6 Points To Consider When Making A Testimonial Video

Points To Consider When Making A Testimonial Video

A testimonial video is a powerful marketing strategy since it can help you with making your sales leads become clients. And in recent times, its importance as a marketing endeavor has emerged as second to none.

A business may have a highly effective product/service. And it may also have a workforce with the desired professional attributes. Hence, for such a business to make more clients and be successful is certain.

For such a business, there is no reason to doubt its capability to land new clients. But it is not adequate since the success of a business is a combination of multiple factors today. And a testimonial video is on top of that.

In the world of business today, earning new customers is not possible with quality services only. And it also requires you to give your target audience a realization about having one. Thus, to drive home a message about the efficacy of your product/service, the role of your existing clients is central.

Your prospective customers are more likely to believe your existing ones. And according to BrighLocal, the majority of the customers, some 82%, would read the reviews of the existing customers of a business.

This article shares the six points that you should consider while making a testimonial video. So, read them below to make a highly effective testimonial video and multiply the number of your customers manyfold.

1. Never script (get real-time answers instead)

Bring Out the emotions

A tip to creating a good testimonial is that it should never be scripted.

A scripted testimonial is easily identified and thus takes away the credibility of any business. It also fails to involve the emotions of the viewers, which is the soul of any customer testimonial.

Nevertheless, the questions that are to be asked in the video are encouraged to be shared with the customer. So, they may get an idea of how to answer them.

Scripting the testimonial video makes it look unnatural and, therefore, less effective. But, the answers given in real-time can make any testimonial video successful.

2. Don’t haste with the new customers

Don’t rush with the new customers

A point to consider when making a video testimonial is that you’re not requesting one from a new customer. It leaves them with an impression of your company as more profit-centered and less customer-centered.

When you plan a video with a customer, make sure that your relationship with them is at least a few months old. And always remember that the older the relationship with a customer, the more compelling the testimonial video can be.

The rule of thumb is to choose the older customers for an effective customer video review.

3. Learn customer-viewpoint

Learn customer-viewpoint

Before choosing a particular customer for a video review, you should learn their views towards your company and its service. Hence, only after you have a clear idea about their outlook, a testimonial video should be made with them.

An important point in this aspect is that a customer doesn’t need to share a thorough happy relationship with you. However, you must have noticed that they’re satisfied at any point in their professional relationship with you.

It is only after witnessing such positive signs from a customer that a customer success story should be made with them.

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4. Focus on the usefulness

Be more problem-focused Testimonial Video

Your video should not be entirely focused on the functionality/features of your service/product. Instead, it should be more focused on its usefulness, precisely that how it can help overcome a particular problem.

By doing this, the potential client becomes more involved in the customer success video. It also helps to give a realization about the efficacy of your service/product in solving real-life problems.

All this leads to convincing the prospective clients better to try their hands on your product/service.

5. Target the emotions

Avoid scripting but be prepared Testimonial Video

A customer testimonial video should be aimed at building an emotional connection between a company and its sales lead.

The profit and sales stats are, no doubt, helpful in marketing a business. And the stats around the percentage reduction in the cost and percentage increase in the productivity are charming.

The data analysis of before/ after use of a product is indeed persuasive. But, it cannot build an emotional connection.

A customer review video should be heart-warming enough to help a company get into the hearts of its sales lead. Thus, a customer success video should be prioritized around winning the hearts rather than getting into the heads.

Importantly, if you’re able to make a moving testimonial video, then it gives you an ace up your sleeve. So, for this reason, a video review should have an emotional factor involved.

The importance of invoking and involving emotions in your customer’s testimony video is evident. Therefore, it should be based on the same.

6. Don’t overly explain

A tip to creating a better testimonial video is that when you share a customer’s story, it should not be unnecessarily prolonged.

In a testimonial, you may go with the story-telling as long as possible, and it would still not feel enough. However, it boils down to the editing part of the video.

The editing part is where you need to take into consideration the length of the customer video. It is where you need to decide which part of the video gets included and which part gets excluded.

Nevertheless, the takeaway is that the testimonial video shouldn’t be stretched to the point where the viewer loses interest in it.


Any business today cannot make new clients without the help of existing ones. Thus for making new clients, using the testimonial videos of the existing clients has become essential.

A testimonial video can make you earn new customers. However, it is only possible when it is compelling enough. And by keeping the general guidelines in consideration, anyone can make an effective video of the customer testimony.

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