6 Changes That Will Make a Difference With Your Video Reviews

6 Changes That Will Make a Difference with Your Video Reviews

Written testimonials and video reviews are critical to today’s online success. These two combined have given an enormous boost in sales and services to the present businesses and organizations.

Customers are 63% more likely to purchase from a website with reviews. It does not matter if those reviews are on a rudimentary level.

Consumers are more skeptical now because, in the past, they have come across several frauds and fake news floating around.  This fact has driven them to distrust products and services provided online.

When your products cost less than $100, written reviews can be valuable to your eCommerce store’s success.

When selling services that command a high price like consulting, coaching, and any other particular service, it’s no longer sufficient to have only a rating or common video reviews.

With the modern world comes innovative changes. The early these changes are adopted, it is most likely to stay up on the ladder and not fall from it while trying to stay on top.

In the same way, the video industry is also evolving. Every day we see new, diverse and innovative changes being introduced by companies to attract more people and earn more revenues.

This article will highlight six must-do changes that will make a difference with your video reviews.

Let’s try to learn about these changes.

First Change – Understanding your Consumer Profile is Important

Understanding your Consumer Profile is Important

People are not just interested in viewing video reviews to see if what you are offering works. Also, they want to picture themselves as the ones who achieve the result you promise to help them attain.

You should aim to make it as easy as possible for them to visualize this. Your video reviews should feature people who are relevant to your audience.

Furthermore, your speaker must have a comparable past, and they must have reached the goal that your target audience is also working on.

If you want to know where your audience is currently and where they want to go, find out more about your audience. The data compilation into empathy maps, personalities, and market maps might begin with surveys and interviews.

In a nutshell, don’t try to use irrelevant video reviews. Try to stay relevant to your cause by understanding your respective audience.

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Second Change – Build a Funnel Around Your Video Reviews

Build a Funnel Around Your Video Reviews

You will naturally have a primary funnel if you include a call to action in your video reviews.

While I’d like you to go beyond that, your video reviews need to become an essential component of your marketing funnel. They can be featured on landing sites, added to email sequences, and even used in adverts.

Moreover, you should also re-target people with advertising on other platforms once they’ve watched your video reviews. By making it feasible to integrate pixels from Facebook and Twitter ad systems, many platforms help creators reach more potential customers. Do this to benefit from it.

Make sure you use video advertising when re-targeting people. Watching a video testimonial would necessarily compel people to view more video content.

Third Change – Record a lot of Video Reviews, Collect Data, and Perform Trials

Record a lot of Video Reviews

Several customer video reviews are essential. All of these should address the various personalities you wish to target.

Besides, experimenting with different video lengths, employing subtitles, and trying out new funnels can be used to evaluate which is most effective when recording video reviews for the different personas.

Using the knowledge you gain from creating your video testimonial(s), as well as the rest of your full coaching funnel, can greatly increase your results.

Fourth Change – Maintain Authenticity

Maintain Authenticity

If you want your customer video reviews to encourage conversions, they must be authentic.

Overall, 86% of customers think it is vital to know if a product or brand is legitimate.

Consumers are intelligent; they can spot compensated and endorsed recommendations very simply.

More so, a highly effective way for brands to demonstrate their connection with customers is to use customer video reviews that are honest, genuine, and spoken from the heart.

Fifth Change – A Simple and Clear Flow

A Simple and Clear Flow

When it comes to most videos, having a great screenplay is essential. The video reviews that you make for your customers should have a structure and a flow to them.

The fundamental outline should look like this:

Beginning: When the consumer explains why they require your product or service, this is called an introduction.

Mid: Customers state why they opted for your brand rather than any of the other brands.

End: Finally, the consumer discusses whether they are happy with your product and if it fulfilled their needs. This last part is called Conclusion.

Try to follow this pattern or format the least.

Sixth Change – Try to Convey a Powerful Message

What drives people is their emotions. Instead of a commercial about your brand, a customer video testimonial is a technique to gain trust among your audience.

This is where a powerful story starts.

In a study conducted by Headstream, results informed that when individuals were passionate about a brand narrative, 55% were more likely to buy the product in the future, 44% would tell the story, and 15% would buy the product right away.

Customer video reviews should have a story to tell, a smooth and consistent flow, and not cause boredom in the audience. The truth is, it attracts their attention and draws them closer.


Ultimately, excellent customer video reviews will do more and be less expensive than a series of advertisements.

So, by incorporating these six changes in your video reviews you will see a clear difference in your conversion rates and influence online.

Moreover, you’ll also need video production software! Luckily, Vidmonials has a quick and easy solution for generating client video reviews.

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