Video Testimonials Can Increase Your Sale Conversion Rates In No Time

Video testimonials are the statements from the clients/customers of a company that they find its services of high/sound quality. And, thus, these customers affirm to be satisfied with the service/product.

Your video testimonials are proof of the quality of your product/service. It also indicates that your customers are satisfied with the service that they’re receiving 

Video testimonials have become essential to businesses today in regards to their marketing and promotion. The reason is that they can be very effective in persuading the target audience of a business.

A business can build an /ideal perspective for itself in the minds of the masses using video testimonials. And this, subsequently, can help increase the conversions of leads to sales. And the following stats validate its importance:

  • Many firms, some 87%, use videos as one of the marketing tools.
  • Before making a purchase, 85% of the people view videos/video reviews of a brand.
  • A brand’s 53% of the customers would like to watch its videos that explain its utility.
  • A website that has videos is more likely to keep 88% of the visitors on its website.
  • Company executives, 59% of them, would prefer a video review over a text review.

With these stats in mind, it is clear that using video testimonials has manifold benefits. However, a testimonial video has few practices that make it effective. So, before learning how video testimonials can increase your sales conversion rates in no time, let’s discuss some of its best practices.

We also answer the commonly asked questions before starting with the best practices of video testimonials and their role in increasing sales. So, start reading the article as under:

How do I make video testimonials?

video testimonials

Video testimonials are the confirmation of the utility of a product/service from its users/customers. And you can create one by presenting the real-life application of your service/product.

The time it takes to make a testimonial video depends if it is being made remotely or on-site. The former can be made quickly, as it involves no professional setup. However, since the latter involves the professional dos and don’ts, it takes a longer time to be made.

Pertinently, an on-site testimonial video with a professional video-production setup is also more costly than remote videos. And it cost between $10,000-$15,000

How do you make good video testimonials?

good video testimonials

You can create a customer testimonial by addressing the use of your product/service for real-world problems. And there are two primary ways you can record client testimonials: remote and on-site.

Your clients can record their testimonials remotely by using any device with an embedded camera in a remote video testimonial. While in an on-site testimonial, clients are needed to visit the site of the video production.

Moreover, testimonials, precisely video testimonials, are highly effective when it comes to increasing your sales. It is so because your sales lead, or the potential clients, consider the perception of your current clients towards your product/service as more authentic.

What do you say in video testimonials?

what do you say

A testimony is a formal, or informal, and written, or verbal, statement. So, a video testimony refers to a testimony provided in the form of a video. 

In a testimonial, a customer should share the help of your product/service in overcoming a specific problem that they were encountering. 

A video testimonial should not be more than two minutes long. However, it is ideal for keeping it between a minute and a half. And a testimonial speech should ideally start with a story narrating the struggle of a business with a specific problem before using your product/service.

Right practices for video testimonials

You can increase your sales conversion rate with the proper video testimonial practices since video testimonials as a marketing strategy are highly effective. And following are such practices that you should follow:

1. Avoid rushing with the new customers

Requesting a new customer for a video review is not a very good idea. And it is undoubtedly one of the bad practices. The reason is that it leaves the freshly-made customer with a wrong impression of the company.

The customer, whom you’re considering making a testimonial, should share a few months-long relationship with you. Otherwise, it will be too early to ask for one. And it, therefore, leaves a customer with a wrong perception of your company.

It would be best to remember that video testimonials that can increase your sales conversion should be made with your older customers.

Simply put, the effectiveness of a video testimonial is influenced by the time a customer has been in business with you. Therefore, the older the relation with a customer, the more effective their video testimonial will be.

2. Address the real-life application of product/service

Your customer testimonial should not discuss a product/service features more. And thus, it should be discussing the real-world problems that it has resolved.

When a testimonial addresses its real-life utility more, potential customers better understand its real-life application. Thus it converts more sales leads into clients, increasing your conversion rate.

When you present the real-life utility of your product with the help of a video review, it attracts the masses to your service. Hence, it becomes easier for a company to convince potential customers to try its service.

Your customer video should try following this practice.

3. Capitalize on human emotions

It is an open secret that video testimonials are made to attract people towards a service/product using human emotions. However, the profit and sale stats of a brand can also attract its potential clients.

The profit/sales stats are more concerning if your client is also a business. Precisely, such stats are pursued in B2B marketing. And for an average consumer, precisely in B2C marketing, such stats may not be much significant.

The stats such as an increase in productivity by 30% and reduction in the cost by 50%, using a product, does not convince a consumer. It is because there is no involvement of the human emotion, leading to the absence of an emotional connection.

Marketing gurus are often heard saying that before getting into your customers’ heads, get in their hearts before. And we achieve the same by using video testimonials.

A video testimonial is a tool to win the hearts of your potential clients by making an emotional customer success journey. Moreover, touching video-based testimonials are great marketing tools. And they could be the perfect replacement for your expensive marketing campaigns.

The customer video reviews increase your sales conversion by leveraging human emotions. And with this knowledge that they highly influence your sales conversion, your next video testimonial practice should follow the same.

4. Don’t overly explain

It is one of the excellent video testimonial practices to keep them brief and precise. Therefore, while sharing a customer journey, do not extend it to that point where the viewer loses interest in the video.

Naturally, you would like to have everything explained and included in a customer success story. Yet, you will feel like you are missing something. However, it is where you need to be the most careful.

You need to make sure that your testimonial includes the best only and, thus, avoid including the rest. It makes sure that your testimonial is not long enough to the point of frustration for its viewer.

5. Customer-Satisfaction level is the criterion

One of the best practices for video testimonials is to make them with customers with the highest satisfaction level. Hence, you should not prefer a customer you think does not have the required satisfaction level for a compelling testimonial.

It is better to make client testimonials with customers who have a relatively positive perspective of your company. And it is also necessary for making your customer videos more persuasive and, thus, effective.

6. Wait for the right sign (a mutually-satisfying business relation)

Before selecting a customer for a testimonial, learning how they view your service/product is essential. Hence, without not knowing their viewpoint, approaching such a client may be pointless.

Nevertheless, if you wish to make a video testimonial with a particular client, you must wait for them to show the right sign for this purpose.

It holds the utmost importance that you and your clients must share a mutually-satisfying business relation. And it is the sign for opting a customer for a video testimonial.

7. Prepare but do not script

An essential practice to create credible and authentic-looking testimonials is never to script them. Nevertheless, preparing well before one is highly encouraged.

Scripting your testimonial video makes it look unnatural. Thus, it seems dubious to its viewer. On the other hand, preparing for it will make it credible and help to present it in the best way possible.

It requires you to list all the questions that you will be asking from a customer. Moreover, it also requires you to share this list with the very customer. So, it helps them to prepare their answers to the questions, which subsequently helps to present the business in a better light.

8. Use visuals for enhanced impression

Video testimonials without the added visual can be sufficient. But the added visuals in them can add to its charm.

These extra visuals can increase the viewers’ interest, thus involving them more in the video. Furthermore, you can also share facts and figures using them, which can help you emphasize a point.

9. Share how/where the testimonial will be used

Explaining to a customer how you’ll be using their video testimonial is essential. And doing so may lead a business to a more touching testimonial video.

A customer may or may not agree to provide a testimonial without knowing how and where to leverage it. Moreover, importantly, a customer without this knowledge may not be able to give a compelling testimonial.

Some companies may not face such a situation. However, more often than not, companies face it, leading to a constraint in the making of a testimonial.

To some, sharing this information may indicate a trust deficit between a business and its customer. However, it remains the latter’s right to learn it, regardless of whether there exists a trust issue or not. Nevertheless, it ultimately benefits the company.

How do video testimonials increase your sales conversion?

Video testimonials of your existing clients can persuade your future/potential clients better. Thus they hold a central role when it comes to converting your sales conversion. And they do so in the following ways:

a. By making a robust landing page

The landing page is where the customer lands first upon visiting a website, so thus the name. And since it is where a customer gets a very first impression of a brand/business, it must be robustly persuasive.

When a video review is used on the landing page, it becomes a powerful marketing tool. As a result, your conversion rate increases. And subsequently the sale increases as well.

Using a testimonial video on a landing page helps increase the brand awareness of a business/company. Besides, it helps to catch the attention of a customer from the word-go.

The landing page statistics also assert that using video testimonials increases sales by making the landing page customer-persuasive. In this regard, the sales conversion rate increases by 86% when a landing page uses testimonial videos.

Making use of your testimonial videos on the landing page is essential. And it is because you can give a realization that your service satisfies your existing clients. Resultantly, a business can have an increase in its lead conversion rate.

In essence, a video testimonial by making landing pages robust increases the conversions of leads into sales.

b. By reaching/targeting the social media audience

Approximately half of the world’s population uses different social media platforms today. It is the reason why social media marketing has become an important marketing tool for businesses.

For a business to share its customers’ stories with many people may not be possible. And it is because not every sales lead can, or wants to, visit a business website. However, these people are actively present on one social media channel or the other.

By sharing your customer videos on various social media channels, you can reach their users. And this allows you to share your customer success stories with a larger audience.

There is a considerable impact of using social media platforms on the conversion rate of your sales lead. The reason is it helps you to target a broader and diverse audience on different social platforms.

It not only helps you increase your sales figures. But you may also be able to diversify your clientele list.

c. By helping to receive organic visitors/visits

Approximately the video streaming service, Youtube, has 2 billion users worldwide. It is second to Google on the list of most popular search engines. Furthermore, it is one of the most visited websites in the world.

The use of YouTube by such a larger range of audience makes it an excellent choice if you want to achieve organic visitors. And to be clear, such visitors are the ones that reach a website of a business willingly. Therefore, they’re not paid for visiting a business website.

Companies are increasingly using YouTube for promotion and marketing purposes. And, therefore, they are also using this streaming service for sharing their customer testimonials. As a result, businesses are being able to receive organic visitors on their websites.

Businesses are including their website link on the YouTube video of their customer testimonials. And it is how they are increasing the conversion of sales leads into sales. And it is also how a video testimonial helps you to increase your sales conversion rates.

d. By addressing a specific issue/problem

Video testimonials explain the usefulness, precisely the real-life application, of a product/service. And it is what people are looking for, the utility of assistance in resolving the problem they’re facing.

There is always a possibility of different people facing the same issue, regardless of the business nature.

A customer testimonial elaborates the help of a business in overcoming a particular issue/problem. And when the same testimonial video is viewed by others who face the same, they can become interested in acquiring your service/product.

It is how a video testimonial addressing a specific problem can help you attract and subsequently earn new customers. And it is how your sales conversion rate increases through the video testimonials.

e. By using its persuading power

Every business prompts its potential customers on an almost regular basis. It also keeps them in the loop about all the changes occurring in the business or the respective industry. And a company does so by sending newsletters via emails, more often than not.

On the other hand, a video review is more helpful when it comes to persuading potential clients. And since your services somewhat interest the potential customers, the testimonial video of your existing clients can completely convince them.

The power that a video testimonial has to convince potential clients is second to none. Therefore, its effective persuasion can help any business to convert the maximum number of leads into sales.

f. By making the blog posts reliable

The world today is digital more than it has ever been before. And with that, brand/business marketing has also become more video-centered. Nevertheless, blog posting is still one of the vital marketing tools, as it remains one of the most trustful sources of information.

Receiving organic traffic for its website is a priority for any business. And blogging is one of the top priorities of marketers to achieve organic traffic for a business website.

We have learned that blogging remains one of the primary sources of information to this date. So, including your video testimonials in them is rational.

A business by using its customer testimonials in a blog post can turn one into an effective marketing tool. And, in consequence, your sales conversion rates can increase in no time.

Bottom line

While video testimonials can increase your sales conversion rates in no time, it also requires few practices to be effective.

For a business, image building plays a huge role in its success. And since testimonial videos can play a central role regarding image building, using them becomes necessary.

From addressing the real-life application and keeping it brief to avoiding rushing the new customers to involving emotions, these are some compelling practices for a video testimonial.

It increases the conversion rate by making blog posts reliable, receiving organic visits, reaching the target audience on social platforms, etc.

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