Why Are Online Video Reviews Important Today?

Why Are Online Video Reviews Important Today

People’s purchasing habits have shifted irrevocably. The days of first visiting a store, perusing the aisles, and speaking to a salesperson are long gone.

Internet, smartphones, and social media have made it easier for customers to research a product or service before they are ready to purchase.

Today, customers complete more than 70% of the decision-making process before speaking with a sales representative, according to Forbes Magazine.

This implies that they have already made up their mind before they even pick up the phone and dial your number.

Customers aren’t buying from you just because you gave a good sales talk.

So, when will you be able to make your proposal to them? Or at least not face to face. Your sales pitch now takes place on your website, blog, social media, videos, and online advertising.

How do you know if they’ll call you back?

How do you know if they'll call you back

Building trust is essential to ensure that a potential customer chooses your company to solve their problem. People buy from people they like, are confident, and are familiar with.

They need to believe that you’re the best person to provide the service or product they need. And your consumers are the only ones who will put their faith in more than you.

So, referrals are what most businesses rely on to grow. You’ve already won the trust of the customer!

When it comes to online reputation management, consumer reviews play an essential role.

Anywhere your potential customers might look online, you’ll want to have customer reviews available.

It would be best to have them on your website, social media, and the most relevant online video reviews platforms to get the most out of them.

Online Video reviews can be a boon or a bane, depending on your perspective.

Positive evaluations are lovely, but they can also be unfavorable. It might significantly influence your bottom line if you get enough negative reviews.

To benefit their own business and sometimes to harm their competitors, some companies are taking advantage of online evaluations having such a significant impact.

What are the most popular online reviews?

What are the most popular online reviews

So, what are your options? You can’t manufacture a customer video testimonial since it has the power of persuasion and trustworthiness unmatched by any other internet review.

What’s the point of using video testimonials from satisfied customers?

Written testimonials are helpful, but there is something special about seeing and hearing them in real-time with their expressions of gratitude.

Put another way, it is the next best thing to converse with the person. Video testimony is just as trustworthy as a personal suggestion from a friend or family member.

A picture is worth a thousand words, goes the old adage. On the other hand, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

A one-minute speech has the potential to convey far more significant amounts of information per word than any written testimonial.

Several other factors make video testimonials so effective.

First, you press the play button and then sit back and relax. Reading an oral testimony is passive, whereas reading a written review is more active and requires more effort. People prefer to watch a movie rather than read a book for the same reason.

What’s the deal with video testimonials?

What is a remote video

They are true. If you have a video testimonial, people are more inclined to view it than if you have a lengthy piece of text.

I’d like to relate an anecdote that I recently came across to demonstrate this idea. At least one of our customers found it challenging to complete their current project.

No matter what he explained, the potential client still thought his fee was excessively exorbitant. People will not buy something when the price is larger than the value they receive.

The power of video saved this trade.

He emailed the prospect a customer video testimonial because he knew he was about to close the deal.

All it took was a two-minute video for the potential client to realize that the value of the service far outweighed his charge.

A little more than a week later, the potential customer received a check for $$$$, the exact amount he’d quoted me.

A well-produced client video testimonial can be pretty persuasive. The best salespeople are always your satisfied clients.

Ensure you have customer video testimonials if you want to have the best chance of getting a call from a potential customer after they complete their research online.


Video testimonials from Vidmonials can be created in just a few minutes, without the need for an in-person video production crew or the associated costs.

Using our interview-based technique and a 100% remote video production process, our virtual team can capture video testimonials from any part of the country in a matter of minutes.

You may find out more about Vidmonials by clicking this link.

Vidmonials now offers a 7-day free trial, so you may test the waters before committing to it as your primary business video solution.


What is the importance of online reviews?

Your online reputation is increasingly based on your online reviews. In addition to helping your business stand out in search engine results, customer online video reviews can provide you with valuable information about your business and persuade potential clients to contact you directly.

Why are video testimonials important?

Trust is built through the use of videos. A well-reasoned assessment of a product or service can be found in a well-written testimonial. An honest, credible reaction can only be conveyed through a visual medium like video.

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