How To Use Vidmonials To Create Company Video Testimonial

How to Use Vidmonials to create company video testimonial

A company video testimonial can influence the success of a business to a large extent. However, creating it requires at least a suitable software/tool – if not the best.

Nevertheless, why settle with an average customer testimonials software when you could use one of the best video review software?

Speaking of which, when a company video testimonial is required to be made, Vidmonials does the job better than the rest.

For a starter, Vidmonials is a powerful and empowering tool used to create a company video testimonial. It allows its users to collect, manage, and share video reviews from their customers.

However, what differentiates Vidmonials from other similar tools? Also, what makes it one of the best video review software?

Vidmonials, besides providing basic functionality, also facilitates its users in converting a text-based review into a company video testimonial.

With the text-to-video feature under its umbrella, Vidmonials does stand out from other similar software or tools.

This article explains how Vidmonials can be used to create company video testimonials. However, to understand its usability better, we first understand the features that Vidmonials has to offer as a video testimonial software.

Features of Vidmonials

The features of Vidmonials qualify it for being one of the best video review software. Its features were designed to create company video testimonials conveniently.

Following are its key features:

1) Highly Responsive Interface

For Vidmonials to help you in making company video testimonials effortlessly, its website was intended to be highly responsive. It, therefore, works equally efficiently on all platforms, from mobile phones to desktops.

This makes the whole process easy, from requesting and receiving to storing and using the company video testimonials.

2) User-friendly Interface

Vidmonials as a platform is highly user-friendly. The whole process of making a company video testimonial is made simplified and unambiguous by Vidmonails.

Vidmonials take the user from one step to another without any confusion and difficulty. It is what makes it one of the best video review software.

3) Analytics & Searching

Vidmonials, along with helping you create company video testimonials, also bring you a highly useful dashboard.

The dashboard is based on the different analytics about your video reviews, using which business development can be done better.

Furthermore, users of the Vidmonials can search for their feedback requests by making use of different filters: Email, Reason, URL.

4) Due Diligence on Hate Speech

Easy-to-Manage Vidmonials Library

Vidmonials intelligently identify the reviews that do not meet the guided standards. It also identifies the reviews that fall in the category of hate or abusive speech.

A negative company video testimonial is immediately identified and removed. It is also reported to the company for looking better into the matter.

5) Regulatory Compliance

Vidmonials lets you create company video testimonials by conforming to all the concerned regulatory compliances.

Vidmonials provides its clients built-in data protection, local hosting, and anonymization support, all of which comply with their respective regulations.

6) 24/7 Support


The technical support team of Vidmonails is available around the clock. So, on encountering an issue while making a company video testimonial, users are provided professional support.

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How to Use Vidmonials to create a company video testimonial

Vidmonials, in the following ways, facilitate in creating a company video testimonial:

1) Send Vidmonials request


To make video testimonials using Vidmonials, it starts with sending a request for one. It has the following functionality:

  • Send requests to single or multiple clients in a single go.
  • Requests can also be sent using QR codes, emails, etc.
  • Clients are shared with a link on which video testimonials can be submitted.
  • Without being signed up, customers can create and then submit their feedback videos.

2) User-friendly Video Library

Easy-to-Manage Vidmonials Library

After the customer has been requested a video review, the video feedback is stored in the video library/collection. This video library of Vidmonials contains all your video-based customer testimonials.

After your client submits their testimonials, they are systematically stored and managed by the Vidmonials. The Vidmonials library feature is, therefore, an empowering feature and contains the following functionality:

  • The videos submitted by your clients get stored automatically in the Vidmonials library.
  • Videos include all the necessary information and can be scrolled through by the user.
  • The videos stored in the library are downloadable
  • Downloaded videos can later be posted on social media and video-streaming platforms for marketing reasons.

3) Embed Videos as Widgets

Embeddable Video Widgets

Vidmonials help to make use of a company video testimonial by allowing you to embed videos as widgets on the website. By doing so, a company/business can promote its usefulness.

The widgets can be leveraged by a business to promote its authenticity in one of the following two ways:

1. The video widgets that are embedded on the website receive a trust seal from Vidmonials.

2. There will be playlist widgets that will include all the video customer testimonials.

4. Company video testimonial for Marketing Campaign

Company video testimonial for Marketing Campaign

Vidmonials, after helping to create a company video testimonial, also facilitates the use of customer testimonials in marketing endeavors.

In this regard, the following is its functionality:

  • The company video testimonial made using Vidmonials is downloadable.
  • The downloadable video can then be used for building brand image and garner the attention of a larger audience.
  • The company video testimonials can be converted from text to videos, which can help make marketing campaigns more compelling.


For better or worse, a company video testimonial affects the success of a business. However, the related software is needed to create one.

All client testimonials tools bring about the same result. But using the best in the business gives its perks.

Vidmonials, a tool for video reviews, is one of the best when it comes to creating video client testimonials.

However, what differentiates it from the other platforms is its pioneering text-to-videos feature.

To understand Vidmonials’ usability, its functionality ought to be understood first; the article is addressed in the same manner.

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