Video Review Service

Uncover New Possibilities With Vidmonials

Two-Fold Benefit

There are two smart ways Vidmonials help you gain the trust of your customers with video review service.

Video Review Service

Video Testimonials

The mainstream testimonial from a dear customer where they will actually show their face on the camera talking about your product/business.

Video Review Service

Text To Video Testimonials

A new innovative hack where the regular text reviews will be converted into videos, that can be posted on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Here's An Overview On How Vidmonials Works

Video Testimonials

Send Vidmonials request

Send individual and bulk data to your customers in a single click. Best video review service allows your customers to quickly record and submit their video testimonials on the link provided by you, without even having to sign up on Vidmonials.

Easy-to-Manage Vidmonials Library

All your collected videos are stored in a powerful library. A user can scroll through each testimonial collected to date with complete information regarding its sender. These video testimonials can also be downloaded and used for multiple marketing activities.

Video Review Library
Video Review Service widget

Embeddable Video Widgets

You can easily market your videos to build trust with your website visitors. With our video review service, you can utilize embeddable widgets that will showcase your customers' pleasant views about your business along with their star ratings.

Sharing & Marketing Vidmonials

Videos are already a great source for grabbing public attention. Testimonials recorded on our platform can be downloaded and shared on multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to gain more customer traction.

Video Testimonials Marketing

Highly Responsive

The whole platform is made after keeping a keen look at the increasing need for multiple device optimization so that you won't feel any glitch in your experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Each feature has been optimized to make sure that the whole user experience at Vidmonials remains stress-free and pleasant to scroll around.

Analytics & Reporting

See where your business is gaining popularity and where it needs to work up a little harder. Vidmonials provide a complete status for your customers' mood.

Security Against Malware

We help our clients in catering negative or hateful reviews before they go viral on the internet, and let them resolve the matter with their customers beforehand.

Regulatory Compliance

Our platform provides all clients with built-in data protection, local hosting, and anonymization support, which complies with all local regulations.

24/7 Professional Support

Our professional support staff is available 24 hours to help solve all the complications that a client may be facing from either their end or from the platform's end.

Vidmonials has got everything you need to leverage customer feedback for the ultimate success of business!