7 Attractive Business Video Testimonial Examples To Kick-start

Attractive Business Video Testimonial Examples To Kick-start

Learning from the business testimonial examples can help in making your marketing game strong.

If you are here, you sure know what a video testimonial is. And so we will cut straight to the chase. So that you can increase the brand awareness of your business in time.

Read on below to get yourself familiar with one of the best business testimonial examples:

1. Business Testimonial Examples: Vidmonials

The standard business testimonial examples take care of every aspect of the video in a professional manner. It includes using cameras, lights, editing, sound effects, background effects, and whatnot.

A professional approach for the testimonial videos is good and all. But the hassle that comes with it is undeniable. And it is at times unbearable to some.

How does a video review that gives the same results without any hassle sound? Sounds more than just fine, we know!

There are not many client testimonials examples that you find as simple and effective as this video.

This review uses Vidmonials, a tool for customer review management.

The client goes on affirming the quality of the business using only the webcam and microphone of their computer.

The single benefit of such a video-based review is the flexibility to review a business without having any professional setup.

If your finances are not high, or the client is too busy to shoot for a review, using Vidmonials for a customer review is more than recommended.

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2. Rolex

This one of our business testimonial examples includes a customer review for Rolex.

The video revolves around a person’s passion for marine life and has a mission of saving Whale sharks, an endangered species.

The cause of this video is very noble. And therefore, it is likely to make an emotional connection to the viewers.

That said, as soon as the video reaches its interval, the business starts to showcase. However, the narrative shifts from the cause to the product very subtly.

This testimonial effortlessly makes a connection between the mission shown in the video and the brand.

It goes on by showing how the brand also contributed its efforts to the very cause. And in achieving what the customer was passionate to do.

3. Kramer Guitars

Few business testimonial examples have such quality as this one has. Have a star onboard in the video review? Check. Have kinetic visuals? Check. Have powerful musical displays? Check.

However, the quality of this video testimonial is not limited to the star power of Charlie Parra alone. It is neither limited to the highest sound designs.

In this video, Charlie Parra is asked a series of questions. And so it shows in the video the influence of the product at the star.

This video also shows that having a star on board is just not enough. Making a connection between the celebrity star and the product is essential, which this video does quite well.

4. Starbucks

One of our client testimonials examples includes the narration telling of Starbucks.

Now, Starbucks, as we all know, is quite a name in the coffee industry. It understands this and therefore does not go the extra mile to market itself.

Not many business testimonial examples rely on the narration as much as this video review does.

This video is a simple narration about a couple, how they met and how their love blossomed over time. And where is the storytelling taking place? Yup, Starbucks!

5. Phelps Agency

By referencing many of our business testimonial examples, we have stressed enough the importance of incorporating asking a series of questions. However, it needs some liveliness to it as well.

Imagine a video review in which the customer answers the questions robotically. That is rough!

The very nature of the Q/A series is static. And this makes it quite dull at times. Therefore, adding a humane aspect to it is very important.

In this video, every participant has a different cityscape added to their part as background-environment. Such an aspect provides much energy to the Q/A series.

6. Hubspot

In this video from Hubspot, there is a lot to learn.

The video explains how Hubspot helped their client from being a DJ to venturing into a nationwide event production company.

The client is not directly influenced by HubSpot, but by one of its integrations. However, the brand still manages to find a connection for itself.

Learning how to find a connection, as Hubspot does in this video, is necessary.

7. Apple

When an idea behind something becomes successful, it becomes a norm. Such is the case with having a personality onboard for the product review.

In many of our business testimonial examples, we can see that businesses prefer having a much-known face in their video review. However, with everyone implying this, the competition starts becoming tougher.

With everybody starting to include a star in the testimonial video, the other aspects of the video start gaining weight.

Are the camera angles informal? Is the direction out of the box? Is there any contrast between a monochrome interview and colorful inserts? It all starts to count.

In this video, Apple does not overlook the other important aspects.

Apple understands that having a celebrity face in the review video has become a norm. And so, it also gives equal importance in this video to the other parts of the game!

Key Takeaways

Video reviews have become a part of the marketing game big-time. From Apple to Starbucks and Rolex to Hubspot, top businesses of different domains use them to increase brand awareness.

So, learning from some of the best business testimonial examples is one of the marketing strategies today.

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