Make Your Customer Testimonials Authentic Through Vidmonials

Customer Testimonials Authentic Through Vidmonials

Customer testimonials are written or verbal statements regarding a service/product of a business. Traditionally, they have been made in written form. However, now, companies are mainly using them in video form.

Businesses prefer video-based customer testimonials over the traditional text-based. It is because they’re more persuasive. Thus, using them, a company can better promote itself and convince the masses.

Using video testimonials, a business can share the real-life use of its product/feature better.

Today, 59% of the executives prefer watching a testimonial to reading one. And this adds to another reason to use video customer testimonials.

We now understand the essence of customer testimonials (video) for a business. So let’s jump straight to the main article to learn how to make your customer testimonials authentic through Vidmonials.

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What are customer testimonials?

Production Quality Customer Testimonials

A testimonial is the client feedback that confirms/testifies the quality of a service/product. And what differentiates testimonials from reviews is that the former is usually included on a website by a company itself. In contrast, the latter is provided by the clients on a third-party website.

Testimonials are essential for any business today. The reason is that they can be used for marketing the business and convincing the potential clients simultaneously. However, good customer testimonials take a balanced approach.

How do you write customer testimonials?

We often confuse testimony with a testimonial. However, a testimony is a declaration under oath, while a testimonial is a recommendation. And the latter involves techniques such as celebrity endorsements, satisfied users, etc.

Remember: a persuasive letter of customer testimonials addresses the problem faced by a particular customer.

What is an example of a testimony?

The primary types of testimony are peer and expert testimony. And if you’re an expert in a subject, then your testimony is latter, else it is former.

Nevertheless, testimonial evidence is the one that is given under oath. And its example could be identifying someone for a criminal offense under oath.

Features of the Vidmonials that eases the Customer Testimonials

Vidmonials come with such features that make it easier to make video testimonials in less than a minute. As a result, you can create testimonials effortlessly.

It comes with the following features to make the video testimonial process easier:

1) Responsive Web Design

Vidmonials has a responsive web design. As a result, it becomes easier for your customers to make and share their testimonials using any device type.

2) User-friendly Interface

Vidmonials has a user-friendly interface. Thus it allows the users to process from one step to the other without experiencing any ambiguity.

3) Search & Analytics

Embeddable Video Widgets

The search and analytics feature of Vidmonials helps you in searching and finding insights, respectively.

You can find and retrieve a video using reason, email, and URL filters using its search feature. It makes it easier for you to find the required video quickly from the list of the saved videos.

The analytics feature comes with a Dashboard, which has all the stats related to your videos. And thus, for you to perform, decision-making becomes more effortless.

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How to make Customer Testimonials authentic through Vidmonials

Through Vidmonials, making customer testimonials is very easy since it understands how critical they’re to the success of a business. It is also why making them using Vidmonials involves no complications for the users.

With Vidmonials, the process of making customer testimonies is more effortless and straightforward. And so it includes just three simple steps: requesting a video, receiving a video, moderating/publishing a video.

This article explains these steps below:

1. Requesting customer testimonials


Through Vidmonials, you can request a testimonial from more than one client simultaneously. And, subsequently, you can save your time, as all the users are asked by a single click only.

Many of the customer review management tools require the customers of their users to sign-up first. And since signing up can become exhaustive at times, the customer abandons the decision of providing a testimonial. It makes a business lose one valuable review.

It holds pertinent importance that with Vidmonials, any of your users do not need to sign up. And this makes the customers of a business avoid passing through the sign in-up process altogether.

With such ease, a customer who requests a testimonial can quickly make and share one. And since providing testimony is not complex with Vidmonials, you can receive a maximum number of your clients’ testimonials.

2. Receiving customer testimonials

While the first step lets you request a customer testimonial, the second step allows you to receive and collect it.

When you make video testimonials with Vidmonials, it automatically creates a library of all the videos that you receive. Hence, all your videos get collected and saved in one place.

The video library made by the Vidmonials holds all the necessary information to search for a video. Thus, finding and retrieving a video from a list of videos becomes easier for you.

3. Moderating/publishing customer testimonials


It is the third and final step, which moderates and then publishes the testimonial videos received from the customers.

Vidmonials moderates and publishes all the videos saved in the video library. And to be precise, it moderates the videos before publishing. It is to filter such videos that, besides not serving the purpose, can jeopardize the reputation of a business. And the ones that do not look authentic.

After identifying such videos, Vidmonials removes such videos from the queue. And the authentic customer testimonials are shared with the respective business.

Vidmonials performs an exhaustive moderation of its clients’ videos before publishing them to their website. Moreover, it also shares the testimonial videos to social media platforms and video streaming channels both. However, it requires a client to have an account on them.


The bottom line is that through Vidmonials, you can make customer testimonials authentic. In addition to this, making them with it is fast and straightforward. And it is due to its functionality that does not involve unnecessary steps, making the whole process clear for any user.

The three easy steps that Vidmonials use include empowering a business to receive a maximum number of video testimonials. And, again, which is the courtesy of its naive functionality.

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