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Request. Collect. Share. Repeat.

Write a message, share a simple link, and collect perfect video replies in no time. In a few clicks, get accurate customer testimonials, employee feedback, or thoughts from potential customers.

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They love using Vidmonials


Add your desired questions or pointers and send them to one or many using a single link.


Have a look at your collected videos and their transcripts. Approve or reject them for further use.


Trim your videos, add text and music to them, and edit the transcripts for the most acceptable match.


Share your Vidmonials via branded landing page, embed codes and direct social media share.

One Platform. Multiple Use Cases.

Vidmonials is a versatile platform that presents an opportunity for many different industries. Its revolutionary marketing will uplift your business performance with more conversions and traffic quality.

Videos are a Better Call to Action

Using our remote video recording software, you can incorporate a persuasive call to action on your eCommerce store and can subsequently witness a significant increase in the conversion rate.
Videos are a Better Call to Action
Get the Top-Talent To Work For You

Get the Top-Talent To Work For You

Vidmonials help to obtain top-tier candidates and reduces candidate ghosting by making the recruitment process easier and gives it a sense of personalization.

Win Customers With Customers

Share the utility of your business and present it in a better light by depicting your happy customers via remote video recording software and attract new customers.
Win Customers With Customers
Sell Or Buy Property Conveniently
Real Estate

Sell Or Buy Property Conveniently

Leverage our platform as a video funnel to refine buyer and seller leads for your real estate business. Just save your commute money and time via virtual property tours.
Professional Videos

Connect Better With Your Audience Via Vidmonials

Make your website visitors want to stay a littler longer via Vidmonials personalized video widgets. You can set-up welcome video messages, invite for demos, and ask interactive questions.
Connect Better With Your Audience Via Vidmonials
educate with vidmonials

Educate With Vidmonials

Record interactive videos to engage with your students online. Send a welcome message, share assignment instructions, or ask them random questions about the courses.

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