List of Top 8 Video Testimonial Tools in 2021

List of Top 8 Video Testimonial Tools in 2021

Video testimonial tools can be used by businesses to request, gather, organize, and present video testimonials. By merging existing platforms with video testimonial technology, you can automate your video testimonial process and automatically solicit praise from delighted clients.

How to Collect Video Testimonials

video testimonial

Let’s face the truth; customer testimonial videos aren’t easy to form. It’s not enough to grab a client, record some phrases and upload a lo-fi video to your website. Creating a very memorable testimonial requires a mixture of strong content and quality production. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth step-by-step orientate creating persuasive customer testimonial videos.

1. Make a questionnaire first

To get insightful answers, consider the questions you’re visiting ask. It’s not worth mentioning that the questions rely on your business niche and, therefore, the products or services you provide. However, there’s a listing of basic questions for you to consider:

  • What prompted you to think about our product or service?
  • What was the difficulty you wanted to solve?
  • How has the merchandise affected your business?
  • What functionality does one like most?
  • Can you name three other benefits?
  • Would you recommend the merchandise or services? If so, why?
  • Is there anything you would like to add?

The most convenient thanks to collect video testimonials is to make and share a testimonial request survey. Then, try our detailed guide with best practices and examples Upload video or record.

2. Deliver the right content to the right people

Collecting video testimonials is like every other marketing campaign where you motivate your existing customers to form a specific action – to administer quality feedback. Let’s imagine that you ask your clients to go away with a pre-recorded video testimonial. Which elements should your message consist of? Let’s name some of them:

  1. Benefits that a consumer will receive as a result of leaving a review
  2. Instructions on how to send a video via email
  3. An eye-catching button with a strong call to action for users to upload pre-recorded videos

3. Make your website and social media accounts a testimony generator

Your website and accounts on social media are an ideal place to motivate existing clients to go away with a video testimonial. So why not create a separate landing page dedicated to collecting customer feedback?

With testimonial and rating platforms like Trust, you’ll be able to easily embed a testimonial request form onto the website page or add a call-to-action button with the invitation to go away the testimonial in many other places: pages that describe features, a page with other testimonials, at the tip of blog posts, etc.

The Importance of Video Testimonials Tools

The Importance of Video Testimonials Tools

Collecting testimonials, reviews, and general feedback from customers is tough work! You’ve got to recollect to ask, likely follow up a pair of times to urge them to act, organize the feedback you receive, and manually publish it to your website or other channels.

Video testimonials add another level of complexity to the current process – if you don’t want to give thousands to possess an expert shoot and edit each video, how does one convince customers to record a video on their own? Then, once it’s recorded, how do they catch on to you?

Video testimonial software helps you overcome these hurdles and automate the method, so videos appear even while you’re sleeping.

Video marketing is one of today’s most effective marketing formats, as videos are attention-grabbing, engaging, and simply shareable within the current online world. In fact, during a recent study, 26 percent of video viewers hunted for additional information about the video’s associated business, and 15 percent visited the shop that posted the video.

Why use Video testimonial tools? Regardless of their style, testimonial-based marketing videos are impactful, improving brand awareness and engagement, among many other benefits. Some of the more significant benefits of testimonial videos in advertising include the following:

1. Reinforced Credibility and Trust

One of the largest reasons you must use testimonials in your video advertising is the boost in credibility. Your customers are way more likely to believe one among their peers than they’re to believe you. So while a written testimonial on your website might help convert potential customers to your site, they could not trust that the quote is faithfully represented. With a video testimonial, they may hear it directly from their competitors.

Testimonial videos allow your clients to determine people speak about your products, giving an honest, unscripted opinion. It puts a face to your business and provides your brand the credibility it needs within your target group. Not only are you able to present your goals, products and overall mission, but you’ll give samples of customer experiences that support each point.

Using video testimonials tool is additionally an enormous sign of relevance to the individuals who give their opinions. You entrust your reputation to those clients, showing them that you value their opinion and need to document it. By valuing and trusting your customers, you raise your credibility with them and their friends and encourage them, in turn, to talk positively about your business, adding even further to your credibility.

2. Better Emotional Connection

Reading a quote can convey a thought or emotion, but not nearly further as a video during which you’ll be able to see the face and emotions of the testimonial giver. A written testimonial misses out on the subtle facial expressions and changes in tone that add resonance to thought, while a video captures it all. This adds a level of authenticity to the video, which helps you develop an emotional reference to your audience.

By developing an emotional reference to the viewer, your testimonial can convince them that they’ll benefit in the same way from your product or service. This emotional connection is commonly the most effective, thanks to drawing interest or seal the cope with a client. It also improves the sense that they’re getting a private, one-on-one experience together with your business.

3. Humanizes the Brand

One of the largest problems online businesses face could be a lack of human-to-human connection. Rather than getting the non-public interaction, you get an in-store experience, and you get a series of screens and pictures showing you the products available. While functional, many of those businesses lack the human factor. One in all the simplest ways to avoid this issue? Using video testimonials.

Video testimonials help to personalize your brand by giving your product a face. By showing your potential clients one amongst their peers who have benefitted from your product or service, you help make them believe that they’ll also gain the identical benefit. This helps them achieve something closer to an in-store experience, giving them added reassurance that you are the correct option to fill their needs.

4. Improves Your Exposure Understanding Video Marketing

Another advantage of testimonials in advertising is what proportion they improve your exposure. Online visibility is possibly the foremost important factor of business survival in our internet-based society. Videos are easy to share and visually interesting enough to encourage users to try and do so. Combining this with their marketing power makes videos a number of the simplest media to realize online attention.

Compared to text-based content, video testimonials are infinitely more interesting and unique than sales pitches, grabbing the eye of prospective customers. If a customer has never heard of your product before, you’ll effectively differentiate yourself from the gang by presenting your packaging within the kind of a video instead of pure text.

You can use videos effectively in a huge selection of business media, including:

5. Website

If a greater web presence may be a priority for your company, videos can facilitate your achieve it. By adding videos to your website landing pages, you immediately present your prospective clients with interesting, informative, and simply shareable content. These videos can even improve your computer program rankings if done correctly. This makes it much easier for potential clients to search out and access your website, increase website visits, and continue the customer attention-grabbing cycle.

6. Social media

A further good thing about testimonial videos is straightforward sharing on social media. Videos shared on social media are more prominent and reach a larger audience than your website. You’ll even post videos to industry-specific pages and forums, garnering a robust following within a more dedicated segment of your target market and effectively improving overall customer loyalty.

The Benefits of using Video Testimonial Tools to Generate More Leads

The Benefits of using Video Testimonial Tools

Following are the benefits of using video testimonial tools to generate more leads which are;

  1. Video testimonials are more popular than written testimonials
  2. More video testimonials should be used because they are easily shared
  3. Playing with emotions and triggering emotions can be quite effective
  4. Improved retention rates
  5. Users prefer to read user reviews
  6. Using social proof to generate leads
  7. Better conversions with video testimonials

1. Video Testimonials are more popular than written testimonials

Consumers prefer watching videos instead of reading the text. They like to observe videos, especially at the tip of the discussion.

Many of them watch differing kinds of videos, like how-to, demo, or explainer videos. Such videos help them to seek out good products and improve their purchasing decisions.

Just like consumers, even executives also watch videos instead of spending time reading texts. Studies show that customers watch videos associated with a product nearly fourfold, quite just reading a text about it.

Video testimonials can provide a far better customer experience and help the market team move their prospectus effectively, and therefore the sales funnel.

2. More video testimonials should be used because they are easily shared

To draw your audience’s attention through video testimonials and establish a brand image, you’ll consider any top video editing company to induce the needful done.

Customers prefer to share videos over images or texts.

Another great reason for selecting video testimonials as a marketing tool is that folks have the habit of sharing good videos. You would be surprised to understand that they share videos nearly twelve times over sharing text content or images.

You’re probably aware that videos get more likes and shares on social media than photographs or text. So even social media giants like Facebook increased their investment in video marketing, considering this fact.

So, many businesses make video testimonials of their satisfied customers in their marketing to note easily. Some social media networks like Snapchat and Instagram even have great features for video marketing, like to extend conversion rate and engagement.

3. Playing with Emotions and Triggering Emotions can be quite effective

When it involves decision-making, emotions play a vital role in whether or not the general public claims to create only rational decisions.

The best advantage of video testimonials is that it helps you see and listen to someone else’s experience. Additionally, they will effectively convey how they used a specific product or service.

Through a video testimonial, a customer can tell the planet how they feel better after an experience. It helps you look at the expressions on their faces and may hear the modulation invoice.

So, your potential customer will feel identical when a customer happily and thankfully narrates their experience after using your product or service.

4. Improved Retention Rates with Video Testimonial Tools

Most people forget textual information, but it can stick in their minds for an extended if you convey a message through a video. So, you’ll be able to get a high retention rate if you create a video testimonial for your product than explaining through texts.

In fact, videos can create a higher effect on the brain than storytelling. This can be because people remember the data it conveys through interesting visuals. Create video testimonials for the marketing of your product, keeping the simplest benefits of your product in mind. Add text and graphics to make it more aesthetically attractive.

5. Users prefer to read user reviews

Many people watch reviews before buying a product, and that they even trust the reviews of strangers. They trust the testimonials and reviews they see and more prefer to buy the merchandise.

You must be able to trust the video testimonials you employ for marketing objectives. Therefore, choose a relaxed atmosphere to film the testimonials to induce a natural effect

Remember, if your customer watches your video testimonial and trusts it, it will be a psychological marketing concept to get more leads.

6. Using Social Proof to Generate Leads

Social proof could be a significant consider making decisions. You’ll be able to easily generate more leads by making video testimonials if it’s trustworthy. Sometimes, customer reviews may be more trustworthy than personal reviews.

Marketers use powerful marketing tools or services like social media posts, comments, user reviews, and ratings.

Video testimonials change a touch from the above category, but the identical principles apply during this case. You’ll improve social proof through video testimonials also and might generate more leads.

7. Better Conversions with Video Testimonial Tools

The main aim of any marketing strategy is to convert a possible customer into a paying one. You are unable to find any other better way for conversion than a video testimonial.

Many professional content marketers claim that they use video content to satisfy organizational goals, supported some marketing studies. For instance, they know that video testimonials work and may help a business to get more leads.

Many biggest brands invest good money and time in creating video testimonials considering their impact on customers. They understand that these films have the potential to convert customers and create income.

Top 8 Video Testimonial Tools

Today we are discussing top 8 video testimonial tools which are listed below.

  1. Vidmonials
  2. GetBravo
  3. Trustmary
  4. Vocal Video
  5. Hippo Video
  6. Easy Capture
  7. Tribe Video
  8. Boast

1. Vidmonials

video testimonial tools

Vidmonials are among the foremost powerful customer video testimonial tools that permit clients to gather, manage, and share authentic & impactful video testimonials from their customers.

Videos are already an excellent source for grabbing public attention. In addition, testimonials recorded on their platform are often downloaded and shared on multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to achieve more customer traction.

You can easily market your videos to make trust together with your website visitors. With their video review service, you’ll utilize embeddable widgets which will showcase your customers’ pleasant views about your business together with their star ratings.

All of the videos you’ve gathered are saved in a large collection. A user can go through all of the testimonials that have been collected thus far, including all of the information about the sender. These video testimonials may be downloaded and used for multiple marketing activities.

Each feature has been optimized to confirm that the entire user experience at Vidmonials remains stress-free and pleasant to scroll around.

Prevention against Spyware

Vidmonials help clients in catering those negative or hateful reviews before going viral on the web and letting them resolve the matter with their customers beforehand.

Administrative Accountability

Their platform has built-in data protection, local hosting, and support for all clients, and it complies with all local regulations.

2. GetBravo


GetBravo Capture video from customers, users, and fans – right over the online. Whether you are looking to assemble client testimonials, launch a video contest or capture product reviews, GetBravo makes it easy to realize your goals.

Anyone who wants to possess their customers, fans, users etc., submit a user-generated video, like testimonials, reviews, auditions, job screenings, or the other project.

GetBravo Features

Features are displayed

  • Brand Overlay
  • Feedback Management
  • Mobile Screen Support
  • Privacy Options
  • Reporting/Analytic
  • Social Sharing
  • Video Streaming

Pros: The convenience of use and the ability to capture clients’ videos online and share them on my site; adding customer testimonials to my website has helped increase my bookings.

Cons: the shortage of a reminder option. Sometimes clients will say they’re going to leave a review, then again forget, and there are no thanks to sending them a follow-up.

3. Trustmary

Trustmary Easiest way to gather feedback and get more sales with them!

It helps you employ existing videos from Facebook, YouTube, etc. and allows your customers to record their own video testimonials from desktop or mobile quickly.

Trustmary also makes it super easy to display star ratings, written and video testimonials on your website with a giant collection of stunning widgets that you can customize. What’s more, Trust offers the power to e-sign a contract between you and customers so that you’ll use their videos in your marketing and advertising campaigns in a while.

4. Vocal Video

Vocal Video Authentic Video Testimonials & Video Review Software

Vocal Video, a tool that reveals users’ online behavior and voice, uses video to inform a story about how Vocal Video help companies right the most page. Also, they need a separate testimonial page sweetly named “Customer Love.” the fellows from Vocal Video has unique tackle testimonials than most, and this guide summarizes their experience in creating testimonials that converts.

5. Hippo Video


Hippo Video provides a full suite of marketing, sales, and customer care software. They also defend their brand by creating absolutely amazing video testimonials. Each Hippo Video testimonial page is well-designed and functional, with a customer video as the header, interesting writing, and eye-catching benefits from working with Hippo Video.

6. Easy Capture Media

The customer testimonial page on Easy Capture has a minimalist design that focuses on video. Easy Capture has spent time with a customer to create a high-quality video testimonial. Viewers will feel emotionally linked as a result of this deep dive into the client’s life.

7. Tribe Video

Customer testimonial videos for Tribe Video, a full-featured e-commerce platform, focus on what makes their software exceptional. You may also filter testimonials by industry on this page to get the most relevant ones to your requirements.

8. Boast


With three simple steps, Boast makes client feedback, video testimonials, and online reviews simple.

1. Create a form

Forms are the inspiration for collecting customer feedback with Boast.

Choose a pre-built form template or start from scratch by generating a form. Then, customize your form questions and branding to satisfy your needs.

2. Ask your customers

Boast makes it simple to automate the collection of feedback and reviews.

Next, enroll your customers in sequences to automatically evoke feedback or a review. Finally, we’ll send a series of email or SMS COMING SOON requests to maximize your response rates.

3. Manage & share praise

Easily showcase your testimonials and reviews to create trust with website visitors.

Embedded widgets facilitate your make the foremost of the customer feedback you receive. First, customize which responses you would like to display and how you would like them to seem. Then put a code on your website where you wish them to seem.

Final Thoughts

Video testimonials are a special sort of content that may turn prospects into loyal customers, build trust around your brand and convey your conversions and sales. Showing existing satisfied customers is that the best thanks to giving prospects the ultimate reason they have to settle on you among the competitors and shut a deal. The key here is to stay everything natural, follow facts and resist the urge to ‘overdo’ it.

Among the above discussed list we prefer Vidmonials as the best video testimonial services provider. It allows your customers to quickly record and submit video testimonials on the link provided by you, without even having to sign up on Vidmonials.

For video testimonial tools detailed information and to get a client testimonials personal quote reach our website and one of our dedicated specialists who will be happy to help you.

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