5 Ways Testimonials can Help in B2B Video Marketing

5 Ways Testimonials can help in B2B Video Marketing

Vidmonials have put together a guide to B2B video marketing in 2021. According to 88 percent of marketers, video marketing generates a good ROI for their company, up from only 33% in 2015.

Isn’t it about time you built a B2B video marketing plan, given this trend?

Maybe you don’t use video because you think it’s too costly. Perhaps you believe it is difficult to calculate your return on investment, or you don’t know where to begin. As a user or customer, you’re not the only one who feels this way.

We’ll show you how to get started with video marketing, including what kinds of videos to make, how to distribute them, and why you should get started right now.

1. Why should Your Business Invest in B2B Video Marketing?

your Business Invest in B2B Video Marketing

Internal sales and customer service training are no longer the only uses for video. It’s crucial for communicating with B2B prospects and increasing your company’s bottom line

The numbers below tell a story:

  • In the year 2022, 95% of video marketers plan to raise or retain their video budget
  • It’s an effective medium, according to 87 percent of LinkedIn video marketers
  • Video has a good return on investment (ROI) for 88 percent of video marketers
  • When it comes to learning about products and services, 72 percent of customers prefer video to text

Video marketing has a wide range of applications. It allows you to engage your audience on social media, educate your prospects through product demos, promote your product or service through client testimonials, and offer webinars to assist customers in their decision-making process.

Think again if you thought video marketing was only a technique for increasing brand recognition on social media.

As a technique of generating leads and driving conversions, video is precious throughout your whole sales funnel.

2. Why are Video(s) (testimonials) important?

Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

There are numerous advantages to video marketing, but let’s look at three ways video content might help your company.

A. Video boosts search engine rankings

You may have noticed that video results frequently show in Google searches and that they frequently appear near the top of the page.

For example, a Google search for “video marketing” yields video results in the second place on the first page. Vidmonials gives B2B video marketing a high ranking. If you don’t publish a video, you’re logically missing out on free publicity. When uploading your videos, be sure to follow SEO best practices.

B. It promotes the production of demand

Video is an effective technique for increasing engagement and assisting with lead creation. According to Animoto’s most recent annual poll, 93 percent of businesses have gained a new customer due to a social media video.

Adding video to your website’s homepage, landing pages, or product pages also lengthens the time visitors spend on each page. This was agreed upon by 81 percent of video marketers, and 80 percent of those polled indicated that video had directly contributed to increased sales. It goes without saying that keeping your viewers engaged will enhance your conversions.

C. Account-based marketing is aided by video (ABM)

In 2020, the focus will be on more individualized ABM methods. It makes sense to send tailored video content to certain prospects if your B2B Company targets them.

It would help if you had a way to stand out among the hundreds of messages sent to CEOs and other high-level decision-makers every day. Why not incorporate video into your email marketing messaging to make it more interesting?

3. What are some B2B video marketing best practices?

Here’s how you establish a B2B video marketing plan step by step;

A. Set objectives for your video marketing

What exactly is the point of your video? When making judgments about your video, keep your final goal in mind.

It’s best to maintain a single aim in mind because it will help you focus on the end video’s substance and design. Consider which level of the sales funnel your video material is aimed towards.

B. Set a budget for video marketing

Will you make your film in-house or hire someone to do it for you? Before you begin, consider the duration and expense of video creation.

Video is more affordable than ever before, which is why 46% of first-time video marketers began using it in 2019. You’ll save money on specialized equipment, videographers, scriptwriters, and even location and travel fees if you engage a professional video production business. Recognize your limitations as well as your chances.

4. How are testimonials used in marketing?

Best B2B Marketing Videos to Generate

Case study videos are intended to convert potential clients by demonstrating your knowledge and demonstrating how you’ve accomplished success for someone in a similar situation to your prospect. Case study videos should be used at the middle and bottom of the sales funnel.

A. Video testimonials

Video Testimonials B2B purchasers have believe in other buyers and their brand experiences. B2B organizations can use testimonial videos to present their best success stories in an engaging, easy-to-understand video style. Where should a testimonial video be used? Your sales funnel at all phases.

B. Videos promoting a product or service

These videos are made to promote a certain product or service. They show how B2B prospects and customers interact with your brand’s Best Video Review Software offerings. This accomplishes two goals: it raises brand awareness and it allows viewers to visualize the product’s benefits.

C. Videos that explain things

The goal of explainer videos is to educate and inform your audience. Whether it’s answering common queries, presenting new product features, or promoting an upcoming webinar, your company has complete control over what you explain to your audience.

5. Your Website should have Video Promotion

Website should have Video Promotion

While Video Review can be used on practically any page of your website, your B2B audience is more likely to watch product and explainer videos.

When asked how they’d like to learn more about a product or service, 66% of B2B audiences stated they’d rather watch a short video. This is compared to 18% who prefer to read content on your website.


Video is an important opportunity to simplify complex topics, educate potential customers about your company, and develop material that can be reused in various media.

Why not come up with a few ideas and conduct some research to see whether video will help you achieve your marketing objectives and expand your online audience?

Vidmonials always happy to speak video marketing with you. Contact us today to learn how to use the power of B2B video marketing for your company.

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