8 Reasons Why Product Video Testimonials Are Very Reliable

Why Product Video Testimonials Are Very Reliable

In this digital era, product testimonials are very reliable for businesses looking to boost their conversions. Businesses that use video testimonials can significantly improve their brand image and strengthen client relationships.

You may have observed that videos are abundant on every social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and other such platforms. According to a survey, about 81 percent of organizations are using videos as a marketing strategy.

If you work in marketing, you must utilize the appropriate marketing technique to attract people and earn their confidence.

Well, this is where video testimonials may help. It’s an excellent approach to engage people in learning about your products and services.

The impact of testimonial videos is undeniable. Isn’t that what you’re thinking? Let’s look at eight reasons to have a clear view of why product testimonials are very reliable and why you should be using video testimonials to advertise your brand to help boost your productivity.

1- Videos Make An Emotional Connection With The Audience

Videos Make An Emotional Connection With The Audience

Regardless of how much we convince ourselves that we make rational choices, emotion is a fundamental factor in decision-making. It is true for both the average consumer and business-to-business executives.

Nothing beats video when it comes to eliciting emotions. Text is impersonal and emotionless; only the very finest copywriters can compete on an emotional level with video.

Additionally, the text takes significantly more time; reading and interpreting text takes much longer than watching a video. Customers do not have enough time, plus they lack the patience to read it.

Video, on the other hand, immediately reaches the hearts of viewers. When a client expresses gratitude, relief, or happiness in response to your product, potential customers will feel the same way.

A video testimonial may elicit all of the feelings that you struggle to evoke in your consumers daily in a matter of seconds.

There are also additional neuroscientific reasons why video is more effective at eliciting emotions. Faces, colors, and movements are all encoded into the human brain and grab more attention. Text and even images fail to capture people’s attention in the same way as videos can.

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2- Retention Rate Is Higher In Product Video Testimonials

Retention Rate Is Higher In Product Video Testimonials

The videos, according to data, have a 95 percent higher retention rate than regular text. The messages will linger in people’s minds for a long time if they are delivered through video testimonials, improving their chances of completing a purchase.

The easier it is to convert visitors into leads, the more people remember your product/brand or services.

Start making beautiful product testimonials if you want to enhance your retention rate because they assist you to deliver messages and sell your products/services through attractive videos.

3- Video Testimonials Cultivate Brand Trust

Video Testimonials Cultivate Brand Trust

Nowadays, word of mouth is a powerful technique for establishing trust and credibility in businesses. Real people are trusted more than statistics or what a brand has to offer. Visitors will be more likely to take action if you show them your satisfied consumers.

Customers are more likely to trust anything with which they have a relationship. As a result, to forge a solid bond, companies are utilizing product testimonials to gain trust from those who have never heard of their company or brand before.

According to a study done by BigCommerce Inc, 72 percent of customers agree that viewing favorable reviews and testimonial videos helps them trust a company more.

4- Video Testimonials Can Get Shared And Go Viral

product testimonials are very reliable

With such a high affinity for video material, it should come as no surprise that people share it more than text and photos. It is twelve times more than text and graphics combined.

Making a video is the way to go if you want your content to generate viral momentum.

Pew Research revealed that about 47 percent of adult internet users like to post photos or videos online. That number was rising, and it’s safe to assume it’s still growing, especially now that the amount of video content available has skyrocketed.

5- Highly Cost Efficient And Effective

Highly Cost Efficient And Effective

Another good reason product testimonials are very reliable is that they are inexpensive and effective at the same time. Companies are utilizing video testimonials as part of their brand strategy to maximize their brand awareness without spending much money.

It’s the nicest thing about video testimonials: You don’t need any special equipment or materials to make one. All you need is your smartphone. Of course, you are correct. You get to choose your smartphone.

You can make exciting and productive video testimonials by putting in only a few hours of work. Even so, some companies in the video production industry also offer low-cost testimonial video services to assist make things better for their clients.

6- Using Video Testimonials Can Help Your Company Grow The Number Of Customers

Video Testimonials Can Help Your Company Grow

Video testimonials have been shown to increase conversion rates and ROI. Without a doubt, when people develop trust for a particular product or service, they will buy it one day or another.  

Businesses that start receiving credible video testimonials from their customers can rest assured that their clientele is going to swell anytime soon.

More so, it is estimated that people who see a company’s video are 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy the goods.

7- People Give Video Testimonials Preference

People Give Video Testimonials Preference

Text reviews, as we mentioned above, are a good way of establishing brand trust. However, they’re not as good as video testimonials.

Also, in the case of physical items, product testimonials are very reliable. People are more interested in live demonstrations – which are only possible with the help of videos.

It isn’t simply B2C consumers who are affected. A video would be preferred by 59 percent of B2B executives as well over reading text.

8-  People Are More Likely To Relate To Your Company If You Use Video Testimonials

People Are More Likely To Relate To Your Company

Finally, a video testimonial might help you portray your organization in a more human light.

Stories that allow individuals to relate to your firm on a personal level are presented instead of preconceived beliefs. Video testimonials are an excellent method of showing how dedicated you are to providing excellent customer service.

Using an authentic video testimonial from a brand enthusiast will raise your conversion rate, promote your business, and garner press.

When utilized properly, it can help to increase the level of trust, confidence, and credibility in your company. More so, your company’s relationships with clients might also be strengthened by employing video testimonials.


Well! For the sake of making it concrete, good product testimonials are very reliable techniques to make customers feel that your business is credible, while also instilling trust in it.

Moreover, testimonial videos are useful in developing emotional ties because of this. And most importantly, by using these product testimonials, consumers learn about the benefits of products and services in an exciting and fun way without any problems. Visit Vidmonials now and get best deals for Video Testimonials.

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