Why Is Vidmonials Leading The Market As A Remote Video Recording Software?

Why Is Vidmonials Leading The Market As A Remote Video Recording Software

Remote recording software provides utility in recording videos remotely and without the need/presence of a professional video setup. Such software is increasingly replacing the traditional methods of in-person video recordings for the reason that it provides video solutions with much ease and convenience.

Which is the best screen video capture software?

A screen video capture software helps perform the video recordings/capturing of the screen device. And as for the best of such software, it is Vidmonials, which is a multi-featured video solution software. It can be leveraged as a remote video recording software and a screen video capture software simultaneously.

What is the most popular video recording software?

Remote Video Recording Software is the modern solution

A remote video recordings software should provide various solutions concerning the video recordings. Also, it should offer help in screenshotting and recording webcams and screens, respectively. Lastly, it should be able to offer services to various industries through its platform.

In the criteria above, Vidmonials fits the best, as it has multiple video recording features and can be used by industries of different natures.

Some of the use cases of Vidmonials for different industries is as under:

Vidmonials: A remote video recording software for eCommerce

remote video recording software for eCommerce

Vidmonials can be used to meet the remote video recording needs of your eCommerce business.

It lets a business enable its customers to create their video testimonials remotely for it, which they can share quickly with ease. These testimonial videos can then be shared by the business to market itself in its respective industry better amongst its competitors.

The best use of remote video recordings remains in their use on the website of an eCommerce store, where their utility in influencing the website visitors is the best.

The prominent avails of Vidmonials as a remote video recording software are as under:

Remote video collections

An eCommerce business using Vidmonials not only allows its clients to make remote video testimonials for it, but it can also have its videos saved and collected at one point. Thus, Vidmonials also makes it easier for you to search for the required videos.

Remote testimonial video requests

With Vidmonials, you can request the maximum number of your clients for a video testimonial in a single go. Also, the process is equally simpler for your customers since there is no requirement for them to sign up before making and sharing their remote video.

Vidmonials: A remote video recording software for Real Estate

remote video recording software for Real Estate

As a remote video recording software, Vidmonials provides its best help to a real estate business in the form of virtual property tours.

In a virtual property tour, as with its name, the property business is able to provide a tour of a property to the interested clients using a pre-recorded video or through live video streaming. So, the help that a real estate business can get using Vidmonials is ideal.

Besides the virtual tours, business benefits in the following way as well:

Help in the social media marketing

Social platforms have immense importance in marketing a business today. So, a real estate business can share videos of its customer testimonials on different social platforms, leading to better social media marketing.

Prospect emails

A real estate business can send emails to its prospecting emails using the videos of its utility and testimonials that can make them more appealing and your business more attractive to the recipients.

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Vidmonials: A remote video recording software for Recruitment


One of the emerging industries today is the recruitment industry. And Vidmonials, as a remote video recording software, helps in the recruitment by making the process more humanized and customized, which makes lesser candidates ghost the process.

In addition, Vidmonials allows job candidates to create their video resumes using its remote video recording capability, which makes recruiting and hiring better.

In regard to the recruitment, Vidmonials has the following avails:

Video-resume-based talent Pool

A company can create for itself a database of potential hirings using the video resumes that are made and received using Vidmonials. It makes finding and hiring the most suitable candidate for the vacant position.

Simple and Convenient process

Multiple candidates can be requested for a video resume or an interview at the same time. Furthermore, the candidates do not need to sign up or go through any unnecessary steps, and, thus, they can be interviewed and evaluated with quite ease.

Vidmonials: A remote video recording software for Video testimonials

Vidmonials necessitates such features that meet the requirements of the testimonials industry. Thus, using it, clients can make and, subsequently, businesses can receive the video testimonials effortlessly. It is why Vidmonials is one of the best remote video recording software for the testimonial industry.

Some of the principal uses of Vidmonials in this respect are following:

Ease of video testimonial request

With Vidmonails, you can request a large number of your clients for a testimonial video simultaneously. Furthermore, these requests can be sent through emails, QR codes, etc.

Accept or reject a video testimonial.

Using Vidmonials, a business gets the ability to accept or reject a testimonial video, so you can keep the ones that have value for you. Also, the videos that you accept are collected and stored in a single place.

Video widgets and Trust seals

Vidmonials helps you further the authentication of your business through its trust seals and video widgets.

What to conclude?

Vidmonials is, indeed, leading the market as a remote video recording software. And the reason is that it comes with the ability to serve businesses of different natures with its multiple features and comprehensive functionality.

One of the best use cases of Vidmonials is for the industries of eCommerce, Video testimonials, recruitment, and Real estate. However, if you have a business from a different industry, Vidmonials can still provide equal help and use in terms of video recording.

You can book a demo here and can find out more about it.

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