Product Hunt | An Excellent Platform To Launch New Products


Product Hunt is a platform for technology lovers and product enthusiasts to discuss and launch mobile apps, websites, new software and hardware projects that will attract new customers. Some benefits of product hunt: 

  • A massive spike in website traffic
  • A heavy increase of new followers on social media
  • Fresh product ideas
  • New business relationship
  • A fantastic opportunity for leads and conversion

Product Hunt is the brainchild of Ryan Hoover. Ryan had a passion for learning about new products and talking about innovations in technology. 

Ryan always loved learning and connecting with like-minded people to discuss new products and technology-related matters. If you’re new, here are some basics about Product Hunt:


Hunters aim to hunt products and perform all activities related to products. 

The Daily Hunt

Product Hunt’s front page showcases products according to the number of upvotes. The Product that ends on top at the end of the day is the winner


Upvotes are Product Hunt’s equivalent of Facebook’s likes. You can vote it up and push it up the page if you like a product. The more votes, the higher the page will end up at the end of the day.


These are the members who created the Product.

Good Moves To Improve Your Profile

Improving the profile and product is an important goal for many companies. Here are some steps to improve the visibility of your Product on Product Hunt.

Find Your Followers On Product Hunt

  • Maybe you already have some friends on Product Hunt. You can also invite your friends on other social platforms to follow you on Product Hunt. Perhaps some of your friends do not know about Product Hunt. It is better to tell them before the launch day or let them know on the launch day and ask them to sign up.
  • Product Hunt is a social platform; your content’s quality and technical knowledge can influence many followers on the product hunt. Interaction with other people can increase your followers on Product Hunt.

Discussion Is A Good Platform 

  • Discussion increases your social interaction with others and can help to improve your followers on Product Hunt. 
  • It will help if your followers upvote you every day, especially on your launch. You need to be prepared for the launch day, and you should have enough followers to upvote your Product on that day. 
  • The front page of Product Hunt is just like the Google search engine; only the top products get clicked. On the other hand, visibility goes down fast when a product does not receive upvotes. It is like a snowball effect; you need to prepare a heavy snowball ready once the snow starts falling.

Increase Your Social Engagement 

  • Your visibility on Product Hunt will improve your followers. Your interaction with other people will enhance your profile and increase your social circle. 
  • When you will upvote others’ comments and reply to others’ comments, they will respond to your comments as well. Social engagement always increases social networks. 
  • Being social will increase the chances of your and your product success.  

Product Hunt is a gold mine for startups and new products; it is an excellent place to explore new products like Vidmonials, created to win trust with video updates, testimonials, and feedback. If you want to explore Vidmonials on Product Hunt, please subscribe to Vidmonials on Product Hunt.

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