Remote Video Testimonials is the New Normal of Advocacy in COVID-19

Remote Video Testimonials is the New Normal of Advocacy in COVID-19

Remote video testimonials are the new normal because for better or worse, the COVID-19 has changed the world.

There is an impact on the economies of the world. And a report ‘Global Economic Prospect’ by the World Bank predicted the largest global recession since 1870.

While our world witnessed some unprecedented difficult times, it also gave rise to many new possibilities.

Some possibilities were once considered to be not practically feasible. For example, many businesses used to consider ‘work from home’ as not suitable. And while some businesses considered it as possible, they did not have a good impression of it.

Nevertheless, it was the new normal of remote working that saved many businesses in the days of strict ‘social distancing’.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the world we had before the Covid-19, it is unlikely that we will experience it again. And it holds absolute truth for the digital changes brought up by the pandemic.

The digital developments of this pandemic are remote working, remote learning, e-shoppings, telemedicine, etc. Therefore, the Covid-19 led digital transformation is extraordinary.

During the pandemic, there was an unusual adaptation of technology in various aspects of human life. And this study confirms the ‘never seen before’ digital adaptation in our behaviors.

While the world is drastically affected by this digital transformation, video testimonials are no exception. And thus, there has been a halt in its making ever since the start of the pandemic.

It has led the world to turn towards remote video testimonial, making it a new normal. And this article discusses the same.

What are Remote Video Testimonials?

Remote Video Testimonials

You can use the remote video testimonial, as the non-remote ones, for making client testimonials (video). Also, the two have a similar working mechanism, and you can use both for the same purpose: video client testimonials.

The primary difference between the two is that the one requires a professional setup, while the other does not. And as the name implies, remote video testimonial are the ones with no requirement for any setup.

The remote video testimonial are here to stay. And the likelihood of them replacing the non-remote ones is high.

It should come as no surprise.

The remote video testimonial help with video-based reviews with considerably less amount of time and money. While on the other hand, its counterpart provides the same result, however, with a significant expense.

Why Remote Video Testimonials is the New Normal of Advocacy in COVID-19?

You can use the client testimonials in the video marketing of a business. However, the non-remote ones require a professional setup and a professional team. Also, the presence of the client providing the testimonial is mandatory.

The non-remote video testimonial involve a fair amount of hassle. However, since such videos require a human gathering, it violates the SOPs of Covid-19. And this makes the making of such videos difficult, which takes us to the remote video testimonial.

The remote video testimonial only require a built-in camera functionality in your phone, pc, or laptop. Hence, it does not need a team to gather for the video productions.

The clients of a business, by making use of a camera in their device, can make and share remote video testimonials. With that, the video marketing of a business saves from getting halted due to the Covid-19 limitations.

Thus, remote video testimonials are the new normal of advocacy in COVID-19.

Remote Video Testimonials with Vidmonials

Since video testimonials are the new normal of advocacy in COVID-19, Vidmonials have made creating them easier.

The remote video testimonials with Vidmonials consist of three simple steps. These steps are

requesting, making, moderating, and publishing the video testimonials.

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We explain these steps below for better insight:

1) Requesting Remote Video Testimonials

Requesting Remote Video Testimonials

With Vidmonials, you can request all your clients at the same time for remote video testimonials. However, you can also make a selection among all your clients.

The request part is straightforward. After selecting the clients, all you need is to make a click, which in turn sends requests to the recipients.

Not only this, but your users also do not require to sign up, which makes the whole process further easier.

This allows the users to make remote video testimonial with peace of mind without involving in unnecessary processes. Subsequently, a business also receives client testimonials without any delay.

2) Making Testimonials

Making Testimonials

Your clients can make their testimonials with relative ease using Vidmonials.

The clients receive a link from you, as we now know. And after making their videos, they can share and upload them on this very link. And so, for your clients, making and sharing the video testimonials is effortless.

In addition to all this, Vidmonials further accommodates its users as well. And it does so by saving and collecting all your client testimonials in one single library.

In the video library, you can save all the client testimonials with all the relevant information. So, when you require a video review for video marketing, you can search it quickly.

3) Moderating and Publishing Remote Video Testimonials

Publishing Remote Video Testimonials

The next and the final step that Vidmonials performs in remote video testimonial after customers upload their reviews is moderating and publishing.

Vidmonials moderates the reviews by picking out the ones that belong to the hate or abusive speech. Moreover, it immediately intimates the concerned company for taking necessary action.

Once Vidmonials performs the moderation, it then uploads the remote video testimonials to the website of the concerned company/ business. It also uploads the video to the YouTube channel of the business, if there exists one.


We can witness the digital transformation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is unusual. And therefore, there is an emergence of many new developments as a new normal.

There is a negative impact on the making of the video reviews for video marketing due to the SOPs of the COVID-19. And, thus, there is a shift towards using video testimonials.

We have also seen how easier it is with Vidmonials to make remote video testimonials. Since it only requires you to request the video testimonials. While as for your users, all they need is a device with a camera.

Vidmonials takes care of everything in the background: collecting, saving, moderating, and publishing. And you can learn more about it at Book a Demo page.

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