Video Testimonial Service

See Your Conversions Go Crazy With Video Testimonials

Promote your satisfied customers through video testimonial service and convince potential customers to purchase. Vidmonials help you capture feedback from happy clients and use it to uplift your brand.


Video testimonials are the most potent form of marketing as they describe what others are feeling through emotions. Video testimonials are more credible than text.


With the help of a fast and easy dashboard, videos can be quickly recorded and shared on multiple social media channels.


Video testimonials look more authentic and captivating. Create customer stories with a clear perspective that compels other users to buy.

Why Use A Video Testimonial Service?

Video Testimonials offer a traditional yet trendy way to let potential customers know about your product. Getting your most valuable customers to make a video for you is a powerful way of bringing a real-life touch to your product or service. About 60% of viewers are more likely to carry out purchases after watching a video.

Video Testimonials

Social Proof

Videos represent emotions through which potential customers can see how others are using your product for their benefit.

Built Trust

Potential buyers are more likely to buy your product if they believe the authenticity of the testimonial to be correct.

Increase Sales

Authentic video reviews are always helpful; putting video testimonials on your website can bring a massive increase to your conversions.

Other Key Features Of Vidmonials

Vidmonials enable organizations to capture, organize, and display customer testimonials that are to be embedded on websites to increase traffic.

Smart Analytics and Reporting

Monitor the progress and status of your video testimonials and customers through our robust analytics and reporting system.

Clear Video Results When Recording

Record your videos in the highest quality so that customers can enjoy a real-time experience watching video testimonials.

Easy-to-Manage Vidmonials Library

A powerful library to store all videos, where users can quickly scroll to see all collected testimonials to date along with the information regarding sender.

Active Feedback Management

Vidmonials is based on AI-based feedback management. Our clients get regular updates related to the feedback process.

Record From Any Device

Vidmonials can effectively be used to record videos through any device. Record testimonials as many times as you want.

Embeddable Video Widgets

Win the trust of your website visitors by utilizing the embeddable widgets designed to showcase your customer journey and thoughts.

Level up trust in your brand with Vidmonials!

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