Here Are The Dos and Don’ts Of Video Testimonials For Small Businesses

Here Are The Dos and Don'ts Of Video Testimonials For Small Businesses

The increasing use of video testimonials by businesses is because the extent to which our world has become digital is unprecedented. It is also because to market a product/service has become equally important as developing it.

Today, testimonial videos in a business’s marketing strategy hold importance that is second to none. And so, due to its effectiveness, video reviews have replaced legacy text-based reviews to a large extent.

Nevertheless, video testimonials involve a few dos and don’ts. And without such considerations, one cannot expect the desired results. Also, the small businesses need to be wary, as they can prove counterproductive without their implementation.

This article discusses the dos and don’ts of video testimonials for small businesses. So read them in-time below for your business:

What makes a good testimonial video?

A great testimonial takes a balanced approach. And while it is for marketing, a business should refrain from singing its praises to the core.

The video testimonials are a great approach to convincing your potential clients. And generally, the views of your existing clients for your service are taken as genuine and credible.

Video testimonials are the client feedback. However, they are in the form of videos.

How do you use a testimonial video?

A video testimonial is the clients’ testimony of a business for its quality services. They are similar to traditional client reviews but in the form of video content.

A testimonial video requires you to persuade the customer you’re planning to make a testimonial with. Also, preparing it beforehand is recommended.

A testimonial script should focus on the customer’s journey with you. Importantly, it should be brief and not long enough to make the viewer lose interest.

How long should video testimonials be?

Custom Video Editing

Research indicates that the attention span of an average adult in terms of videos is 8.25 sec. And so, video testimonials should not be frustratingly long.

A testimonial video’s production, on average, costs between 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. Thus, video testimonials that could be made using devices with embedded cameras are far less expensive.

A testimonial should include the usefulness of a product/service in resolving the real-world problems faced by the people. It should also narrate the help provided by a brand in countering a particular situation.

Don’ts: Avoid receiving similar review

Any industry can have a similar clientele. And this could be beneficial in many ways for a business. However, when it comes to video testimonials, it is not.

When you have many clients belonging to the same industry, it makes all the reviews look similar. And it is why a similar clientele does not benefit when it comes to video reviews.

With a more significant portion of your clients belonging to a single industry, all the reviews end up looking the same.

Here’s a tip: avoid receiving video reviews from the customers of one service only. And instead, you should be receiving feedback from customers of different services.

Nevertheless, what should you do if all your customers belong to the same industry or service? To counter this dilemma, you can make sure that customers emphasize different aspects of your service. And so, your customers would be promoting various aspects of your business.

Don’ts: Avoid making your reviews look inauthentic

One of the things in the video testimonials is to avoid making testimonials that look dubious. And instead, they should be more authentic and credible in their presentation. But, it is where many of us fall short.

It is pertinent to mention that we are not declaring some testimonials as fake. But the presentation of the few. Thus, it is the presentation of a video testimonial that makes it look as inauthentic. And not the testimonial itself.

Back to our point, what makes a viewer skeptical about a customer video?

Instead of using the actual names of the customer providing the testimonial, some opt to use fake names. And it is for the reasons unknown to this date. So, despite the customer testimonial being genuine, it ends up looking doubtful.

Making a true testimonial look unprofessional and not credible is a big NO in the testimonial videos. And small businesses should avoid it at all costs.

Besides making a testimonial look ingenuine, a poorly-made genuine testimonial can remove credibility from the entire video review industry. And it is because it starts losing the trust of the people over its credibility.

What can you do that your genuine reviews do not look as not real? Foremost, it would be best if you did not worry about hiring and bearing the expense of the video production professionals. And to make your testimonial videos more credible, you can use video testimonial software, such as Vidmonials.

Vidmonials help you in making professional-looking testimonial videos. In addition, importantly, it helps to maintain the genuineness and authenticity of the video.

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Do: Capitalize the emotions

Bring Out the emotions

Video testimonials are made to involve the masses in a brand emotionally.

The statistics that show how your business helped increase the sales and profits of your customers give you an edge over competitors. So, the stats such as your product helped a customer in 30% increase, and 50% reduction in productivity and cost respectively are persuasive.

Nevertheless, stats do not invoke emotions.

A good video testimonial practice is that you should win the hearts before winning the minds of potential clients. And since the testimonial videos include a heart-warming story, it helps in making an emotional connection.

If you learn how to make a powerful video testimonial, you save yourself a significant marketing expense. Hence, your customer testimonial should involve its viewer to leverage human emotion.

A small business in its customer success videos should make the most of the human emotions. So, it could get into the hearts of the target audience before getting into their pockets!

Do: Emphasize real-life problem-solving

Video testimonials should focus less on what your product/service can do and more on what it has done. Precisely, a video testimonial should be about how your service has helped resolve problems in the real world.

When a customer testimonial is more real-world-problem-focused, your sales lead can better learn its utility for their own experiencing issues. And so, the prospect of converting sales leads into clients becomes bright.

A testimonial video should include the journey of a satisfied customer with you. And should also narrate the change they experienced before and after using your product. So, with this real-world narration, a sales lead makes up their mind in trying your product/service.


Video testimonials are at the center of the marketing efforts of businesses today to influence and make new customers. Thus, there is a significant decrease in the use of text-based reviews.

The importance of video testimonials is understandable. However, without a professional-looking testimonial video, it may prove counterproductive.

With Vidmonials, you get much help with your video reviews. And it lets you make the most of your genuine reviews by giving them a professional and credible outlook.

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