Video Reviews: 11 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

Video Review_ 11 Tips For Providing Effective Feedback

Customer video reviews are a very influential tool that businesses can leverage for growth. If used smartly, they can grow and improve your organization’s revenues to greater extents.

In addition to that, a customer testimonial video is a resourceful way of improving the levels of trust and communication between the clients and their users. If a company wants to boost its employee motivation and growth, customer feedback becomes essential.

Video Reviews are the most meaningful solution for a company’s online reputation. When more people talk about a business, its name reaches bigger audiences. Ultimately, brand awareness for the business increases exponentially.

However, as a business, you would not only require to receive testimonial videos but to give a few as well. Think of it as a moral obligation to support other businesses that aided you in your services.

Now before you go ahead and start shooting your honest-to-God in-depth video reviews, you should pay some attention to what is coming next in this blog and “how do you start a review?”.

So, to answer the big question here “How do you write a good video review?

Here are eleven tips that will guide you in making effective video reviews for your professional companions in the market.

Relate Feedback To The Aims Of The Project

Relate Feedback To The Aims Of The Project

By focusing on the product, it gets easy for the company to aim for suitable recommendations.

Feedback should not be created based on personal biases. However, to avoid personal feedback, be sure to offer a video review that focuses on the product and its uses instead of an actual person or any generalized behaviors.

If you want a company to acknowledge your video testimonials, you need to respect them and understand their product or service vision.

Reflect on the situation and be willing to explain in your video review what they should improve next time. This tiny gesture can help you as an influential reviewer and normalize the fact that sometimes companies can make mistakes too.

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Be Empathetic In Your Video Review

Be Empathetic In Your Video Review

When you try to provide an honest review to a company, it sometimes gets difficult to share only the positive chunks.

You must have seen various testimonial video examples where instead of sharing constructive feedback, company representatives start bashing the opposite party. However, the true essence of customer testimonial videos lies in spreading motivation.

So, whenever you are recording a testimonial video, pinpoint all those key areas that you think can help them attract their target audience. As for the negative parts, we would recommend you explain them carefully and constructively.

Make a Specific Testimonial Video

Make a Specific Testimonial Video

Your feedback should always be solution-oriented, crystal clear, and to the point.

If your idea is to offer a suggestive testimonial video, where you only want to point out the areas that need improvements, avoid using vague statements.

A few examples for vague testimonials can be:

  • Your product needs a lot of improvements
  • These services could have been better
  • I did not like doing business with you

These kinds of testimonials may appear negative and meaningless to the companies. As a result of which, they will not take your statements seriously and will stay ignorant of their shortcomings.

A good testimonial video will include specific remarks about the pain points in the company processes. More so, improvement suggestions would act as a bonus.

Testimonials First: Suggestions Later

Testimonials First Suggestions Later

If you start your review video with a list of questions and problems, it would not anymore remain a customer testimonial video.

Therefore, if you are focusing on providing a testimonial video: we would recommend you save the specifics for the later part of your video and explain how the subject company added value to your business in the beginning.

Be Honest In Your Testimonial Video

Be Honest In Your Testimonial Video

What is an honest video review? In an informal poll with our fellow teams, we asked them: what does it signify to give realistic feedback to others?

As per most, a credible video review provides a viewer with a clear picture of a product or service. An honest testimonial video entails each positive and negative aspect of the business experience.

However, a better way to do so is to list down positive factors as is. But for the negative aspects, you should provide suggestions rather than being an unloving critique.

Provide Video Review At The Right Time

Provide Video Review At The Right Time

According to Gallup Research, only 26% of the companies strongly agree that the feedback they get helps them do better work.

Moreover, timing is everything. A good video review during an ongoing marketing campaign of the company can do wonders for it. Whereas the same testimonial video, on a regular course of business, may not be that much impactful.

The key here is to understand the needs of your business partners. If you want good for them, might as well do it at the right time.

Do Not Record Short Video Reviews

Do Not Record Short Video Reviews

There is a time for prescriptive questions about the product. But when you are talking about creative changes in it and which is essential, it is easier to explain it in-depth than shortening the answer.

The idea of giving video reviews is to fix the company processes or their product/service results. You cannot achieve that aim by being rude, censorious, or offensive.

You will possibly get much more from companies when your strategy is positive and focused on advancement.

Talk About Multiple Dimensions In Your Feedback

Talk About Multiple Dimensions In Your Feedback

A video testimonial developed from multiple viewpoints is more valid than generic feedback, as it will show a complete picture of your business experience.

While preparing for a video review, you should list all the touchpoints where the company added value.

For example, let us say you are recording a testimonial video for a project management company. Just saying that you were satisfied with their overall project delivery would not be enough.

Here, you should talk about things like their:

  • Time Management
  • Resource Responsiveness
  • Product Quality
  • Strategic Acumen
  • Cost-Effectiveness, etc.

Expect Some Resistance

Expect Some Resistance

Feedback can be both tough to give and difficult to get. While it is easy to say that feedback is necessary for companies to grow better, most organizations never desire to learn what they did that could have looked better.

More so, some company representatives may also turn an honest video review into an argument. Instead of understanding the shortcomings in their service, they might blame it on external factors.

So, in the essence of creating a healthy market environment, you must harness patience and goodwill in your efforts of giving feedback. In addition to that, you must draft your review in a way that they find value in it for themselves.

Own The Feedback

Own The Feedback

Remember, when offering evaluative remarks in video reviews, use the pronoun “I” rather than “they” or “one”. Using your name would imply that your opinion can be recognized universally.

Besides, when you use pronouns in your sentences like, e.g., “One may think that they are not responsive enough.”, it shows that you are generalizing your opinion for everyone. Instead, you could say “Our team believes that they were not responsive enough.”.

Therefore, you should use either your personal or company name to represent your experience with a company. A video testimonial like that is more trustworthy and holds higher credibility.

At the End

When giving a video reviews, you need to be direct, ask questions, accept before you speak, and understand the words you use.

Testimonial videos should be conversational rather than a record of needs. They are, in reality, a way to present your gratification or remorse for a particular business experience.

However, in either case, your aim as a responsible organization should be to provide constructive feedback that could improve their performance in the future. Also, your feedback should appear as a case study that they could either use for their marketing promotions or their internal process enhancements.

So Vidmonials is the best video review software that helps to create customer video testimonials which improve your organization growth.

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