Create Better Video Testimonials with This 6-Step Process

Create a Better Video Testimonials with 6 Step Process

What other people say about you is significantly more valuable in marketing than what you say about yourself.

Your web ratings and client testimonials may be excellent, but your video testimonials may be lacking.

Here’s a six-step procedure you can follow to help you get more and better video testimonials from your customers.

Video Testimonials: The Basics

Why Use Video Testimonial?

The “why” of video testimonials should be clarified before starting.

Video testimonials are an excellent pre-selling tool when posted on YouTube, Facebook, a website, or a drip-email campaign and other locations where people can find them. You’re providing people with information that helps them choose between you and your rivals. People are more likely to say “yes, I choose you” when you tell them stories like this.

Likewise, what other people have to say about you has more weight than what you claim to have to offer on your own A video showcasing the customer’s success story or recommendation can be one of the most effective ways of doing so.

Why Use a Simple Video?

It’s not always necessary to use a “professional” production. The credibility of a video diminishes when it reaches the level of a commercial or trailer for a film.

Bringing in professional lighting, sound equipment, and microphones significantly raises the fear level. The customer’s experience is harmed as a result of your actions. In doing so, you rob the moment of some of its power and even its honesty.

When you use video, you’re trying to get a complete picture of who the subject is and how they’re expressing themselves. Keeping things simple is always preferable if you’ve precisely targeted a perfect customer who is already quite comfortable with a formal video session.

Not For All

Even with a simple video, not everyone will enjoy it. Some folks can’t seem to force themselves to do it once they’ve become used to it.

Obtain typed-out testimonials from as many people as possible. Make sure you get video testimonials from as many people as possible. There will be fewer people in this latter group, but the content will be more valuable (and you can even transform it into writing!).

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The 6-Step Process

You’ll get more and better video testimonials from your customers if you follow the steps in this post. Even though they won’t be as polished and produced, they’ll help you attract and convert more of your potential customers. Use any or all of these suggestions in your work, and report back on the results (at

1. Target

Targeting Video Testimonials

Requesting video testimonials from everyone is a bad idea. Asking everyone wastes time and produces mediocre outcomes.

Strike at the proper people instead.

Do you know someone who can provide insight into a problem or a query that many of your prospects have? Who are the biggest beneficiaries of your product or service, and how are they benefiting from it? Who has offered you unsolicited, favorable feedback in the past, and how did you respond? In what ways do your current customers and the prospects you’re having difficulties converting most closely match?

Your finest prospects for video testimonials can be identified by answering these questions and others like them.

2. Ask

Also, ask about this one because it’s related to the first and should be obvious.

The worst thing is that you’ll be told “no.” And if you don’t ask for it, you don’t receive it.

To successfully collect customer testimonial videos, you’ll need a system or procedure for asking individuals and targeted groups of people by email, text message, phone, face-to-face, or social media. Individuals can be requested directly. Email is perhaps the best way to reach out to large groups.

Using email allows you to track the number of openings and clicks that indicate interest, allowing you to follow up based on whether or not someone responds to your request.

Another option is to ask for someone’s “experience” or their “success story,” which is less formal and frightening than asking for a “testimonial.”

3. Incentivize


I’m here to assist you. Boosting your business. Helping others choose the right product or service provider.

To provide you with an online testimonial, a written recommendation, or a video recommendation may be adequate for any of the reasons mentioned above.

To get a better response, it’s always a good idea to offer incentives. Give a gift card to everyone who complies with your request. Make it into a piece of content and award awards based on how well it does.

Offer a gift, prize, or incentive if you’re not getting the footage you need or want from the people and groups you’ve targeted.

4. Timeline

“deadline” can alternatively be interpreted as “timeline.” Giving a clear deadline when you ask for anything (optional) is essential.

Create a deadline for your request based on your level of assertiveness. If it’s for a specific person, specify a time frame such as “this week,” “next Tuesday,” or another date. The deadline approaches, and you may want to make a follow-up request. Begin by making a request, follow up halfway through, again a few days before the deadline, and last on the very last day.

As you progress through the timeline, remember to delete anyone who has previously submitted a video from the list. Reduces confusion and recognizes their effort.

5. Direct

Directing the video is the essential piece of advice I can give you.

“Direct” means that you tell them exactly what to say and how long it should last.

What Do You Want Me To Say?

You can ask them to say their name and location, briefly describe how or why they came into contact with you or your organization, and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

You can also ask your clients for their introductions, a quick explanation of why they chose you or your organization, two specific questions (give the questions), and a sincere thank-you for their time and consideration.

Give them a concise description of what you’re looking for in the video. These simple limits will aid them and raise the likelihood that you will get something helpful out of them.

How Long It Should be

As the last step, set a timer for a minute or two and stick to it.

If you don’t want a 20-second video stuffed with superlatives, don’t bother. There is nothing to be learned from a five-star Amazon review that is only one phrase long. It should be no more than one minute long to get the most out of a video testimonial.

No one wants a five-minute video—unless you’re willing to cut it. While you can still utilize and upload a 5-minute narrative, it’s unlikely that many viewers will get to the best ideas and expressions until it’s an exceptionally captivating story, unless it’s an exceedingly long story.

Reduce customer stress and improve video usefulness by being specific in your requests.

6. Equip


When collecting video testimonials, Vidmonials consumers are more than capable of doing so because they’re used to doing so.

The general public, on the other hand, is less likely to engage in this type of activity. Direct or equip others to provide video testimonials after guiding them on what to say and how long to say it.

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Make Your Own Video Recording

With a consumer in person, you can, of course, film a video with them. There are positives and negatives to this circumstance, as there always are.

The good news is that you have complete control over the appearance and environment and the message being delivered. As a bonus, you’ll be able to claim the video file as proof of capture success.

Having you and anyone else around could stifle your customer’s natural feel and comfort, which could otherwise emerge if they could handle it independently. You may want to consider recording your video messages for future use. Do you like to do it on your own? Maybe in a closed-off office? Alternatively, do you prefer to perform in front of a live audience?

In most cases, people want to record on their terms, at their own pace, and on their terms.

Vidmonials, reply with a video

As a Vidmonials user, you may use a video email to ask and direct individuals to provide you with video testimonials. Even if they aren’t Vidmonials clients, you can give them the tools to respond with their video.

Reply with video can be added to any Quick Send or Composer email from within Vidmonials.

When a user clicks “Reply with Video,” Vidmonials takes control of their webcam or smartphone camera and records the response.

Vidmonials’ video recorder allows users to create and preserve videos at their leisure, which may then be downloaded, embedded, or sent as an email attachment directly from your Vidmonials account.

You’re providing them with the tools they need to capture and distribute the video.

Your Suggestion, Thought, or Experience

If you cannot attend in person, a simple video might provide a sense of presence in your absence. As a result, your lead follow-up, nurturing, and conversion will improve. It’s going to make customers happier. The more video testimonials you get, the better they’ll be.

Is it possible for you to obtain consumer video testimonials? Is there anything missing from this list?

Let us know at Vidmonials.


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