an online video platform), and its subsequent use in the email, can go in vain if the very email is sent to multiple people who belong to the same organization.

Sending an email to different recipients of the same company can also be considered a spam attack. Therefore, with the email firewall in action, your video-based email marketing can be blocked, making all the prior efforts go fruitless.

Another important consideration in this regard is to avoid designing your HTML email in the Microsoft Word program. Furthermore, it is equally important not to export code to the HTML. The reason is that both of these scenarios can lead to spamming. Thus, for your email not to do harm, if not good, these two practices are highly discouraged.


You can expand the number of your sales using the email marketing strategy with the correct and relevant practices. You also need to avoid some of the practices that are highly discouraged in this regard.

A business can enhance its sales conversions using the email prospecting strategy by dividing a customer video into several parts, which helps continue a prospect email and also keep the recipient, precisely the potential client, engaged.

The word “video” should also be mentioned in the subject line for successful email marketing using customer videos. Moreover, determining the call to action is also recommended in this regard.

The practices that may make your video email marketing inefficient include performing prospect emailing to multiple recipients who belong to the same company. Along with that, an important consideration to remember is that less text in an HTML email can land it into the spam folder of the prospective customer because the email filters are unable to read the image text.

Lastly, yet importantly, if you want to skyrocket your email marketing conversion using a video testimonial service, you can make use of Vidmonials. You can learn more about it here and can also get a practical demonstration of its efficacy.


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