How Vidmonials helps to get Remote Video Testimonials

How Vidmonials helps to get Remote Video Testimonials

The remote video testimonials are slowly but subtly taking the place of the testimonial made using video productions.

The two serve the same purpose.

The only difference lies in that one requires a professional setup to be made, while the other only requires an embedded camera in the phone, pc, or laptop.

As evident from the name, the video testimonial do not require the hassle of video production.

Several platforms can help in making video testimonials by using a professional video setup. However, the ones that help to make a remote video review are limited.

Speaking of which, our very own Vidmonials is an excellent platform to get remote video testimonial.

It allows you to make and share the video feedback remotely while taking care of everything in the backend.

This article discusses how Vidmonials helps to get remote video testimonials.

It explains the significance of video-based testimonial, followed by video testimonials. It finally concludes by how Vidmonials helps to get the remote testimonials.

Why Video-based Testimonials?

Video Testimonials Marketing

Video testimonials have quickly replaced the long-established text reviews. And the reason is that videos help to convince the target audience of a business more effectively.

The stats in this regard also advocates the use of video-based reviews:

  1. According to Fobes, some 59% of the executives prefer to watch a video than to read a text (the same can be concluded for a video review over a text review).
  2. Including videos on your website can increase the purchasing content by 97% and brand association by 139%.
  3. Including a video in an email increases the click-through rate by 96% (including a video review, therefore, also helps).
  4. Blog posts with a video attract inbound links three times more than those without a video (using video reviews in a blog post can also help).
  5. Some 92% of the mobile video viewers share videos with others (using a video review can thus go a long way to promote a business).

What are Remote Video Testimonials?

Remote Video Testimonials

Remote video testimonials include the same functionality as the video testimonial and provide the same use. However, they differ in their productions.

The video testimonials are in-person. They, therefore, require a professional setup, a shooting production precisely to shoot the videos. And while they look professional and all, they include a considerable expense of money and time.

On the other hand, the client video testimonial, as the name also suggests, are made remotely. They do not require any video production setup, and so it helps to avoid the hassle that comes with it.

In a remote video testimonial, making video reviews is easy. Since customers can record their video feedback using only a mobile phone or laptop/desktop camera.

Understandably remote video testimonial are likely to replace in-person video reviews in the future. Because it serves the same purpose with significantly less expense of time and money.

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How Vidmonials helps to get Remote Video Testimonial

With the convenience of the remote video testimonials evident, Vidmonials has made getting video testimonial easy.

It comprises three steps: requesting video feedback, making a video testimonial, moderating, and publishing the video.

Learn about them in detail below:

1) Requesting the Testimonial

Requesting the video testimonials

Using Vidmonails, request one or multiple numbers of customers for a remote video testimonial simultaneously.

You can request the video review through a single click that sends a link to the selected client(s).

Vidmonials facilitates the customers of its users to bypass the whole signup process before making remote video testimonial.

It consequently allows the customers to make the remote video testimonials easily and quickly. And subsequently, for a business to get remote video testimonial becomes easier.

2) Making the remote video testimonial

Making the video testimonial

As discussed, the customers are shared a link when requesting the video testimonial. Thus, a customer after making remote video testimonials can upload it to the shared link.

Furthermore, Vidmonials saves and collects all the video testimonials for a business in a single library.

The videos in the library include all the necessary information. And so, it allows the users to search and browse through the list of videos easily.

3) Moderating and Publishing the remote video testimonial

Publishing the remote video testimonial

After the customers successfully upload their video reviews, the next and the last step is to moderate and publish the videos.

Vidmonials identify and moderates the reviews that fall into the category of hate and abusive speech. It also reports such reviews to the concerned business, so that they can look into the matter.

After performing careful moderation, Vidmonials upload the remote video testimonial to the website of the respective company. It also uploads the videos to the Youtube channel of the company.


We have read and understood how Vidmonials helps to get remote video testimonials.

The steps involved in the process are straightforward.

Because of the user-friendliness of the process, anyone can leverage it without being tech-savvy. And so for the involved parties, getting the things done becomes easier.

Besides this, it also serves its users in other areas: making a video library, doing away with the signup process, moderating the reviews, etc.

It is thereby safe to state that Vidmonials is one of the best review software and helps much to get remote video testimonials.

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