How Video Feedback Tools Are Changing The Market Trends

How video feedback tools are changing the market trends

The video feedback tools involve making videos for marketing the product/service of a brand.

And, it helps to build a better perspective of a business in the mind of the masses.

Such tools help increase consumer engagement by promoting the efficacy of a business. Thus, it helps reach the target audience with a better approach.

Role of the videos in paving the way for Video feedback tools

Role of the videos in paving the way for Video feedback tools

The role of the video feedback tool is largely influenced by the use of videos in the marketing strategies lately.

In the last few years, there has been a progressive increase in the use of videos as a marketing approach. In the year 2017, videos were the preferable marketing tactic. However, in the following years, the role of videos shifted from a marketing strategy to a business strategy.

Videos have become a comprehensive business approach today. And why not? Consumers prefer video-based content from brands over other types of content by more than 50%. So, videos today are not limited to entertainment purposes only.

If your landing page involves videos, there is an 80% chance that your conversion rate would increase. Additionally, if the subject of your email contains the word “video,” it increases the email opening rate by 19%.

Following are few more statistics to provide a detailed insight in this regard:

a. Search Engine Optimization

Cisco predicts that by the year-end, 80% of the total web traffic will consist of videos.

Every search engine welcomes video content more than any other content. That being the reason, you can include videos to achieve a better SEO ranking of your website.

However, for videos to meet the goal of marketing, they need to be sufficiently genuine and authentic. And this takes us to use video feedback tool, as they help to create credible videos.

b. Video marketing

Do you know? 81% of businesses are increasingly using video content for marketing. And rightfully so, since they can drive a message home about a brand better than the non-video content.

An important example in this regard is a customer success story. And the video feedback tools provide great help in creating a compelling and persuasive customer story.

c. Explaining the product

Videos are more helpful in making customers understand a product/service, as believed by 97% of marketers.

Without understanding a product better, a customer may not opt for your product/service. Therefore, explaining the product/service becomes necessary.

Feedback tools help to create meaningful videos about a business, making prospective clients have a better outlook.

d. Converting the leads

The buying decisions of 90% of the consumers are largely affected due to the videos of/from a brand. Also, as per Wyzowl, a brand that explains its business using videos is more likely to convert its sales leads into clients.

It all takes us to the video feedback tool that are extremely helpful in making explainer videos about a product/service.

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How are video feedback tools changing the market trends?

How to Use b2b Testimonial Videos

Following are the significant marketing trends as introduced by the video review tools:

1. Customer buying journey

The analytics from the video feedback tools help make the customer buying journey successful.

Garry Stevens from Hosting Canada says, “Retargeting our website visitors on social media has led to a 47 percent boost in visitor value site-wide.”

It is why the video analytics performed on social media platforms, such as Facebook, has led businesses to score new customers. Precisely, 93% of businesses, in 2018, landed a new customer, thanks to the video analytics from the video feedback tool.

2. Genuine and authentic videos

The role of videos in persuading prospective customers is second to none. However, it is better not to use videos in a marketing campaign if they look unreliable and inauthentic. Thus, there is a pertaining change introduced by the video feedback tools.

The video feedback tools are changing the trend of using less authentic-looking videos by creating more credible-looking videos. Thus, helping to build more trust in the marketing videos.

3. Brand awareness

No doubt that the video feedback tool have changed the brand marketing strategy and consumer buying decisions. However, it has also changed the interaction of the sales professionals with the potential clients for better brand awareness.

Video feedback tools have changed the market trend in the brand awareness of a business by introducing this fashion: score new clients while securing the existing ones.

4. Working of the service teams

Customer service agents, service providers, service support representatives, and subject matter experts are common members of a service team.

Video feedback tools are changing the way that the service teams work. And they are doing so through onboarding videos, support video calls, meet the team videos, and knowledge-based videos.

5. Customer success story

One of the significant marketing trends introduced by the video feedback tool is the customer success story.

Such stories elaborate the role of a product/service in overcoming the issues faced by a customer. Thus, a more personalized customer experience is established.


Videos have emerged as a key marketing approach today. And their use in the marketing efforts of businesses is only increasing.  

The importance of videos is understandable since they are self-explanatory and thus more effective and persuasive.

Videos lead to using the video feedback tools since the latter uses the former to market a product/service. And such tools have also been seen to change the market trends.

There are many ways in which video feedback tools are changing the market trends. However, the most significant is the introduction of the customer success stories.

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