How Customer Video Testimonial Increase Your Sales

How customer video testimonial increase your sales

A customer video testimonial is a testimony by consumers of a business that they find its service highly satisfying.

Video testimonials hold significant importance for businesses today, as they can help persuade the audience.

Moreover, a business can present itself better using a customer testimonial video, which increases its sales.

Stats in this regard are staggering. Read them below:

  1. 87% of businesses use video for marketing purposes
  2. 53% of consumers like to watch videos about the brand they use
  3. 85% of the audience relies on the online views before a purchase.
  4. 88% of people are more likely to stay on a website with videos
  5. 59% of the executives prefer video reviews over text reviews.

Nevertheless, a business should never use fake testimonials. It does a lot more bad than good. However using a video review service in this regard can provide a great deal of help, such as the Vidmonials.

The necessity of a customer video testimonial is undeniable. And so, this article discusses how a video testimonial can increase sales of a business.

By increasing the conversion rate

A customer video testimonial when used on the landing page, greatly increases the conversion rate and thus the sales.

Using a customer video testimonial helps in creating brand awareness. It also is a great way to create an interest in the people to use your product/service.

The landing page statistics reveal that the conversion rate increases by 86 % if videos are used on the landing pages.

By using a customer video testimonial on the landing page, you demonstrate that the customers trust your services. Consequently, the conversion rate increases. And subsequently, your sales increase.

All in all, the conversion rate and thus the sales increase by using a customer video testimonial.

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By reaching the target audience on social media

Social Media Benefits

Almost half of the world’s population is estimated to use social media today. And it is why digital marketing has become a big deal today.

A business may not be able to show its video testimonials to a large number of people. It may also not figure out how to showcase such testimonies to most of its consumers.

Moreover, there are not many people who actively, and with intent, look for the video testimonial of a company.

However, by posting your testimonial video on social media, a large number of people can randomly watch your video. And as a result of it, your sales increase.

Therefore by using a customer video testimonial on social media, you can better reach your target audience. And as a result, the sales increase.

By offering one solution to many people

A customer video testimonial explains how a customer found a product/service helpful. And that is what people look for; how a business can offer a solution to their problem.

Different people may go through the same problem, and may not be aware of it.

Customer video testimonial shows how your business helped overcome one challenge. And when the same video is watched by different people with the same issue, your business interests them.

And that is how the number of your sales increases.

By persuading the potential customers

Put your Testimonies and Results Next to Each Other

The potential customers are the ones whom you regularly prompt about your business. And keep them informed regarding the latest happenings about your business by email or newsletters.

The customer video testimonial effectively convinces the audience to become interested in a product or business. As for the potential customers, who already are somewhat interested, can be easily convinced.

The convincing power of the customer video testimonials turns the potential customers into existing customers. And thus it increases the sale.

By making the blog posts reliable

While the world has become more and more video-centered, blogging remains the fifth most trusted source of information.

Moreover, when it comes to generating organic traffic, blogging is the topmost priority by marketers.

Since blogging remains the active source of information to this day, including video testimonies in your blogs becomes necessary.

By using a customer video testimonial in the blogs, a business can make its blog post more authentic. And as a result your number of sales increases.

By achieving organic visitors

An Easy-to-Use Interface

Youtube is the second largest search engine, only behind Google. Along with that, it is the second most visited website.

Youtube is one of the excellent platforms when it comes to achieving organic visitors.

Organic visitors are those who reach a website with their intent and are not paid in this regard.

Every day, approx. 2 billion people use Facebook.

Youtube is used for promoting customer video testimonials today. So a business could achieve organic traffic and increase the number of its sales.

Also importantly, including a link to your website in the video description on Youtube is recommended in this regard.

Bottom line

A customer video testimonial can help to boost the sales of a company in different ways.

It has become the need of the hour for a business to present itself in good light to the general audience.

It convinces the audience, makes the blogpost reliable, brings organic visitors, helps to reach the target audience on social media.

And all this results in a significant increase in the sales for a company.

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