9 Best Video Customer Feedback Tools in 2022

best customer feedback tools in 2021

Customer feedback tools are designed to get post-sale feedback from the consumer. Unfortunately, feedbacks can be quite boring, and no one takes them seriously but not anymore; thanks to video testimonial services, feedback is made fun and more interactive.

This gives every consumer a chance to get their voice heard, and the best part is it has a zero probability of getting forged or copied. This sort of feedback tells you what the customer feels and gives you a background about the customer’s past experiences, likes, and dislikes. This can have a positive effect on your overall business, improving sales and other things.

Listening to video feedback can bring instant changes in the product or service, and a prospect can be converted into a sale. To collect feedback like this, you need a good tool, which is exactly what we will talk about in this blog.

What Is a Testimonial Video? 

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Testimonial is essentially another term for reference or survey, It is the voice of the masses that helps to set standards so that a product or service can be made according to the exact specification of the survey. This will result in pleasing the crowd and everyone will end up loving the product or service that is invented

Testimonials have been present since a century , they were always a source of getting your point of view heard to the general public. Without Testimonials there will be no point of view. A world without suggestion will be a sad and sorry place for everyone to live in because nobody will know what is coming up next.

Usually what happens is there is a conventional way of a testimonial. A written testimonial has been the for of survey from a very long time but the good news is that video testimonial changes all that. With video testimonial a client can explain their concern more clearly which is easy to understand and simple to interpret.

The importance of Feedback and Point Of View

importance of Customer feedback tool

Before advertisements, organizations expanded their client base through verbal. For example, individual “A” would purchase something from Company 1 and would be so dazzled with their item and administration that Person A would then disclose to Person B, who had precisely the same experience and afterward continued to reveal to Person C. By satisfying one client, Company 1’s range expanded by a significant degree. 

Great verbal exchange resembles and accumulates interest, it simply expands on itself. 

Word of Mouth is like a virus it is highly contagious and spreads like wild fire. Recording all this on video Increases its relevance by a near 100 times.

Individuals presently share their sentiments and audits online for the majority to see, and this is the place where testimonial videos become possibly the most important factor. 

Organizations could depend on Google or help surveys to attract new clients. However, there’s an incredible force in putting an excellent video of a glad client on your own site. On the off chance that somebody is as of now on your site, for example, and sees a positive testimonial video, they shouldn’t have to search somewhere else for audits to be persuaded to change over. 

As an organization that has testimonial videos on its site, It makes user interface easy and people pay more interest to the site and it increases traffic among other benefits. The people that visit your website Have a good impression by reading or viewing the testimonials that create a positive notion in their mind and has great outcome.

What is the best way to collect Customer Feedback?

Customers can provide feedback using a variety of survey options. If handled correctly, the communication between you and your consumers may become your company’s most powerful development engine.

Rolling with the punches and implementing meaningful improvements are the only ways to reward your loud and consultative clients.

Here’s a list of possible ways for collecting that feedback:

Ways For Collecting Customer Feedback
  • Video customer feedback via online tools
  • Lengthy form-based surveys
  • Short in-app pop-up surveys
  • Direct phone calls to the clients
  • Transactional emails with a call to action
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Suggestion boards

Customer Feedback Tools will always be a priority

Customer Feedback Tools will always be a priority

How about we separate the fundamental advantages of testimonial videos and why they ought to be remembered for any showcasing methodology.

In the end, we need to realize the fact that video feedback hold a much stronger presence and have a much more result-orientated approach. This is because the beginning of video feedback gave way to an era of ease and productivity.

With video review service, a client or a customer can portray their side of the story regarding the service that is exclusive and unprecedented.

Best Customer Feedback Tools

If you are looking for the topline Customer Feedback Tools then go through the following list to select the best option.

1. Vidmonials – Best Customer Video Feedback Tools

Vidmonials - customer feedback tools

Vidmonials is an amazing client audit or customer review management tool with a broad apparatus that permits its customers to gather, oversee, and share bonafide and effective video tributes.

Profoundly Responsive 

After saving a short gander at the expanding need for different gadget streamlining, the entire stage is made glitch-free, you would say. You will never complain about the software or any software-related matters as Vidmonials constantly keep updating.

Easy to use Interface 

Each element has been enhanced to ensure that the entire client experience at Vidmonials – Customer Feedback Tools remains user-friendly and provides an interface that will have a smooth-running throughout. Vidmonials continuously strive for customer satisfaction and their well-being. So that the client never has to choose anybody else for a video review.

Examination and Reporting 

See where your business is acquiring notoriety and where it needs improvement and what can be done to bring about a positive change overall. Vidmonials give a total status to your client’s temperament. 

Administrative Compliance 

Vidmonials foundation furnishes all customers who worked in any industry and want to give feedback or review about another industry so that characteristics of both can be determined and a product or service can be made.

Day in and day out Professional Support 

Vidmonials, expert care staff is accessible 24 hours to help address every query that a customer might be looking for from their end of the stage.

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2. Remote Video Testimonials

Remote Video Testimonials | Fast, Easy, and Affordable

Remote Video Testimonials is one of the few organizations which is helping to create a powerful business environment by their clear and high standards and norms for both consumers and businesses. It is another excellent customer feedback tool that helps its clients or other businesses to creating effective and authentic video testimonials.

Its methods is as follows:

  • Pre-Production of Interview
  • Complete Customer Interview
  • Allotment Of Interviewers
  • Arranging Recording Equipment
  • Video Processing
  • Editing the Video
  • Quality Assurance
  • Final Delivery

3. GlimpseVideo

Glimpse - customer feedback tools

Glimpse video offers a customer feedback tools that has an essential method to welcome your clients to share, in their own words, why they decided to work with you. Putting your best or cheerful clients on screen is an amazing method to join a genuine story to your item. Client stories utilizing video interface with your future clients such that other tribute mediums miss the mark. Glimpse offers your customer feedback, an image that emphatically affects their life or business, which is amazing.

What Webrunner does for you;

  • Play Video 
  • Offers your clients experience with new customers 
  • Fabricates trust with new and existing customers 
  • Expands google mindfulness through video transfers on GMB page 
  • Builds up sure connections between existing customers

4. Clipchamp– accurate customer feedback tool


At Clipchamp, they have a straightforward mission: assist everybody in turning into wonderful video content makers. Whether it’s in an expert or private setting, recordings convey the idea simpler and are simply more amusing to burn through. Moreover, they ensure they are likewise enjoyable to make. 

They center the entirety of energy on making innovations, arrangements, and plans according to their central goal. They put out makers first and invest wholeheartedly in what they assemble to assist them with making content. They additionally have a great time while Clipchamp is doing it. 

Clipchamp is the online video supervisor that enables anybody to recount stories worth sharing. They are utilized by more than 14 million ordinary editors around the world. Their group advances each day by creating energizing new apparatuses, highlights and emotionally supportive networks for clients. 

The expert prospects are everlasting here at Clipchamp. They are an item-engaged organization, so designing has consistently been, and consistently will be, at the core of what they do. Simultaneously, their inventive item, plan, promoting and individuals groups are crucial for prosperity.

5. Tribevideo


Assume responsibility for your video advertising. Try Tribevideo Plus free for 7 Days! Gather Video Testimonials, create original branded videos, send video email, capture case study video. In under 5 minutes, you can start making expertly marked advertising videos for your business. This feedback tool has many benefits

The Tribe Video advertising stage makes proficient showcasing videos simple and reasonable. By utilizing the instruments you have at this moment – a PDA, tablet or any gadget with a webcam – you can catch video content and make expertly marked videos in a couple of simple advances.

6. Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero | Video Testimonial Service | Easily Create Stunning B2B Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Hero is in the line of mostly used customer feedback tools in video form by companies. They also encourages businesses or companies to gain high-quality, authentic and reliable video testimonials from their clients. In recent era, they have begun to provide a remote video testimonial services. The clients use their phones, tablet or personal cameras to record video testimonials, which are then sent to Testimonial Hero for approval and then they share to relevant.

They use the following process:

  • A Testimonial Hero entities interviews client to create a video concept or questions.
  • Then he look forward to your clients on recording a best testimonial from your laptop or mobile.
  • After recording they edit that lengthy video into a one and an hour minute video testimonial.
  • Then they share to the relevant persons.

7. Videopeel


VideoPeel is the premier remote video review service for businesses to capture, respond to, analyze and share videos from their customers. VideoPeel helps businesses 10x their amount of user-generated video content so that they can drive 20% plus conversions, traffic, satisfaction, and consumer insights. As a result, they are improving the way online marketing, research and communications are done.

8. Boast


Boast improves on client input, video tributes, and online audits with three simple advances. 

Make a structure 

Structures are the establishment for gathering client input with Boast. Begin by choosing a pre-fabricated structure layout or making a structure without any preparation. Then, alter your structure questions and marking to address your issues.

Ask your clients 

Boast makes it simple to robotize input and audit assortment. Then, enlist your clients in arrangements to request input or a survey consequently. Boast will send a progression of email or SMS solicitations to boost your reaction rates. 

Oversee and offer recognition 

Effectively grandstand your tributes and audits to assemble trust with site guests. Embeddable gadgets help you benefit as much as possible from the client criticism you get. First, tweak which reactions you need to show and how you need them to look. Then, at that point, put a code on your site where you need them to show up.

9. GetBravo


Organizations, for example, Indeed, Act-On Software and Pearson are utilizing GetBravo to dispatch client-produced video crusades. Cherished for its wonderfully basic Interface, GetBravo is not difficult to attempt, purchase, execute, and use. 


Building your mission couldn’t be any simpler. Start by picking a period limit for your crowd, and afterward, portray what you’d like them to say by populating an inquiry and depiction for the video crusade. 


With worked-in catch devices, you’ll gather recordings in a matter of seconds. Utilize the micro site to catch recordings on our site, or the recording gadget to catch recordings on your site. 


You can direct, install, download and label the recordings you get for each mission. You’ll have names and email addresses, so you can generally reach back out to members if you’d like them to re-record

End Note:

Customer feedback is as important as anything. The overall sales and the reputation of the company rely on positive feedback. This will turn up the sales and bring more clients who will eventually become long-term. Tools are devised now and then so that feedback can be recorded more efficiently and the chance of being a scam is nullified.

After going through all of the above it is easy to see why Vidmonials is the best. It has far better service than any other tool available in the market.

The features make Vidmonials stand out

  1. Two fold benefit
  2. Easy to manage Vidmonials library
  3. Embedded Video Widgets
  4. Highly Responsive
  5. User friendly

To know more about the best customer feedback tools and to get the best of Vidmonials. Pay us a visit at Vidmonials.com

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