8 Super Effective Testimonial Video Examples

Super Effective Testimonial Video Examples

You may find many testimonial video examples on the internet by corporate giants trying to strengthen their trust among the customers these days.

Every company that wants to improve its online presence and efficiency is using videos to its maximum potential.

Creating the right video for the right audience will help businesses attract, engage, and entertain their customers.

How Effective Are Video Testimonials?

With persuasive testimonial videos, you can demonstrate your past clients’ positive experiences and inspire new leads to take the next move and buy.

It is fair to say that Customer testimonial videos are one of the most powerful types of online reviews that help to create confidence, cultivate leads, and turn them into customers.

Yes, indeed! Videos assist you in aiding the viewers and persuading them to make a favorable decision for your business.

A good testimonial video may have the following benefits:

  • Appropriately promote your reputation in the desired markets
  • Rapidly establish trust
  • Enhance the credibility of marketing claims
  • Bring in new audiences
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Increase the number of inquiries and potential leads

What Do You Say In A Testimonial Video?

A fantastic testimonial video shows actual consumers expressing their admiration for a company originally and convincingly.

These videos aim to build trust between the target audiences and brands and attract viewers, making them an effective marketing tool.

Nevertheless, there is no specific rule book on what you should or should not say in a testimonial video.

However, good video testimonials usually include a comprehensive overview of a customer’s experience with a product or service, and that should be the way to follow.

You must devote time to preparing the interview, suggesting a suitable venue, and editing the clips to make a successful testimonial video.

A high-quality, professional video will help the prospects pick you as their partner by projecting the correct image for your company.

What Makes A Good Customer Testimonial Video?

What Makes A Good Customer Testimonial Video

Spending hundreds of dollars on paid advertising vs. generating one excellent, well-produced customer testimonial video might be significantly more powerful—and efficient.

Moreover, if we were to summarize the qualities of an excellent testimonial video, it would be the following three characteristics:

  • It will be focused on specific results and quantitative statistics. Instead of features, it will emphasize benefits.
  • The video content will always be authentic and honest.
  • There will be a story-based narrative and flow of events in it.

Moreover, we could sit here all day and discuss various methods for creating a killer testimonial video.

However, we understand how the creative process works – in some cases, nothing helps you visualize your goal more than being inspired by similar projects.

And occasionally, the safest way to learn something is to observe the experts perform it.

Therefore, if you too wish to manage objectives and increase sales, it is time to learn and innovate by examining how experts accomplish their goals.

Now, without further discussions, let’s take a rundown at the best testimonial video examples in detail that will urge you to create your own.

Our Top 8 Testimonial Video Examples

1. Vidmonials

Vidmonials is a video tool that helps increase trust. It doubles the conversions and drives traffic for you and your clients.

It is a cloud platform integrated with video technology that automates capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials.

Video testimonials are the foremost powerful selling tool today, and you will eliminate the painstaking process of getting them and integrating them into your marketing.

Swiss Life is a German Insurance company that almost covers all sorts of protection services.

This video review has been recorded by using an innovative video review software known as Vidmonials.

What makes this testimonial video an excellent example for us is the natural and neutral appearance of the scenario.

The person in this video seems to be standing in his house while recording this review video.

Therefore, as simple as these Testimonial Video Examples may look, it has higher trustworthiness and credibility because it presents a genuine commitment to the business.

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2. Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero is also one of the big video testimonial production companies. They help businesses produce high-quality testimonials from their clients. As of now, it has served many organizations by providing them in-depth and converting video reviews from their previous clients.

Celect by Testimonial Hero is a cloud-based, predictive analytics software, a service platform that enables retailers to optimize their overall inventory portfolios in stores and across the supply chain.

This is a video review by Aldo for Celect, that highlights the importance of Celect for time-sensitive products when it comes to maximizing sales. In this video, we can see a strong vote of confidence by the upper management of Aldo for Celect’s superior services.

Moreover, this testimonial video example clearly signifies the role of companies like Celect in the growth of retail companies like Aldo.

3. Vocalvideo

VocalVideo is a platform for collecting, editing, hosting, and sharing your social proof videos. The video reviews that vocal video collects are totally authentic and credible for companies looking to build a solid customer base.

This testimonial video is recorded on the VocalVideo platform. It features happy Ada ACX customers, which is an automated customer experience specialist firm. In this video, customers share how Ada’s ACX has helped them in gaining sustainable growth for their business.

The clients talk about Ada’s (ACX) unmatched support with respect to chatbot functionalities and strategy building.

More so, this video accumulates the video testimonials of more than a single client, making it even more effective for potential future clients.

4. Remote Video Testimonials

Remote Video Testimonials is a company that works within the true essence of its name. Just like Vidmonials, instead of physically visiting a customer, they provide the opportunity to their client’s customer to record their reviews remotely.

This testimonial video is recorded using the Remote Video Testimonials platform. It features Luke Adrian praising team Mainstream for their epic fund management services.

This video is an excellent example of video testimonials for two reasons. Firstly, it is a mobile/ webcam recording, which means that it is a client’s personal effort to praise the company. Secondly, this testimonial is quite elaborative in terms of the whole customer experience journey.

5. VideoPeel

VideoPeel is a solution for video social proof. With VideoPeel, business companies can request, capture, collect, share, and analyze authentic videos from their customers, patients, students, teams, and employees.

This testimonial video is recorded on the VideoPeel platform featuring a customer sharing his experience about Protalus, which is an innovative shoe insole technology. These shoe insoles are specifically designed for people facing discomforts due to their feet.

In this video, the customer patiently explains how Protalus helped him get back on the tennis court.

This is a credible video testimonial because a senior citizen is himself pledging for its benefits in a demonstrative way. The video appears to be voluntary and the video type seems to be one from a personal smartphone.

Nevertheless, small details like these can add a lot to the value of a testimonial.

6. Testimonial Builder

Testimonial Builder is a video testimonial tool that helps to improve your online reputation and boosts your SEO with authentic reviews of your happy customers.

This testimonial video was recorded on the Testimonial Builder platform by Doug Thompson from Vehicle Test.

In this video, Doug explains how Cactus Sky Digital has helped his company gain more customers through its effective email campaigns. The client seems to be pretty confident about his vouch for the company, which elevates their credibility a lot.

More so, it is another home/office recording by the client themselves. This means that low-quality camera recordings can also be as effective as high-quality budgeted videos.

7. Lemonlight

Lemonlight is not really a testimonial exclusive company. It is an on-demand video production company that will shoot high-quality corporate videos for your business as per directions.

This video highlights a short customer testimonial video for a group known as Applied Fitness Solutions. It is a fitness solution that provides affordable and efficient personal trainers.

In this video, the customer shares her delightful experience with Applied Fitness Solutions and its great pricing. She explains how she got an amazing trainer for as low as $80 per month through Applied Fitness solutions. And how they provide extreme value for money.

This video is a very effective in terms of its marketing attributes, as it

8. Vibrant Media Productions

Vibrant Media Productions focuses on creating customized, client-centric media that delivers results.

This testimonial video was recorded on the Vibrant Media Productions Platform. It is recorded in a high-quality definition. In this testimonial, a customer shares his experience with a product named Scott deGrasse.


These are the top customer testimonial videos that use best practices to attract, interact, and delight visitors.

The ideas in the above videos are examples of testimonials that can help you create confidence and strengthen your company.

Hopefully, all of the suggestions above can assist you in producing high-quality Testimonial Video Examples that convert.

Often make videos that allow the quality of your goods or services to speak for themselves by allowing successful clients to share their experiences.

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