How Employees Video Testimonials Attract the Clients

How Employees Video Testimonials Attract other Clients

The employee video testimonials add credibility and worth to the businesses. Employer branding is one of the main goals for up to 73 percent of the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE).

Do you have any idea why?

It’s because the type of candidates who apply for your jobs is influenced by your employer’s reputation. Good candidates run for the hills if you have a negative reputation.

But how do you persuade potential hires that you’re an excellent employer with a solid internal culture?

Employee video testimonials encourage your employees to become your company’s spokesperson by providing extremely relatable employee testimonials that help potential top talent form an emotional connection.

Don’t know where to begin or why employee video testimonials matter so much?

Continue reading to learn about the impact of employee video testimonials and how to use them to attract the top job candidates available today.

Why are Testimonial Videos important?

Why are Testimonial Videos important

You should be concerned when 84 percent of respondents believe that a company’s reputation as an employer influences their decision to apply for a job.

In this sense, how you brand yourself as an employer and the reputation that precedes you will have a significant impact on the people who work for your company.

The problem is that today’s job prospects want to work for firms that have a sense of purpose, appreciate innovation, and provide opportunities for advancement. They aren’t afraid to do some research to find these desirable positions.

Before determining where to apply, a whopping 83 percent of job searchers look at company evaluations and ratings. Employee video testimonials are crucial in this regard.

Employee reviews not only show potential candidates what you have to offer, but they also allow them to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. People are more likely to believe what they hear from regular employees than what they hear from a CEO.

How effective are video testimonials?

How effective are video testimonials

When it comes to recruiting, you want to make as many top applicants aware of your good employer reputation as possible.

Because videos are twice as likely to be shared as to any other type of material, it appears logical to present employer branding materials in video format.

That’s when video testimonials from employees come in handy.

A video testimonial may increase your reach to potential applicants and reinforce your reputation by combining the shareability of video content with the trustworthiness of employees.

We are currently living in the social media era, and candidates are using social media to learn more about the reputations of companies.

According to studies, 34% of candidates will learn about a company’s reputation on LinkedIn, while 30% will use Facebook, and 15% would use Twitter.

What better way to show your staff how much you appreciate them than with videos that can be shared on all of these platforms?

You can produce highly shareable, trustworthy social proof and use social media to convey that message with inspiring employee testimonial films.

What Should Every Employee Testimonial Video include?

Every Employee Testimonial Video include

Candidates looking for new positions are eager to dig into employer branding materials to learn more about your company’s values and team culture.

Employee testimonials are used by more than a quarter of candidates to get a sense of how your staff views the company’s internal culture. They want to hear from someone who isn’t a robot.

But, to get this message over and assist candidates to find what they’re looking for, what should these employee testimonials include?

When it comes to investigating a firm, job seekers are most interested in learning about:

  • Information about the company’s culture and potential coworkers
  • Values of the corporate information
  • Specifics on the product or service you provide

In this sense, the kind of “story” you offer in your employee video testimonials should address these concerns.

Make staff testimonial videos that cover the following topics:

  • The mission and history of the company
  • What role does vision play in consumers’ concerns, how does it inform them?
  • Characteristics of the work environment and culture that are positive and unique
  • Prospects for advancement

Now that we have considered the importance of employee video testimonials and what they should include.

Let us go ahead and discuss the effective ways to collect these video testimonials that could attract other clients.

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How to Collect an Impactful Employee Video Testimonial?

Employee testimonials are undeniably persuasive when it comes to obtaining top-tier applicants. When it comes to gathering such testimonials, though, it might be hard to know where to begin.

Knowing what to capture and how to do it makes the process go more smoothly. Here are some of the most effective video marketing methods.

1. Plan, but don’t write a script

Plan, but don't write a script

You want your employee video testimonials to be genuine, but you also don’t want them to ramble.

Encourage your workers to plan ahead of time for interviews. Give them a general concept of how the organization will work as well as a topic to discuss.

It is also crucial that you do not pre-record the video. A script will make everything sound stilted as if the employee was compelled to say great things by your company’s public relations representative.

2. Give them questions to answer

Give them questions to answer

Even if you have a tale to tell, it can be hard to come up with a speech.

Give staff questions to respond to, so they can think of things to say without relying on a script. Answering inquiries will help give the tempo of your employees’ speech a natural flow.

When filming, you can even ask the questions out loud and then edit them out in post-production.

3. Capture Emotions

Capture Emotions

You want potential prospects to be able to connect with your current staff. Working with robots is something that no one wants to do.

Encourage your colleagues to talk about something personal to them or a topic they like. It helps to elicit emotion in viewers, allowing them to connect with your company’s human side.

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4. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Keep your video testimonial brief and to the point.

Candidates will not view videos that are too long. Instead, they’re seeking a glimpse inside your company’s culture.

Shorter videos, on the other hand, are significantly more likely to be shared on social media. Keep videos under three minutes long and focused on a single theme or story.

Ending Points

Employee video testimonials, as you can see, are an impactful approach to attract other clients.

You may convey the advantages of your corporate culture by not only demonstrating the excellent benefits of your company but also by creating an emotional connection with potential applicants.

Remember that creating an employee testimonial film doesn’t have to be tough. You can develop high-quality employee testimonials from wherever your workforce is stationed as long as you have a clear structure and your employees are prepared.

Moreover, If you have any additional questions regarding employee testimonial videos or are ready to shoot your own, contact the Vidmonials team now. Vidmonials can prove to be an ideal platform for you in this regard.

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