How To Setup Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy?

How To Setup Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy_

Having the right Testimonial Marketing Strategy in place is of colossal importance for a business these days.

Customer testimonials are an excellent method to increase public confidence in your business. A testimonial is akin to a personal endorsement for a product or service to a potential consumer.

More so, videos are a crucial part of your marketing funnel as well. They’re amusing, engaging, and simple to comprehend. Besides, more than 53% of customers want to see more video content from a preferred company. That is why 87 percent of marketers utilize videos in their ad campaigns.

Combining the two results in a strong marketing technique that generates genuine and amusing recommendations from current consumers.

Why Are Video Testimonials So Crucial For Marketing?

Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy

The value of a video testimonial extends beyond the concept of merging two powerful marketing strategies.

A video testimonial is the act of one consumer sharing the most significant information about a product or service with another customer. Plus, when a potential consumer watches a video testimonial; they should feel as though an unbiased observer is assisting them.

Moreover, if we talk about B2B marketing, the scenario is exactly the same. That is so because business owners don’t want to spend time with a subpar product or service, and therefore, they rely on the word of other professionals.

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Nevertheless, here are a few prime reasons why having a video testimonial marketing strategy in place is necessary:

Videos entice interest

With over two billion users, YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet. A video connects viewers with a genuine person they can relate to. Then it employs the effective narrative technique to persuade potential buyers that your product or service is worthwhile.

Videos get viral quicker

Consumers are highly likely to share videos because they are entertaining to watch. When you include user testimonials in your video sharing, your loyal customers automatically become brand ambassadors.

Higher retention rate

While a lengthy written review may contain more information, your potential consumers may not read it all the way through. Or worse, they might only recall a small portion of what they read. Videos offer a wholly unique perspective.

Viewers are claimed to recall 95 percent of a message watched in a video, compared to 10% while reading text.

Video testimonials create trust

A written testimonial expresses a well-considered assessment of a product or service. Customers may see and hear a reaction on video, making it more believable, engaging, and real.

You can take the example of discussions that appear too essential to take place over the phone, text, or email in your personal or professional life.

You’d rather have these discussions face to face so you can see and hear the other person’s response. The same visual assurance is provided via a video testimonial.

Better chances for conversions

One of the most crucial aspects of any marketing strategy is conversion. It’s that phenomenal moment when a prospective consumer becomes a paying customer.

When a potential consumer must make a choice, they must locate someone they can trust. Customers are more inclined to trust one another than they believe in advertisements since it is a person they can relate.

When your viewers see and hear a narrative that is comparable to their own, this relatability increases even more.

Setting Up A Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy

Video Testimonial Marketing Strategy

Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to narrow the gap between mid-funnel and bottom-of-funnel consumers. Because videos receive more clicks and testimonials build trust, including a testimonial video on your landing page can help you win over more consumers.

Your landing page video may show a client discussing the benefits of using your product or service, or it could present a customer utilizing your product or service in reality.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is heavily used by the masses. Almost half of the world’s population is active on social media. That is why social media marketing is so popular among businesses and marketers. And that is why you should consider social media as a critical aspect of your testimonial marketing strategy.

Video advertising can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, of course, YouTube. Video advertisements perform better than their static counterparts – since there are fewer of them and they are easier to absorb.

Utilize testimonials that inspire emotion to market your testimonials on social media. Combine your testimonials with a product or service demonstration, add an amusing aspect, or use testimonials that spur sentiment.

Use Cases

In B2B marketing, you’re promoting a connection with your service, and depending on your offering, your clients may find it tough to grasp how your firm will merge with theirs.

Consider video testimonials to be similar to YouTube tutorials.

A tutorial or use-case demonstration is just someone who says, “Hey, here’s how this product or service helped my business solve a particular problem.”

In their testimonial video, your current client says the same thing. They’re describing how your company assisted them in resolving an issue. They’re trying to explain how your product works in language and terms that potential buyers will understand.

Therefore, use-case testimonials can also aid your testimonial marketing strategy big time.

Email Newsletters

Simply putting the word “video” in an email subject line increased open rates by 19 percent and click-through rates by 65 percent in certain video marketing efforts.

As a result, video testimonials or case studies in emails may be a valuable complement to your testimonial marketing strategy. Remember that your consumers have a lot on their plates, so keep the video brief.


Video testimonials have a lot of untapped potential for your B2B marketing and sales initiatives. A company that prioritizes video above text and converts its client testimonials into aesthetically appealing videos will stand out.

The way you employ these videos has a notable impact on your business earnings and sales. There is no concrete right or wrong way to use these testimonial videos. What matters is that you’re willing to make changes to your strategy and methods whenever and wherever required.

Try to develop a testimonial marketing strategy as soon as possible. Make sure to contact all of your satisfied clients for a testimonial video. Even if you don’t notice results for the first several months, keep creating videos. Allow some time to pass and it will bring a positive response. 

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