Get Perfect Video Testimonials for Clients Through Remote Video Recording

Video Testimonials

The value of testimonials is undeniable, and you may use them at numerous points throughout the sales funnel. You can use testimonials on your website, on your capabilities deck, in your newsletter, and more. 

It is possible to get written testimonials spontaneously, such as via emails or social media comments, but gathering video testimonials requires more planning on the part of the organization and participation from the person providing the testimonial.

For video testimonials that used to need full-blown video production, leading-edge solutions like Vidmonials allow you to record high-quality video without the delays of Zoom or Skype.

Here are some additional strategies for capturing the most incredible video testimonials for clients through remote video recording.

Tips for Remote Video Recording:

1. The Subject Must Understand What’s Your Demand.

When all you need is a single sentence from someone, asking for a testimonial can be a very informal process. You can request permission to utilize a compliment included in an email or a favorable comment made in a meeting on the fly.

A nice, casual ambush doesn’t work with video testimonials. To get a testimonial from someone, they must first agree to sit down with you on camera for a long time and give you their honest opinion about your product or service. It’s essential to know how to ask the right questions and set up a video recording session that’s sensitive, clever, and structured.

2. Make Sure You and The Subject Are Ready.

Being on camera can be nerve-wracking for many individuals. Still, the novel and perhaps strange aspect of being recorded while physically alone bring camera shyness to a whole new level.

Because they’re directing someone who isn’t there, many people find it hard to put on a game face while staring at a screen and being led by someone who isn’t present in the same room.

3. Maintain High-Speed Internet or Remote Source Recording for All Parties.

A virtual meetup can go awry if everyone’s Internet connections aren’t adequate to the task, as millions of individuals worldwide have discovered through their recent shift to remote employment.

The remote subject can record their video testimonial immediately on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device — i.e., with remote capture video — by using technology like Vidmonials software to avoid the whole issue of connection quality. 

Even though the video is recorded remotely, the quality isn’t diminished by utilizing a teleconference connection.

4. Ask for a Place Where the Subject Can Be Alone and Undisturbed by Other People.

It’s easier said than done when you’re working from home, but it’s critical if you want a high-quality interview with thoughtful responses. You can show them how the most private room in the house/office/home office might be better than the largest and most impressive one.

5. In the Session, Give Feedback and Direction to the Group.

When it comes to interviewing, some individuals believe that you should only ask a question once, and if the response doesn’t flow freely, you should go on to the next subject. It is false.

You should keep working until you acquire the soundbites you need for your testimonial if an answer or discussion point is critical. Try these ideas:

  1. Let me rephrase that question.
  1. Select a particularly effective phrase, and then have the subject repeat it before moving on to the next.
  1. Before re-recording the soundbite for the video, run through it a few times without recording it.
  1. Change the way you ask questions to see what works best. What kind of queries are you asking? More meaningful responses are elicited by asking open-ended questions.
  1. Use an Attractive Background to Frame the Subject.

Backgrounds are one of the most significant advancements in remote video since COVID-19. As recently as a few years ago, anyone who recorded a remote interview from their home or business spent some time attempting to locate the most flattering and well-lit area.

Final Statement: Authentic, Engrossing, and Educational are all Characteristics of Great Video Testimonials.

The message you and your CEO and marketing team have prepared isn’t the most important consideration here, nor is the length of the message.

If you want to get the most out of a testimonial, make sure the person giving it can tell an engaging tale about how your firm has helped them overcome a challenge or achieve a goal.

For businesses and organizations that need to produce video testimonials from remote locations, Vidmonials is an ideal alternative. Its innovative marketing will help boost your business’s performance by increasing conversions and traffic quality.
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