How Can You Improve Your SEO With Video Testimonials?

how to improve SEO with video testimonials

The hustle for getting ahead in the SEO game has been going on for quite some time now. However, only a few organizations understand how to improve their SEO smartly. The only purpose of writing this article is to enlighten you with information about SEO that you were unaware of.

Search Engine Optimization depends more upon the type of content that you post than other SEO techniques. Most importantly, SEO requires your investment in some well-devised high-quality graphic/video content that you can associate with your site. However, using sales-oriented videos is one thing, and using videos that include genuine customer reviews is a whole another thing. Want to know why?

Well, let us first understand the value of videos for SEO ranking.

Is Video Content Good For SEO?

How To Find Positive Customer Feedback Questions

In addition to increasing organic visibility, videos have been shown to increase on-page interactions, which is a key ranking factor.

Google wants its users to like every page that appears in search results and continue interacting with the site rather than leaving immediately.

Moreover, videos have repeatedly been proven to increase on-page engagement and conversions over time:

  • The average user spends 88% more time on a video-rich website (Source: Oberlo stats)
  • A good number of internet users would rather watch a video than read text (Source: Forbes Insights)
  • Finally, the use of videos on a landing page may boost conversions by 86%. (Source: Eye View Digital)

How Do Videos Impact Your SEO Ranking?

how to improve SEO with video testimonials

Video helps SEO both directly and indirectly—the video itself likely impacts your ranking, and it influences other determinants that affect Google’s selection method.

In short, Google’s algorithms are progressively valuing websites with video content, which is something you don’t want to overlook.

Around 93 percent of online encounters begin with a search engine, so you’ll want to do everything you can to appear on the first page.

Moreover, if you are worried about whether embedding YouTube videos helps your site’s SEO or not, the answer would be both a yes and a no.

No, it doesn’t directly enhance your website’s SEO. Yes, it will have an indirect impact where it can encourage visitors to stay a little longer on your web pages.

More so, it will reduce the bounce rate and increase the time on the page, thus giving your site a good reputation on search engines.

Nevertheless, it’s all just about the content you decide to showcase in your videos.

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Do Testimonials Help SEO?

A testimonial is a brief personal statement from a satisfied customer that may be leveraged as a sales and marketing tool.

Client testimonials may be gathered in various methods, including asking your most loyal customers to answer a few focused questions or pulling quotations from present reviews.

Regularly adding and updating client testimonials provides web bots with new keyword-rich content to scan, which may help your website rank better in search engine results.

The best part is that it’s a nearly free source of SEO content because you don’t have to re-write anything once you’ve acquired testimonials.

How Effective Are Video Testimonials?

Video Testimonials Services

A video testimonial is a video of a satisfied customer or client complimenting a business.

In most situations, they discuss how that company’s product or service assisted them in solving business problems.

Also, they might talk about themselves, how they employ the product or service, and what they admire about the firm.

Now that we have determined the significance of testimonials for SEO, let’s look at some significant benefits that good-quality video testimonials can bring to your website.

Video Testimonials Increase Sales

Which service of ours came as a surprise to you

In the current market environment, social media holds prime importance for your business.

Any content associated with your brand can prove to be a great source of spreading brand awareness about your products/ services.

Nevertheless, while we talk about content, video is the most influential instrument you can utilize.

Moreover, a cherry on the top would be that those videos contain positive testimonials from more of your delighted customers.

That is so because it will serve in developing more eminent brand awareness and help your business attain a higher place in SERPs, and therefore, higher sales.

Google Gives Higher Value To Content With Videos

As a search engine, Google strives to bring its users those results containing the most relevant information.

Therefore, instead of just focussing on the text contents, Google’s algorithm seeks a blend of text, image, and video content.

The reason behind that is pretty apparent – these types of content present a variety and value for the visitors.

More so, if a video contains product or service reviews from a customer of a particular brand, it will lure more attention from the audience.

Therefore, it’ll attain more value from Google’s crawlers, eventually making your site appear more dominantly on the SERPs.

Video Testimonials Drive More Traffic To Your Site

How Can I Improve My Video SEO

Video testimonials are an excellent source for attracting visitors to your website because people really like to see what others say about your business.

However, what if we tell you that there’s a better way to use your video testimonials that could bring even more traffic?

Well, there sure is a way to do that.

Social video sharing platforms, especially YouTube, present businesses with a golden opportunity to not only spread their marketing messages to a more extensive reach but also attract more visitors to their websites.

For example, you create a channel on YouTube to upload your customers’ video testimonials.

Now, if you add your site’s URLs in your channel and video descriptions, there’s a pretty good chance that one of those video testimonials will gain popularity and bring a lot of visitors to your site as a result.

Plus, it will give your website’s ranking a real healthy push.

Pro Tip: A sensible decision would be to upload your videos to YouTube first and then embed them into your website. Rather than uploading them directly on the website and wasting the SEO benefits, which slows down the site’s speed.

Video Testimonials Allow Better Link-Building

When you paste your site’s URL along with the videos uploaded on Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube, it allows your website to gain some precious referral traffic.

In addition to that, if your customers were delighted enough to leave video testimonials that were filled with positive comments about your brand, more site owners and product bloggers will start linking to your site for reference.

Moreover, the more your video testimonials are shared, the more views they will gain. Thus, it will earn more value on Google, the prime goal for this whole activity.


Well, the crux of this whole discussion is that video testimonials provide a better chance at improving your website’s SEO than any other type of content.

So, whenever you’re creating an SEM or SEO strategy for your website, including high-quality video testimonials should be a priority.

Nonetheless, if you don’t know how to get video testimonials from your customers, we’re here to help.

Vidmonials can be a fantastic option for you to send quick video testimonials requests to your old or new clients via email, mobile chats, or any other form of link sharing means.

Moreover, not only it’s easier for you to use, but your clients will also be able to record their video testimonials with just a single click.

If you want to learn more about how Vidmonials work, please book a call with one of our agents here, and prepare for a tsunami of traffic for your website.

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