7 Best Video Testimonial Service in the USA

7 Best Video Testimonial Service in the USA

A new trend in the marketing space is video testimonial service, and it has gained popularity in the last few years.

Online surveys noted that over 80% of all online content is expected to be video in the coming few years. To some, it may appear like a wild estimation of the future, but I don’t think such a future is far off.

However, why video?

As a recent online poll has noted, 80% of the individuals who have seen a video ad in the last 30 days can recall it, and 64% of the people who have viewed a video about a product or service would buy it.

That’s just enormous!

When used effectively, video testimonial services can have an enormous impact on the success of your organization.

This article will list the seven best video testimonial services in the USA.

Best Video Testimonial Service Alternatives In The USA

1. Vidmonials – Best Video Testimonial Service

Vidmonials - Video Testimonial Service

This client video testimonial service, Vidmonials, helps businesses by collecting, managing, and distributing video reviews remotely. The program is intended to provide a place where people may trade remote video testimonials regularly without having to even leave their seats.

Advantages of Vidmonials include:

  • It allows its users to send individual or bulk video review requests to their clients with a single click.
  • One of the most valuable things you can do for your clients is to let them self-serve and make video testimonials for you.
  • Everything gets saved to the database to make it easier to access.
  • To improve your website’s trust with your users, videos from your clients may be integrated effortlessly on social media and your websites.

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2. Easy Capture Media


You can make as many videos as you like with Easy Capture Media. There is no prior experience required to avail of their video testimonial service.

Video reviews aren’t the only use case for the platform. Instead, it has an extensive range of other video marketing opportunities as well.

It offers you everything you need to look professional and generate multiple videos including, training videos, how-to videos, and demonstration videos.

You may build a collection of professionally-made films that helps clients and gives your firm a boost and confidence.

3. Video Peel

VideoPeel - Video Testimonial Service

Video Peel is the best at using video-social proof as a solution. With the integrated self-service tool from Video Peel, recording video reviews is quick and easy.

The primary advantages of the Video Peel are:

  • It automates the remote video testimonial collection process
  • You can customize your video review requests
  • Recruit the reviewees of your choice
  • Record video reviews for exclusive business objectives
  • Easy-to-use editing tools to add a finishing touch

4. Trustmary

Trustmary Easiest way to gather feedback and get more sales with them!

Another fantastic video testimonial service that offers organizations the ability to land high-quality video testimonials is Trustmary.

Moreover, they are proud of giving a comprehensive video review service. Many businesses use it to control multiple processes.

Trustmary does not, however, allow clients to film their testimonials like Vidmonials.

To ensure consistency, instead of videographers, a team of customer contact people must identify clients and set up appointments for video testimonials to be filmed.

5. Remote Video Testimonials

Remote Video Testimonials | Fast, Easy, and Affordable

A company with a specialization in providing video testimonial service remotely in the USA.

This app, similar to Vidmonials, provides customers with quick, simple, and economical ways to use mobile app technology.

Moreover, it also provides remote access to video marketing experts to produce high-quality video testimonials.

In the open online world, tempting appropriate interviewers to participate with the most top-of-the-line audio and video recording equipment while assistance from skilled editors who can draw out the finest from your recorded videos is Remote Video Testimonials’ procedural adherence.

Moreover, their graphics and marketing techniques further boost the results.

6. Testimonial Builder

testimonial builder

Testimonial Builder is a mobile video testimonial service that assists you in building your search engine optimization (SEO) and your online reputation by delivering geof nuine client reviews.

More so, a step-by-step guide on creating video reviews is provided by the software.

This application is known for having a keyword teleprompter that assists users in adding search-engine-optimized (SEO) keywords to their videos.

You can also upload videos on Youtube with it, and your clients can directly access them.

7. Visme

Visme - Video Testimonial Service

The Visme video testimonial service is quite dynamic and easy to use, and it also fits into the “best video testimonial service” category.

Professionally developed video themes are available on Visme to use in combination to generate high-quality video testimonials.

Besides, you may use all of your favorite design materials to input customer feedback, add your company’s branding, and download your finished design once you’ve decided on all of your


In some aspects, Visme’s best features include obtaining client testimonials through videotaping, polished videos created by customers themselves, and providing clients with video testimonials as an encouragement to generate conversions.

Bottom Line

The above section outlines everything you need to know about some of the best video testimonial services in the US. These applications can help your business in attracting, engaging, and delighting visitors.

However, your needs and budgetary constraints will play quite a role in shaping your decision to avail of these services.

A video testimonial service like Vidmonials may be a good option to save time, effort, and money if you want to follow our suggestion.

The reason behind this is that Vidmonials is among the most automatic options in the industry, requiring clients to make less effort on your end.

If you’d like to learn more about Vidmonials, you should visit this link right now.

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