How to Use Client Testimonials at Every Stage to Increase Sales Success

How to Use Client Testimonials at Every Stage to Increase Sales Success

Brand awareness is the first step in traditional sales funnels designed to bring customers to an end. Nevertheless, there remains a gap. Your customers are people, too, and in today’s modern sales world, they expect to be treated as individuals rather than just a number.

It’s still true that “the win” is the ultimate measure of success in sales because it is how brands like yours earn income, but getting there requires more genuine connection than a few automated calls, large pitches, and cold emails can provide.

Isn’t it ironic that the standard sales funnel doesn’t consider how important it is to build relationships? If you’re in the business of selling, chances are you’re not just attracting new customers by introducing your brand to them and encouraging them to buy.

Even while it happens, most customers want and need to have faith in you before purchasing from you. When you begin to create trust, where do you start? And how can you make way for a more human sales procedure in your sales funnel?

The Classic Funnel has a Problem

The Classic Funnel has a Problem

Founder of Winning by Design Jacco van der Kooij points out in Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution that the traditional funnel, created from the seller’s perspective, incorrectly identifies a purchase as the end of the sales process.

As a result, the customers’ demands are ignored in favor of a greater emphasis on sales.

After all, a customer’s lifetime worth rises by 72 to 93 percent after committing. The sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship that benefits both parties. And the success of the company’s sales is measured by how long this cooperation has lasted.

The Impact of Selling to Win is Largely Ignored

Emotional and cognitive impacts are missed when using a conventional sales pipeline, says Human-Centered Communication (HCC). What’s the issue?

Recurring moments of impact help purchasers to see how the solution they’re considering or have already invested in benefits them over the long run.

The person benefits from emotional effect, whereas the corporation benefits from rational impact (statistical data).

Because of the importance of connections, which are missing from the traditional funnel, it’s possible to understand better the wants and problems of others, which is essential for making a significant influence.

The Human-Centered Approach to Problem-Solving

The Bow Tie Funnel

stages of the bowtie funnel

The Bow Tie Funnel is Jacco and his team’s unique way of teaching the sales funnel that considers all of these omitted factors. The Bow Tie Funnel emphasizes continuing value rather than closing the deal as soon as a prospect commits.

Because it’s cyclical, recurring effect drives growth. It’s a constant reminder of the value of your product or service throughout the customer’s experience.

Since selling is no longer about winning or closing deals, the Bow Tie Funnel takes a customer-centric approach. Selling is all about finding a solution to a customer’s issue. There is an argument that this method is more human.

Selling is no longer the key to sales success; instead, it’s helping.

An emphasis on Human-Centered Communication emphasizes the importance of communicating in a way that develops human connections and controls emotions, and allows you to break down complex information.

For example, by using client testimonials and videos at various places in the Bowtie Funnel, you can achieve this goal in a scalable manner.

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Client Testimonials for Every Stage of the Funnel

Client Testimonials for Every Stage of the Funnel

Using client testimonials videos in your sales will help you similarly connect with your customers to how you would interact with them in person.

This section contains seven solid communication examples that grab the reader’s interest and make their intentions crystal clear.

Using these factors consistently can help you build trust and long-term, healthy relationships.

1. Awareness

The primary purpose of the awareness stage is to familiarize your prospects with your brand.

A client testimonial video will put a face and a voice to a person’s identity. As a result, face-to-face communication can help you stand out from the crowd and attract people’s attention.

2. Education

As a marketer, you need to educate your customers to help them see the value of what you offer. However, you may have no problem communicating with them; it may be more challenging to get them to schedule and attend meetings or in-depth product demonstrations. Is there anything that you can do to help them? Client testimonials videos are the most accurate answer to this question.

3. Selection

Prospects are far more likely to agree to your plan when they are in the selection stage. Many complex questions, contracts, and decision-makers must be dealt with. You may show your sincerity and passion for the collaboration by using a client testimonial video to communicate face-to-face.

4. Commitment

The Bow Tie Funnel’s commitment stage is marked by two distinct challenges that Human-Centered Communication seeks to address: Buyer’s regret and cold feet.

So how can you use client testimonial videos to lessen the fear and uncertainty of making a decision?

This level of the funnel is critical to your sales performance. To begin, record a client testimonial video thanking someone for their time and effort. So, as you can see, expressing gratitude is a powerful way to build loyalty, engagement, and trust.

Expressing your gratitude in person might also help your consumer understand what to expect in the future. Additionally, you can use it to reassure them that their decision to work with your brand is the right one.

5. Onboarding

Customers need to know what to expect after they’ve agreed to work with you. In this post, Jacco argues that the onboarding process should be used to plan the future of the business partnership. How do they put it into practice, and what are the results? Who might they run into on their journey?

6. Impact

Is your product or service making a difference in your customers’ lives? When a brand is in the midst of its impact phase, it should ask itself this fundamental question. Your customer’s perception of what constitutes success is critical to sales success.

Assessing whether or not customers are in danger of churn is also crucial. You may find out more about churn prevention here.

So, how do you measure the impact of your work?  Through constant dialogue! Set and hold account reviews and work through any challenges or pain points users may be facing with a client testimonial video. Use such videos to celebrate significant milestones.

7. Growth

The Bow Tie Funnel’s long-term strategy is to grow and grow its growth loops. The cycle of recurrent revenue is sparked here by loyal customers to a brand. Maintaining the relationships you’ve worked so hard to establish can assist you in seeing potential growth and expansion opportunities now.

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Final Thoughts

What are you waiting for? Now that you’ve got some idea of using client testimonials videos for each stage of The Bowtie Funnel, what are you waiting for? Put them to the test now.

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