What are Interactive Video Testimonials? (7 Examples) of How it Works!

What are Interactive Video Testimonials

Interactive video testimonials can help overcome last-minute buyer reluctance when finalizing a sale.

Customers want to know their money is being wisely spent, but the assurances you give them will never be more convincing than those they receive from their peers.

The difficulty is that it’s not easy to develop compelling client testimonials!

Consequently, in the first section of the article, we’ve gathered and analyzed a slew of excellent instances of video testimonials to provide some helpful guidance for you.

7 Interactive Video Testimonials Examples

  1. Video Testimony of the Seller – Amazon’s Testimonial
  2. HubSpot’s Testimonial – Endless Entertainment
  3. Dropbox for Business features a testimonial
  4. Slack’s Testimonial Example: Sandwich Video
  5. Testimonial Example from Phelps Agency for Yum Yum Videos
  6. Google Adwords’ Testimonial Video — Happy Hound
  7. The Testimonial of Tommy Nicholas — a CodeCademy student – is also featured here.

1. Video Testimony of the Seller – Amazon’s Interactive Video Testimonials

This is a fascinating case study of a satisfied customer!

Because instead of creating individual testimonial commercials for each of their clients, Amazon decided to combine these customers’ recommendations into one powerful company testimonial film.

It wouldn’t work for all types of Business, but it does very well in this testimonial advertising example.

With millions of customers and thousands of sellers on its platform, Amazon is a gigantic service.

A compilation film shows this: many people, all discussing how the firm has benefited their lives.

And they do an excellent job of it, too!

2. HubSpot’s Testimonial – Endless Entertainment

Hubspot was an excellent movie to show one of their customers’ thoughts in a video, as their primary product is an internet sales platform. Their work has been excellent, too!

Customers’ testimonials and photographs of their work were incorporated into a single piece of content (events because Endless Entertainment is, as its name would suggest, an entertainment company).

As part of this relationship, they also included screen recordings of some of their actions on Hubspot platforms that made it ‘game-changing.’

In addition to providing context for the viewer, these visuals also give this testimonial example a good rhythm—it could grow tedious to watch a person speak for two or three minutes straight!

3. Dropbox for Business Features a Interactive Video Testimonials

Instead of focusing on the benefits of their service from the perspective of a single consumer, Dropbox decided to gather the stories of a lot of delighted clients in this film.

This case study demonstrates how people from various professions and sectors can use Dropbox’s fantastic service.

4. Slack’s Testimonial Example: Sandwich Video

Are you ready for an entertaining example of a customer testimonial?

Their movie tells how they previously communicated via various means (email, chat, Whatsapp) and how Slack has given them a better framework for managing their staff (which is a great communication tool for teams).

This is a manufactured testimonial example, but they made it, so fun to watch.

When it comes to this type of testimonial advertising, the screenplay and planning are meticulous, but the scenarios are also so well-created that they don’t appear stiff or phony.

That’s a common problem with pre-produced customer testimonial videos.

5. Phelps Agency: Yum Yum Videos’ Customer Testimony

Yum Yum videos narrate, to learn more about Yum Yum Videos’ experience working with Phelps Agency, one of our clients in Los Angeles, we traveled to the city.

One of the first things that came to our minds was that we needed to give our viewers a sense of where they were located. We took advantage of our time in Los Angeles to get some city shots to include in our testimonial.

We also know that company testimonies need to be visually powerful; therefore, we filmed from different angles to ensure that the photography of the movie was ‘on target.'”

The interview’s setting was also crucial. Although we did not involve ourselves in the film, we included screens with text and our branded colors to give the video a logical flow.

We asked our clients a series of questions and let them talk freely about their experience with our team.

It’s pretty easy to see our brand colors if you look at this testimonial advertising sample. A compelling customer testimonial video requires this degree of care and attention to the smallest of details.

Phelps Testimonial: Behind the Scenes is an excellent resource for learning more about this type of testimonial.

6. Google Adwords’ Testimonial Video — Happy Hound

When she started her Business, this lady running a puppy daycare didn’t have enough customers, so she started using Google Adwords, as shown in this lovely example of testimonial advertising.

Almost all of her customers were referred to her by that one tool!

Although it was made in 2009, this customer testimonial film still serves as a beautiful example since it tells a tale that will resonate with anyone who uses the platform (and even those who aren’t!).

“I’m convinced Google Adwords will keep helping my business develop,” says one of the happy customers at the end of the film. “It’s a joy to be alive!”

7. The Testimonial of Tommy Nicholas — a CodeCademy Student

Business testimonial films have a unique ability to change the audience’s view through identification and emotion. Simply put, it’s the magic of narrative!

And this is something that CodeCademy excels at. These people could talk about the number of students they’ve taught and how their lessons are structured. In place of it, they focus on how coding can help people. Their classes change a person’s life.

As a result of emphasizing advantages rather than features, this particular testimonial advertisement has a strong emotional impact on its target audience.

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Understanding Interactive Video Testimonials

In the consideration and conclusion phases of the marketing funnel, interactive video testimonials are practical marketing tools.

It’s incredible how these videos can stir up emotions in viewers while also encouraging them to take action and become paying clients of your brand’s goods and services.

Using client testimonials is a terrific way to build trust with your audience. Authenticity and trust are fostered in the eyes of the viewer when a real-life consumer appears in your film.

Even better than any instructional film or commercial is hearing from a satisfied consumer who enthusiastically recommends your items to others.

There are many benefits to using video client testimonials in your marketing strategy.

Client testimonials can become tedious and slow if they aren’t done correctly. Vidmonials can help with that.

Vidmonials inject an element of interactivity into this already-effective video format to further engage viewers.

Using Vidmonials, we’ll show you how to collect and create engaging, interactive customer testimonial videos that persuade and entice new consumers to become long-term advocates.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Video Testimonials From Customers: What Are They?

Branded videos that include a company’s current customer discussing the brand’s products or services in a positive light are called customer testimonial videos.

In most cases, the customer begins by describing their difficulty before using the product and then explains how the solution helped them overcome it.

As part of its marketing strategy, this company creates and distributes movies showing how its products and services have benefited previous customers to persuade prospects who are still on the fence about making a purchase.

For Businesses, Customer Testimonials are critical

For a variety of reasons, organizations use customer testimonials. Brands throughout the world frequently employ them as a kind of video content.

It would be best if you used interactive video testimonials for a few of the following reasons:

Increasing the level of credibility and trust in the organization

A significant benefit of using testimonials in your video advertising is increasing your trust. It’s significantly more likely for your customers to trust a fellow customer than for them to trust you.

If you have a written testimonial on your website, prospective buyers may have doubts about the quote’s authenticity. Using a video testimonial, people hear it directly from the source.

Using videos of customer testimonials, you can show customers what other people say about your products.

It humanizes your company and establishes the trustworthiness of your brand among your target audience.

There are several ways to demonstrate how your products and services support your overall mission and goals.

Using video testimonials shows how much you value the opinions of the people who provide them.

It’s a sign of trust that you’re willing to put your reputation in the hands of these clients and capture their thoughts.

When you treat your customers with respect and trust, you build your company’s reputation among them and their family and friends, leading to more positive word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Better Emotional Bonding

Video testimonials are more effective than reading a quote since you can see the person’s face and hear their voice. Videos catch all of the tiny facial expressions and tone changes that make a notion resonate, but printed testimonials miss out.

This gives the video a sense of realness, which helps you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Your testimonial might persuade the audience that they, too, can benefit from your product or service by establishing an emotional connection with them.

The most uncomplicated technique to get a client’s attention or close the transaction is to connect emotionally with them. It also enhances the impression that your customers receive one-on-one service from you.

Humanizes the Company’s Image

The lack of human-to-human connection is one of the significant challenges for online enterprises. There is no one-on-one interaction like there is at a store, but rather a series of screens and visuals that show you what things are available.

Many of these enterprises, despite being effective, lack the human element. An excellent method to avoid this problem is to… Use video testimonials in your marketing strategy.

It is essential to use video testimonials to personalize your brand. When you display a customer who has benefited from your product or service, you assist your future customers to feel that they, too, can profit from it.

When they get an in-store experience like this, they feel more confident that you’re the ideal fit for their needs.

Expands Your Viewing Sphere

Additionally, testimonials in advertising increase your visibility. In today’s internet-driven environment, online presence may be the most critical component in a company’s survival. To get people to share videos, you need to make them simple and visually appealing.

When combined with their marketing effectiveness, videos are some of the best mediums for gaining online attention.

Video testimonials are considerably more engaging and original than sales pitches, which attract the attention of potential customers.

To stand out from the competition, you should use video instead of plain text when presenting your sales to a potential consumer who has never heard of your product before.

Videos can be used in a variety of corporate contexts, including:


If you want to build your company’s online visibility, videos are a terrific way to go about it. Adding videos to your website’s landing pages allows you to provide visitors with interesting, educational, and easily shareable information right away.

If done correctly, films like this can help you rise in search engine results. As a result, more people will locate and visit your website, resulting in an uptick in traffic and an ongoing loop of attracting customers’ attention.

Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media:

Another advantage of testimonial videos is that they may easily be shared on social media platforms. Videos shared on social media are more likely to be seen by a larger audience than those shared on your website.

It’s also a good idea to publish films on industry-specific websites and forums, which will help you build a more significant following and increase client loyalty.

Videos of customer testimonials can make your emails more fascinating to read, making them more likely to be opened.

According to Hubspot data, including the term “video” in an email subject line raised open rates by 19%. Including videos in any way increased click-through rates by 65 percent and decreased unsubscriptions from mailing lists by 26 percent.

In this instance, the numbers are self-explanatory. Make sure your video can be streamed on a mobile device easily.

Testimonials in Video vs Text: Which is Better for Your Business?

Consumers prefer watching video material over reading text when given the opportunity.

Contrary to text, which needs the reader to participate actively and pay attention while reading, video content is much easier to consume.

Video testimonials have a much higher emotional impact than textual ones because of the visual cues they convey.

It’s always more powerful to hear a person’s voice than to read what they’ve said.

Video testimonials are, without a doubt, more expensive and time-consuming than traditional written testimonials.

The ROI of video testimonials is unquestionably higher than that of textual testimonials over the long run.

In Content Marketing, Video Testimonials Are Powerful Tools

You don’t have to limit the use of client testimonials to those who are considering purchasing your goods.

If you’re trying to get the word out about your company, they’re a great way to raise your brand awareness.

In today’s world of content marketing, customer testimonial films can provide your company with a tremendous advantage over your competition.

Video Testimonials Boost Conversion Rates

Using customer testimonial videos has been proved to increase sales.

A whopping 77% of those who watched a video testimonial believe it influenced their decision to purchase the goods or service. Numerical evidence is irrefutable.

Video Testimonials for Products and Services Boost Your Credibility And Trustworthiness

One strategy to create trust with your consumers is to ask them to appear in a video and share their thoughts about your product.

You may not be able to control what people say, but you can control what people say about you. Showing prospects that you care about the customer experience and strive to address their problems as efficiently as possible is made feasible by using real paying customers in your video.

By emphasizing the human side of your company, you’re able to better connect with potential customers.

Five-Minute Video Testimonials Cost Little to Nothing

It’s unnecessary to spend a lot of money to obtain a customer testimonial. You don’t have to spend a lot of money renting an IMAX camera and a fancy studio to film your video.

Good smartphones may be used to produce high-quality testimonial videos. You can use any well-lit area in your office in terms of location.

For a more genuine testimonial, consider going to your client’s homes (with their consent). It’s as simple as ensuring you have adequate lighting and good audio and are ready to go.

Ultimately, customer testimonial videos effectively persuade potential customers that your product is what they need and can significantly increase conversion rates.

So, how do Vidmonials fit in?

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Making Better Customer Testimonials is Made Easier with Vidmonials

Even if you don’t use client testimonials, they’re still effective. However, there is still room for improvement. When it comes to client testimonials, Vidmonials allows you to employ interactive video in a way never before possible. Here are the steps:

Engage Your Audience With Interactivity

Adding interactivity to client testimonials is Vidmonials’ most significant innovation. Your audience can connect with Vidmonials in various ways, including through the use of multiple option buttons, video, audio, or text response, CTA buttons, and much more.

A single Vidmonials could contain numerous testimonies, providing your viewers the option of selecting the one they wish to see by simply clicking on the appropriate button.

Send Your Customers’ Testimonials In Your Name

An essential element of getting customers to make a video testimonial for you is encouraging them to give up their time. This may be easier said than done if you’re approaching them by email. When you use Vidmonials to help you create video content, you may record and transmit videos of yourself speaking directly to the viewer.

As a result, the viewer is more likely to take action and agree to your request if they hear a person’s voice instead of reading a lengthy email.

Streamline the Process of Gathering Testimonials

One of the most beneficial features of Vidmonials is that users can answer each other’s videos with clips of their own. While this is wonderful for businesses trying to engage with prospects and customers, it’s even more helpful if you need to gather a large number of quality video testimonials quickly.

Encourage your customers to record a video answer to your Vidmonials and submit it back to you directly from the site using the video response option.

In this approach, you may save money and time by having the customer create the video testimonial themselves while simultaneously gaining a sense of Authenticity because the client was the one who recorded it.

Efficiently Distribute Your Video Testimonials

Your target audience can see a Vidmonials testimony in various ways, including by embedding it in your website, adding it as a widget, or linking to a standalone landing page.

Sending emails to a group of people is a great way to keep in touch. It’s all good!


Marketing with interactive video testimonials has never been easier or more effective, as they open up a previously untapped market to you.

If you add a level of engagement, your consumers and prospects will be wowed, and your brand will remain in their minds.

Customers will want to be part of your brand’s unique experience if you use Vidmonials because it allows you to reach out to more potential customers.

That being the case, what are you still sitting there thinking about? It’s never too early to get started for FREE with Vidmonials!


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