Vidmonials vs. VideoPeel — Which Is Better For You?

Vidmonials vs. VideoPeel — Which Is Better For You

You may have tried VideoPeel before or are considering using it. However, you want to do more research before reaching a final decision.

Regardless of the platform that you choose, you and your customers both need an excellent remote video recording solution. So, it is always a good idea to compare the tool you’re thinking about choosing with its competitors.

In this case, we’ll be comparing Vidmonials with VideoPeel so as to help you make the right decision in choosing a better video recording software.

In this Vidmonials vs. VideoPeel review, you’ll find the following:

VideoPeel’s Positives and Negatives


Here’s a quick review of what VideoPeel has to offer if you haven’t used it before:

Strengths of VideoPeel

VideoPeel enables capturing of videos with a single click. Moreover, it comes with the ability to record and submit videos automatically.

Three distinct video templates are available on VideoPeel’s website, so you can present testimonials from customers better.

What’s more, is that all your videos are trustworthy and are stored in one place for you to quickly access and manage them in the future.

A video editing tool is also available to include your company’s name or a disclaimer in your videos.

Last but not least, there are additional possibilities for syndication to Amazon, Shopify, and other e-commerce and social networking platforms.

Inconsistencies with VideoPeel

There are a few more factors to consider besides learning the strength of any platform/ tool:

The editing tool claims to be available on VideoPeel. However, its capabilities are severely limited. You can do a few things with video overlays and disclaimers, but that’s about it.

Aside from an overlay, you can’t add any other graphic components.

In other words, you have to cross your fingers and hope that your interviewee responds to your question with a well-produced video.

It’s tempting to utilize an automated button to automatically post videos that you’ve saved from YouTube to your Facebook page, but there’s a solid reason not to do this:

To acquire more views from your target audience, you should download the video and personally upload it to Facebook instead of embedding it via a shared link.

Social posting buttons are convenient, but they’re not as revolutionary as they first appear to be.

VideoPeel’s user interface is another problem:

Making the user interface as pleasant and straightforward as possible for consumers to record a testimonial for you can significantly impact the number of people that participate.

That said, Vidmonials only has a single screen where the user is supposed to react to all prompts – without having the questions up for reference. As a result, your customers may find it challenging to use the product.

Then there’s the cost of the product itself:

VideoPeel’s pricing information isn’t available on their website, so we can’t comment on how much it costs. The only way to find out exactly how much the cost of their different services is to contact someone and inquire.

Vidmonials – A better Remote Video Recording Software

Best Video Recording Software Vidmonials

Many can believe that since Vidmonials is our very own remote video recording service, we will understandably promote it. But, we can prove that there are a variety of reasons for you to prefer Vidmonials over VideoPeel, or any other video recording software for that matter:

Streamlined Video Acquisition Method

Vidmonials has a user-friendly interface on Android, iPhone, and desktops for customers to use.

When your customer opens the link that you share with them, it opens the landing page of Vidmonials, where they can make their video testimonial. So, there is really no need for any type of download.

To conclude, the entire process with Vidmonials is straightforward and easy.

Support for a Variety of Video Formats

When it comes to selling Vidmonials, its primary selling feature is its ability to accommodate various video formats.

In light of this, what are these various video formats?

E-commerce, recruitment, testimonial, real estate, and other professional purposes, you name it, can benefit from the video-making solution provided by Vidmonials.

The bottom line is that you can concentrate on getting things done while Vidmonials takes care of the business needs that suit your video testimonials better.

Streamlined Video Creation and Editing

When you use Vidmonials to collect videos, you won’t need any additional expensive video editing software. It has all the built-in editing features that most marketing teams and entrepreneurs require.

In addition to the visuals, Vidmonials also offers themes that can be applied automatically with a few clicks and trimming tools. So the templates for your entire video and themes make the editing process faster and easier.

Vidmonials’ software automatically adds the interviewee’s name, the logos, the question inserts, and even music.

And with that, your videos are ready to be online.

Also, none of this editing will take you hours of training or a complex onboarding process to accomplish the desired end result.

Some video recording services claim to feature editing facilities, but from what we’ve seen so far, none of them allow you to edit your response videos from within the app.

Nevertheless, in the case of Vidmonials, you don’t need any additional software to edit or fix your customer testimonials between — alter and dress them up here, and then they’re ready to be used wherever you want to post them.

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VideoPeel vs. Vidmonials: The Conclusion?

No doubt that VideoPeel is a popular video recording software. However, the popularity of any tool does not qualify it better than its competitors.

Similarly, while Vidmonials may not be as familiar as VideoPeel amongst the relevant audience, it has seamless and effective video gathering, robust yet easy video editing, a wide range of integration options, and transparent price options.

In conclusion, it is not a bad idea to try your hands on a video recording service that is a relatively less popular but significantly economical option– with equal, if not better, functionality.

Get a free practical demonstration of how Vidmonials efficiently help you in your video recordings regardless of your business’ industry here.

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