5 Examples Of Customer Testimonial Explaining The Best Services

5 Examples Of Customer Testimonial Explaining The Best Services

A customer testimonial is pointless if it does not explain the services of a business. Thus, sharing its use and value with others becomes difficult.

If you search the web, it has enough content on the same topic. And these contents include everything, from the name of our galaxy to the pet name of the author. However, one thing that they do not include is the examples of customer testimonial(s) explaining the services.

This article, without wasting the time on somewhat unnecessary introductions, shares five examples of customer testimonial(s) explaining the services.

Read them as under:

1. Customer Testimonial of Briogeo

Customer Testimonial of Briogeo

Briogeo is a haircare brand. On its website, it has a “Real Results” webpage that includes all its customer testimonial(s).

Earlier, its customer success stories were blog-based. However, now, all of its testimonials are in the video content.

The reason why Brigeo has replaced its testimonials in the video format is that they are more effective for persuading potential clients. And the stats also prove the significance of their use.

On its testimonial page, there is a thumbnail of the video testimonial. Also, there is a summary explaining the role of Briogeo in resolving the hair problems faced by a customer.

It is an excellent example of a customer testimonial explaining the services of a brand.

Besides using the video testimonial, Briogeo also provides a readable summary of the review. It ensures that the visitors learn about Briogeo’s hair services if they opt to not watch the entire video.

In addition to this, there is a list of products displayed on every customer testimonial webpage. However, it only shows the products that are relevant to the customer’s story.

The story we include here shares the effectiveness of Briogeo in repairing the damage after using a hair straightener or curler. However, it also displays a list of hair repairing products.

If a visitor is successfully convinced, they can shop by staying on the same page. It makes sure that the visitor does not have a change of mind while directing them to another page.  

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2. Customer Testimonial of eKomi

We have learned the importance that video testimonials hold. We have also observed that Brigeo has shifted its testimonial format from blogs to videos.

We note that Brigeo was also using a readable summary of the customer testimonial. The reason: the video was long enough to make anyone skip it without the desired takeaway.

It leads us to the conclusion that the video client testimonials are a few minutes long, between 3 to 8 minutes. And while the video content has become inevitable to use, their lengthy content does more harm than good.

This one is an example of how a business should use its client testimonials as videos.

In this example, there is a video review made by Hewlett Packard for the company eKomi, using Vidmonials.

The video content is adequate here for convincing potential clients. On the other hand, the existing client shares the value of the business precisely.

We can notice that this video is only a few seconds long. And, thus, it keeps the purpose of the video content alive: to attract prospective clients better.

While not all videos can be this brief, keeping it under half a minute is ideal. And what better tool could be for this purpose other than Vidmonials. That is so because it helps to make shorter yet attractive videos with relative ease.

3. Customer Testimonial of Codecademy

Customer Testimonial of Codecademy

Codecademy includes a web page for client testimonials on its website with the name “Codecademy Series”.

Codecademy explains the best of its services by presenting its testimonials in a relatable manner. It also lets you view and read a customer story in the form of a case study.

The example that we include here is of a neuroscientist from Scotland, Akira O’Connor. He happens to learn javascript from the platform of Codecademy without any prior knowledge.

The story explains the advantage that a neuroscientist had after learning to code. However, it intelligently yet subtly starts to revolve around the service provided by Codecademy in this aspect.

In this testimonial, the emphasis is on the necessity of coding, even in the field of neurosciences. But, Codecademy emphasizes the importance of its platform as well in this aspect. It also highlights the easy to learn opportunities that it provides to the coding aspirants.

4. Customer Testimonial of Stio

Customer Testimonial of Stio

This one example comes from Stio, an outdoor clothing retailer.

It has ambassadors from different domains of life: athletes, writers, housewives, entrepreneurs, etc. Furthermore, it showcases its testimonials by interviewing its ambassadors.

Nevertheless, since interviews are from the platform of Stio, questions about it are common as well.

It helps to present a brand in the best way possible and enlighten the people about its services.

5. Customer Testimonial of Kissmetrics


In this example, Kissmetrics presents its testimonials as customer quotes. These quotes detail the help of this software for its customers in accomplishing their professional goals.

It is a good example of a client testimonial because it highlights the features while quoting the customer’s success. Thus, the quotes also briefly include the impact of these features on the business of a customer.

Not only is this testimonial promoting the usefulness but the functionality as well. And this helps to earn clientele of different business natures.

There is one important thing, however, while using customer quotes as a testimonial.

The customer story should emphasize the positive change brought about by a business. Since the customer quotes cannot exceed a certain limit, it, therefore, should also be precise.

It helps to create more brand value for a business.

What to Conclude?

The so-far discussion leads us to the conclusion that a customer testimonial should explain the services of a business. Because without doing so, there is no purpose in using testimonials.

A business cannot promote its utility to its target audience without any insight into its functionality.

We have also seen that despite the obvious importance of video reviews, their misuse tends to negate the benefits. In essence, one should make brief videos of the testimonials. And Vidmonials is the best tool for making precise and effective video testimonials.

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