How Can Video Testimonials Be Beneficial For Your Business?

How Can Video Testimonials Be Beneficial For Your Business

Before video testimonials, companies relied on word-of-mouth to grow their consumer base.

Person A would buy something from Company 1 and be so delighted with their goods and service that they would tell Person B, who would then share with Person C. By making one client happy, the reach of Company 1 stretched quite far.

Good word-of-mouth works in the same way that compound interest does: it builds on itself.

Although word-of-mouth marketing is as old as the hills, it is still effective. It’s still one of the most effective ways to grow your company’s revenue and profits. It’s just that the medium has evolved.

People now freely express their thoughts and reviews on the internet for everyone to see, and this is where video testimonials come in and play a huge role.

You don’t need a paid search ad to get clients. Businesses can instead rely on Google or Yelp reviews to attract new customers, but there is significant value in featuring a video testimonial of a satisfied customer on your website.

More so, if someone is already on your website and watches a nice testimonial video, for example, they may not need to look elsewhere for reviews to convert.

We’ll discuss video testimonials’ advantages in this article and detail how they could be beneficial for your business.

So, let’s get started. Here are some of the benefits that video testimonials provide to help you boost your business.

1- Video Testimonials Are All About Emotions

Video Testimonials Are All About Emotions

Research suggests that our brains are hard-wired to pay attention to faces, colors, and movements. One theory explaining the similarities in emotion and physical reaction is mirror neurons.

These cells in our brains fire when we experience an emotion and when we perceive that others are experiencing the same sentiments, such as happiness, fear, anger, or sadness.

So, when a  video testimonial depicts a grateful, relieved, and happy client, other clients will also feel grateful, relieved, and pleased. Using video review to rapidly and efficiently evoke emotions is the best approach of all. 

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2- Build Trust And Credibility

Build Trust And Credibility with Video Testimonials

When you hear someone say something kind about a firm, your first thought is probably that they must be doing well, else they wouldn’t be getting such praise.

You have probably heard the phrase “jumping on the bandwagon.” It occurs when people join in on something because they see others doing it. They believe this is what the cool kids do. We want to be correct, our desire to be accepted. And it is a strong one.

While brand familiarity and recognition are still crucial, customers are looking for brands that are trustworthy and reflect their personal beliefs.

Of the 7.5 billion people who live on Earth, 75% believe they will continue to buy a trusted brand even if another becomes trendy.

A company that can get customers to not only express praise about them but also to do so on camera is an indicator that they are loyal customers. When clients stay loyal to your brand, it tells the prospect that you are a reputable company they can rely on.

According to a study, 92% of people will follow the advice of a peer. Most people usually believe the opinion of people they know, so the results of this poll should not be too surprising.

However, that same survey indicated that 70% of your audience will still follow suggestions from people they do not know. Even “the average Joe” customers can help move the scale.

Although it is excellent news, yet you want to find a strategy or plan before deciding to use someone on camera.

Even if the on-camera personality appears and feels honest, viewers will likely be touched by the message presented. You are trusting the speaker, and his or her integrity transfers across to your company as well.

To calm customers’ concerns, show them customers who have used your brand and had a positive experience.

3- Video Testimonials Outclass Text-Based Testimonials

Video Testimonials Outclass Text-Based Testimonials

Text-based testimonies are powerful, but their legitimacy is being questioned more and more. In business, you should never lie, but sadly, not everyone follows this rule.

Some firms fabricate testimonials as a fast fix to gain confidence. These phony testimonials can be deceiving and false, leaving buyers unsatisfied when the product or service they receive falls short of their expectations.

On the other hand, video testimonials are genuine. It is a real person, who is willing to be photographed with their face and name associated with your product or service.

Consumers say that testimonies increase their trust in a firm by 72 percent.

It builds trust and improves the bond between your company and its customers. In fact, 72% of customers feel that video testimonials increase their faith in a brand.

4- Video Testimonials Can be Shared On Social Media With Ease

Social Media Platforms

Text-based testimonials are effective, but they are more difficult to convey than videos. Video testimonials are the way of the future since they are easy to share throughout social media.

About 78 percent of consumers view videos online at least once a week, according to HubSpot. It is not restricted to beautiful kitten videos only; according to HubSpot, 75% of company executives watch work-related videos at least once a week.


Using video testimonials can be very beneficial for your business, and it is a highly effective approach to boost up the productivity of your business. Remember that a good customer testimonial necessitates an engaged client who can tell a fascinating tale!

However, if you are looking for a platform that could provide you with the best video testimonials saving your time, efforts, and money, we recommend Vidmonials.  Vidmonials is a single platform where you can collect, manage, and share video testimonials from thousands of your clients without doing many struggles.

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