How To Grab More eCommerce Customers via Vidmonials Video Review Management?

How To Grab More eCommerce Customers via Vidmonials Video Review Management

Video review management plays a huge role in converting prospect leads to sales for any eCommerce business. By reviewing and managing its client videos, a company can better present and promote itself amongst the audience.

Videos are highly effective when it comes to urging a visitor to make a purchase on an eCommerce website. That being the case, the testimonial videos from your clients are one of the best options for a call to action.

Vidmonials, a multi-featured online video recording platform, helps you perform better video review management. Using it, you can review and manage client testimonials to filter the effective and useful ones in converting leads to sales.

Using Vidmonails, better reviews of your client testimonials leads to completing the sales funnel. It also leads an eCommerce website to have a decreased bounce rate and, subsequently, an increased conversion rate.

The use of Vidmonials in video reviews brings many benefits. Nonetheless, we discuss in this article how it helps to grab more eCommerce customers by providing help in the video review management.

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Uses of video review management by Vidmonials

Video review management

Performing video review management by Vidmonials brings the following benefits:

Reduced bounce rate

Reviewing customer videos through the platform of Vidmonials lowers the bounce rate of an eCommerce website. Vidmonials filter out the compelling testimonial videos from all the received ones. And such videos, when used on the online store, result in a more persuasive eCommerce store.

A decreased website bounce rate results in user purchasing, which helps complete the sales funnel. The reason is that using (influencing) videos of your customer testimonial provides insights about your business and elevates its credibility.

Reduced abandonment rate

Predictably, a website with a decreased bounce rate also experiences a reduction in its abandonment rate. Thus, reviewing your videos using Vidmonials also leads your eCommerce store to decreased user abandonment rate.

Since the client testimonial videos improve an eCommerce website, reviewing them carefully and with much consideration is important.

Enhanced conversion rate

With the bounce rate and user abandonment rate of the website decreased, it enhances the sales conversion rate of your eCommerce business. The reason is that Vidmonials enables you to perform better marketing of your business, along with sharing its common usefulness.

Nevertheless, this results from better video review management made possible by Vidmonials.

Features of Vidmonials as a video review management tool

The features of Vidmonials largely support a business with an eCommerce store:

Video library collection

Vidmonials for managing your videos better create a video library collection and save all your video testimonials there. And with all your videos saved in a single place, it becomes easier to search and find a required video.

Videos as Widgets

As part of Vidmonials’ video review management to help you grab more eCommerce customers, it allows you to embed all your client-review videos as widgets. It helps make the testimonial videos look genuine and increases their genuineness.

Furthermore, the videos embedded as widgets on your website get a trust seal of authenticity from Vidmonials. Additionally, using this feature, you can include playlist widgets on your eCommerce store that will consist of all your videos.

No signups

To help an eCommerce store get more eCommerce customers, Vidmonials, as part of its video review management, does not require users to sign up.

It encourages more of your clients to provide their testimonial videos as the process does not require extra effort. Later, after reviewing their videos, Vidmonials share valuable ones, which could be capitalized on in making the sales.

Grab More eCommerce Customers via Vidmonials Video Review Management?

Brand Advocacy

As discussed earlier, when customer testimonial videos are reviewed correctly, they can bring multiple benefits for an eCommerce business. Understandably, a business can score new customers with videos reviewed and managed correctly.

Nevertheless, the lack of video review can not only decrease the prospect of making new customers, but the existing ones may also be lost.

Not all customer video reviews that a business receives are positive. On the other hand, some reviews may appear positive; however, they are potentially damaging to the reputation of a business. Therefore, a careful and in-depth review of the videos is inevitable.

Vidmonials help grabs new customers by moderating and publishing the video reviews that an eCommerce business receives. However, it first creates a video library collection of all the received videos, which makes managing them easier and better.

As for moderation, Vidmonials goes through a customer review intelligently and identifies the one that does not serve the purpose. Besides identifying, it also removes such videos that could be potentially harmful to an eCommerce business.

After carefully reviewing the customer videos, they are shared with an eCommerce business. Hence, after performing a detailed content moderation of a video, Vidmonials shares it to the eCommerce website of its user.

In addition to publishing the videos to the website, Vidmonials also shared them to the video streaming and social media platforms, given there exists an account.


To conclude, with Vidmonials, grabbing new eCommerce customers is effortless.

It manages all your received testimonial videos by creating a video library collection. For reviewing the videos, it performs due diligence on them so as to identify and remove the insignificant ones from the publishing queue.

As a result of the video review management by Vidmonials, an eCommerce business is left with only completing, thus effective, client testimonials. Resultantly, the business uses these persuasive videos on its online store and promotes its usefulness much better.

In addition, the compelling video testimonials( filtered by the video review management of Vidmonials) help elevate the authenticity and credibility of a business. All this enables an eCommerce business to grab more eCommerce customers, which is made possible by the video review management of Vidmonials.

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