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Why are Video Testimonials better?

Text reviews may be effective in their own way, but people are more into videos these days. According to statistics, best video review software are 60% more effective than text reviews + are 30% more effective for SEO purposes than text reviews.

Fast and easy

Text To Video Testimonials Grab More Attention

It is easier to create professional-looking videos through text. Your regular text reviews can be converted into stunning videos for grabbing customer attention on social platforms.

Text To Video Testimonials Grab More Attention

Social Proof For Feedback

Actions and opinions can influence a person more quickly than text. With best video review software, potential customers can see what others have done to have proof that what they love is actually worth buying.


Videos Are More Reliable

Transforming happy customers to high-converting video testimonials consistently is the next new thing! Best video review software ensures that a successful video product review is consistent all along and buyers feel to miss out if they don’t have it.


Build The Trust Bridge

Video Testimonials are always more believable and authentic in convincing a customer. Potential buyers are more likely to carry out a purchase if they have the complete trust. A pleasant video review from a delighted customer is no match for the boring text.


Proven Tool For Sale Conversion

By creating authentic video reviews from the best video review software and putting them up on your website can bring about an 67% increase in your conversions. How? Out of every 100 customers, more than 80% are convinced by watching a common person talk about the product.

What’s The Process Like?

Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps!

Step 1

You can simply send feedback requests for your brand or products via our smart forms.

Step 2

Users can post video testimonials either after the usual review or before.

Step 3

Our team moderates these testimonials and they are published on YouTube and your site.

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Vidmonials has been enjoying quite a nice reputation among some of the best corporate giants out there.

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