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Turn Your Text Reviews Into Profitable Video Testimonials in Seconds!

Video testimonials generate more trust than regular text reviews. Convert your old text reviews into appealing, trustworthy, and attention-grabbing video testimonials in no time.

Click To Record and Convert

Just log in and start recording a new video testimonial or convert an old text review without any complexity or perplexity!

Intuitive Design

Visualize, filter, and use data within a clean layout with features and customer testimonials displayed in a fun and interactive manner.

No Technical Knowledge Required

Get your text reviews converted easily within the dashboard of Vidmonials. No technical knowledge is required to understand this customer feedback tool.

Why convert text to video testimonials?

Because Video testimonials offer a more personalized and trustworthy way to help customers make a better decision faster compared to text reviews. Gathering testimonials, reviews, through a customer feedback tool is quite tedious and time-taking. Vidmonials allow you to quickly collect, manage, and present them more interactively and hassle-free with no app download required. Log in and get started!

Video Testimonials

Built Trust With Buyers

Potential buyers are more likely to buy your product if they believe the authenticity of the testimonial to be correct.

Better Emotional Connection

Video testimonials create a beautiful bond with the viewers as it triggers the emotions and compels viewers to make a purchase.

Improves Your Exposure

Text reviews can never reach the level of exposure that video testimonials get! Improve your reach to the maximum by converting text to video testimonials.

Other Key Features Of Vidmonials

With Vidmonials, make your happy clients share their success stories and grow your conversions up to 25%!

Integrate with existing tools

Integrate Vidmonials with your existing tools and processes for enhanced productivity and review collection and take your video testimonials to the next level.

Embeddable Video Widgets

Win more trust of maximum website visitors through embeddable widgets that facilitate your customer journey and their thoughts/feedback.

Easy-to-Use Vidmonials Library

Make your powerful library to store all videos, where users can quickly scroll to see all collected testimonials to date.

Automate your Testimonials

No more manual work and chances of human error out! Just send out bulk requests while you can concentrate on other essential business affairs.

Increase Conversions & ROI

Vidmonials automates the entire customer feedback gathering process allowing you to request, record, convert, manage, and publish testimonials effortlessly.

Level up trust in your brand with Vidmonials!

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