Consider These 5 Points Before Creating A Testimonial Video

Consider These 5 Points Before Creating A Testimonial Video

Evaluating an expensive product or service can result in a 380 percent boost in conversion rate.

The conversion rate can still increase by 190 percent for the less expensive choices.

You can raise your conversion rate by an additional 80% if you substitute reviews with testimonial videos on your landing page.

Is there anything more enticing than having your actual consumers tell you how and why they fell in love with your product or service in their own words?

Before filming a testimonial video, we’ll go over the five things to keep in mind.

Let’s get started now.

1.  Storytelling

Storytelling Testimonial Video

All of us consider ourselves to be experts in our fields. Products, services, and prices are all excellent. Boring.

Feelings are etched in our minds.

According to a study from London Business School, we recall facts better if they are part of a story or listen.

The audience is 65-70 percent more likely to retain information presented in the form of a tale.

Someone, not unlike yourself, was at one point in the same predicament and was searching for a way out. Initially, they were suspicious of the product, but they decided to give it a go nonetheless.

Such a tale is sure to move listeners.

Emotions have a significant role in most purchases. Nearly every buying decision is made without conscious thought.

Create a video testimonial for your business using this experience as inspiration!

Don’t merely explain what, why, and how; instead, explain why and how.

Your target clients will relate and connect to your tale if you tell it like a story.

2.  Don’t Fake It!

Don't Fake It Testimonial Video

It’s critical to assess the legitimacy of customer testimonials.

Authentic video testimonials and professionally scripted video advertising are two very different things.

A testimonial’s sole purpose is to establish credibility. That’s why customers look for testimonials: they want to know the truth about the product, not the hyped-up claims made by marketers.

You’re not seeking for the words of marketers when you read Google reviews of a restaurant; you’re looking for the brutally honest assessments of customers.

Testimonials serve the same goal as random reviews, even though they differ from one another in that they let the potential consumer know what genuine people think about the product.

It would be best if you had a testimony that is both authentic and relatable to succeed in this endeavor.

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3.  Aim for Brevity

Aim for Brevity Testimonial Video

When it comes to social media, we’ve learned the hard way that individuals have a limited attention span.

Two hundred eighty characters are the maximum character count for a tweet. The focus of both TikTok and Instagram is on short videos.

According to the study, short videos are also popular (less than 2 minutes).

The ideal length for a testimonial is between 1:30 and 2:00 minutes.

When writing a story, only include what is necessary.

Extending the customer testimonial video is fine if the narrative is compelling.

  • Cut out everything unnecessary and focus on what’s most vital in a written story.
  • Keep only the information that is relevant to your intended audience. Your viewer will become bored if you include anything else.
  • You’re not attempting to cover every product or service detail in your presentation.
  • Don’t tell them everything about the customer’s past if you don’t have to.
  • You don’t have to go into great detail on how the product has improved their quality of life.
  • Describe only the product’s most essential characteristics and briefly explain how it has altered their lives, keeping the details to a minimum.

In addition to the actual testimonial video, you may give additional background information in the written copy that appears next to the video.

4.  Make Participation Simple and Attractive

Make Participation Simple and Attractive

Indeed, the testimonial content isn’t the primary focus of this discussion.

If you can’t get someone in front of the camera, even the best interview questions and the best equipment are of no use.

Get the customers you want to interview, ensure they know how much you value the relationship, and share it with the public.

You’ve arranged an online advertising campaign that will display their business due to their involvement to encourage participation.

If viewers become interested in them, it could lead to them.

Don’t just tell them what you want; show them what you want.

5.  Quality is Worth the Investment

Quality is Worth the Investment

In 2022, no one watches 480p videos with dull colors and the wind blowing straight into the microphone because it’s a waste of time.

My customer testimonial video doesn’t look like a feature film if I talk about quality.

Be aware that audio quality is more crucial than you might imagine.

Journal of Audio Engineering Society research shows that a video with poor audio quality would be judged less favorably than excellent audio.

If the audio quality is poor, viewers will stop watching because they don’t think the video is worth their time, which means fewer leads.


Brands frequently overlook the necessity of communicating in a common language with their potential customers.

When searching for a product or service, most people turn to Google, so you need to produce video material that;

  • is available on YouTube and Google Search.
  • viewers find it engaging and relatable.

Still undecided about how to get started generating customer testimonial videos?

Start your video testimonial journey with Vidmonials and watch your business or organization soar.

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