Meet Vidmonials: The Best Alternative Of Video Peel | Product Hunt

Meet Vidmonials: The Best Alternative Of Video Peel | Product Hunt

Vidmonials is a powerful customer review management tool that allows clients to collect, manage, and share authentic & impactful video testimonials from their customers. It has recently gained a lot of attention on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a community of product makers, marketers and technology enthusiasts to explore new and innovative products. 

With Vidmonials, you can win trust with video updates, testimonials, and feedback. Many other products like Video Peel can perform the same tasks. In this article, we will be comparing the two products to see which one is more beneficial. 

Video Peel is an Excellent Video Capturing Software

Video Peel is a perfect remote video capturing software. It is a powerful solution for creating video social proof. This software can help remotely capture videos in seconds and help to make social proof.  

Vidmonials Offers More Than Video Peel

Vidmonials is a next-generation remote video recording software that allows users to record a video without downloading software or registering any website. A user can easily record and embed videos on their website through Vidmonials.

A Friendly User-Interface 

Vidmonials offers an easy and user-friendly interface to record videos. A user can send a weblink to another user to record a video for them. A user can open that link to record a video without downloading any software. Users also do not need to register to any website for recording a remote video. 

Suitable for Almost Every Industry

Vidmonials support almost all famous video formats; its support for various video formats makes it a versatile software to fulfill the needs of the modern age. This software is ideal for e-commerce, real estate and other service-oriented industries. Vidmonials is suitable for recording customer testimonials and different day-to-day needs of other businesses. 

A Feature-Stuffed Software

Vidmonials is a featured-stuffed software; it provides not only video recording but also video editing features also. Users can create personalized videos with their company logo and text and customize videos with less time and less effort. Everything is done with a click of a button. 

An Economical and Easy-To-Use Software for Video Recording

This software is economical and easy to use. Any user can create professional videos with this software. This software is ideal for creating customer testimonials. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. This software looks simple, but it offers advanced features to fulfill the video recording needs of the modern age. 

Perfect Software for Video Recording

A regular employee can use this software without any training. Vidmonials offer advanced features like screen recording and video publishing. The screen recording feature can be utilized to make videos for webinars, tutorials and video calls. Vidmonials users can create personalized videos with their name and design to customize any video. Business users can use Vidmonials to record testimonials of their customers and employees. 

To explore this excellent software, subscribe to Vidmonials’ upcoming page on Product Hunt.

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