Why Customer Video Testimonials are too Important for Conversion?

Why Customer Video Testimonials are too Important for Conversion

When you are looking to add customer video testimonials on your website, landing page, sales letter, or any other form of marketing communication, remember that the test results are crucial.

The primary motivation for this is to encourage people to buy your product or service at the end. The efficacy rating for content marketing client testimonials is 89 percent, according to an online survey.

Because customer video testimonials are the most successful content type on your website to drive more sales, it implies that they are among the best things you can have on your site to help with your business.

Moreover, when a new firm is selling the latest and a typical product, no one wants to be the first to buy it. They want to check if someone else enjoys it before they buy it.

Some customer video testimonials reassure purchasers that your product has been tested, operates well, and, as a result, is a safe investment for them.

This article is a guide towards the importance of customer video testimonials in generating conversions.

To understand why customer video testimonials are too unique for conversion, let’s first find out what makes them such an excellent marketing tool.

Customer video testimonials stand out from other testimonials because it includes video. However, there are a few characteristics that aid in drawing in an audience.

Before moving on, let’s take a video testimonial example by Vidmonials.

Now, let’s dive in to learn in detail.

The Recent Surge in Popularity of Video

The Recent Surge in Popularity of Video

Let us begin with the fundamentals. Video is one of the fastest-growing and most popular forms of media.

Since content can be summarized in a matter of minutes, why would anyone choose to read through reels of it? Most people would not.

Moreover, the video option gets four times as many individuals to opt for a product education rather than reading an article about it.

Because of this, you will keep up with the times while also seeing an enormous number of delighted customers.

More so, when everyone has a hectic schedule, consumers want content that they can consume at a rate that is convenient for them. People do not want to spend too much time reading about the top social applications, which take approximately 4.5 minutes to go through.

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Video-Based Content Makes People Emotional

Video-Based Content Makes People Emotional

When seeing another human, humans are much more likely to experience emotion. When it comes to stirring up emotional responses in your audience, even a brilliant copy can only do so much. The potential is massive with videos.

Beware, as it is about to become a bit scientific.

Mirror neurons in the brain have been proven to lead people to experience empathy when observing someone else in pain. Some are watching others who are emoting on camera, and they will subsequently feel the same way.

Because of this, you have a better chance of stimulating these feelings in your clients if you show them customer video testimonials of happy customers thrilled about your product.

A Better Memory Retention Rate for Videos

A Better Memory Retention Rate for Videos

When it comes to viewers’ memories, customer video testimonials are more memorable. Why? The retention rate for video content is 95%, while text-only retains 12%.

Furthermore, when folks who have seen others become enthused about your brand or product come across your firm again, this will likely remind them of that emotion.

As a result, you are more likely to have your brand’s relationship with positive ratings last for a longer time.

Videos are Everywhere

Videos are Everywhere

Do you check your phone as often as you’d expect your friends to share videos with you? Pretty often, isn’t it? Not alone, you’re not. Among adults, 47% upload photos and videos they find online so that they can be shared with others.

Video footage that is of excellent quality circulates like wildfire over the internet.

In addition to that, creating outstanding customer video testimonials will inspire your audience to share them with everyone who could be interested in your business or can help you in some way.

In short, having the option to both extend your customer base and enhance the trust you have already earned with your customers is beneficial.

Online Videos Help to Drive Web Traffic

Online Videos Help to Drive Web Traffic

Conversion is the ultimate goal when it comes to content creation. An excellent approach to getting to that objective is through customer video testimonials.

A study found that 79% of consumers have previously viewed a customer video testimonial to make a purchasing decision.

Beyond that, Forbes claims that 70% of marketing professionals consider video to be the most effective channel for converting visitors.

Subsequently, the testimonies and accessible video format that you use will assist in developing confidence and authenticity in your firm, increasing the chances of customers turning into prospects.


Creating trust with your brand through customer video testimonials is an amazing strategy. This content presents it from the perspective of someone with shared interests, making it more relatable for the audience.

To clarify any confusion, hit all the proper pointers; reach out to your target audience on all of the necessary platforms; and watch your conversion increase.

You can contact us at Vidmonials if you’d want to learn more about why we think customer video testimonials are too important for conversion.

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