12 Questions That Make a Customer Testimonial Authentic

12 Questions That Make a Customer Testimonial Authentic

Customer testimonial can have a significant impact on a buyer’s decision.

It doesn’t matter if they’re written, pictured, or recorded as a video: a satisfied customer’s glowing testimonial can create qualified leads.

What matters is how they tell the narrative, and these questions will help you uncover a tale that will serve as your clients’ most compelling sales pitch yet.

Let’s get right into the questions.

1. Before using our product or service, how would you describe your experience?

This inquiry will elicit a vivid description of your customer’s pre-purchase circumstances. Using their reaction, you may illustrate to other clients how your company can also meet their demands.

2. How did our product or service help you with your problem(s)?

Problems that your product helps your consumer address are probably not unique to your customer. With any luck, this will help someone else who’s facing a similar problem. Leads will realize that you have a proven track record of client success if you include their narrative in your testimonial.

3. What led you to begin your investigation in the first place?

By describing how and where they began their search for a solution, someone will be guided to follow their example. Customers will have a much easier time making a purchase decision if you provide them with a clear way.

4. Was there anything unique about our offering that distinguished it from the competition?

This inquiry will make it crystal clear to prospects what your product or service’s X factor is since leads frequently compare it to those of their competitors.

Because it’s a testimonial, leads are more inclined to believe it than other forms of marketing communication. Customer advocacy is critical for generating new business and keeping existing customers happy.

5. Describe a roadblock that nearly kept you from purchasing our goods or service?

Buying a big-ticket item is difficult for everyone. When faced with tough purchasing selections, your clients are likely to have similar concerns. You’ll inspire other potential consumers to overcome their obstacles by explaining how you conquered yours.

You may reduce distractions and enhance lead conversion by identifying the crucial hurdles preventing your leads from converting.

6. You bought these goods or services for what reason?

What factors played a role in your consumer making the purchase? Was it part of the design? What’s the name of the customer service department? What is the cost? Prospective consumers who read the testimonial or hear it aloud will be better prepared to priorities their needs as a result.

As a result, your marketing team will have a better understanding of what features of your business are most attractive to buyers.

7. What about working with our company made you the happiest?

Customer Testimonial

What makes working with you the best? This question will highlight the best component of working with you, whether it’s an easy-to-use product or excellent customer service. Leads will better grasp your company’s alignment with client needs if you emphasize this factor.

8. When you used our product or service, what results did you get?

Your product or service helped the customer generate more leads, raise income, save time, meet objectives or hire additional staff. All of these are positive outcomes.

Customers in the future will want to see similar results. Include this question to show your company cares about customer satisfaction in the long run.

9. What’s your primary reason for recommending our product or service to your friends and family members?

When it comes to buying from you or not, what’s the bottom line? Everything will be explained in this response. As a result of this query, clients are more likely to suggest your firm to others looking for honesty.

10. What aspect of our company caught your attention the most?

It is a great way to find out how customers feel about your company. When customers first bought your goods, they were looking to accomplish something specific.

In addition to the rewards and loyalty programs you offer, some clients may discover that your business provides other advantages, such as the ability to earn points for future purchases.

If you collect these anecdotes, you can demonstrate to potential customers that your organization cares about more than just selling a product.

11. What advice would you provide to someone debating whether or not to work with us?

Customer testimonial might persuade prospects to buy your goods when they’re contemplating them. In fact, before making a purchase, 87% of leads check out customer evaluations.

You’ll assist your sales and marketing teams to convert leads faster if you let your consumers offer recommendations during the buying process. They’ll be aware of potential stumbling blocks and what to say to go around them.

12. Have you had any positive or negative experiences when working with us during the COVID-19 virus outbreak?

Most businesses were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many suffering financial setbacks. When things got rough, how easy was it to work with you? Prompting your clients to share will demonstrate to potential consumers how you care about them even when they are under pressure.

Final Thoughts

When your marketing material and sales collateral fail to persuade potential customers to make a purchase, customer testimonial can help.

It’s possible to receive answers that show how good your product is by asking questions like the ones listed above.

Furthermore, it will reduce customer turnover while also helping your company expand.

Moreover, using Vidmonials you can streamline the whole customer testimonial process. You can sit back and relax and let Vidmonials take care of all the stuff.

Schedule a demo with our product experts to learn more about Vidmonials.

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