Generate More Revenue by Using Customer Testimonials Videos

Generate More Revenue by Using Customer Testimonials Video

Customer Testimonials Videos are the new dealmakers in the modern business world.

Look at it this way: you are a start-up owner, and you are putting it all in to attract and engage your potential customers. However, even after being responsive to your business messages, they’re not ready to make the purchase.

What should you do at this moment?

How would you convert them into customers without being too much pushy?

Well, the solution is pretty simple. You should have a thorough video marketing strategy. More so, in that video marketing strategy, your breadwinners will be customer testimonial videos.

Video testimonials entice those customers more who are looking for similar products or services as your business. When a potential customer watches another satisfied customer, their trust in your business rises, and so does your sales.

Moreover, there are many testimonial video examples out there that you can refer to for having a better idea about their impact.

In this blog, we will try to teach you how to use these customer testimonials videos to generate more revenue for your company.

What is a customer testimonial video?

A consumer or client talks and expresses their emotions about your product or service in a video testimonial.

In customer testimonials videos, your potential customers witness a genuine, living relatable person talking about your product or service.

The majority of video testimonials mention that a problem was identified, and a remedy was offered.

It’s also customary for the speaker to give concrete examples of how the answer was given and how the experience affected his or her condition, if not his or her life.

In this blog, we will try to teach you how to use these customer testimonials videos to generate more revenue for your company.

How effective are customer testimonials videos?

Customer Testimonials Videos

Customers respond to video testimonials because of the credibility aspect, according to Kissmetrics, a well-known traffic analytics tool that companies use to maximize their targeted traffic.

Part of the challenge of running an online business is establishing “social evidence” that your company is worth investing in. It assists you in attracting new customers and leads so that you can expand your market.

In addition to that, video testimonials also serve a great deal to companies in improving their SEO Marketing. That is so because video testimonials are shareable content, and when credible testimonial videos are placed on your website, it starts getting pingbacks, which eventually boost your overall SEO.

The testimonials, according to Kissmetrics, should be credible. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just your closest friends when it comes to promoting your brand. Many people perceive this to be dishonest conduct and frown upon it.

Be Honest and Transparent to Generate More Revenue

Be Honest and Transparent to Generate More Revenue

Google has emphasized the importance of corporate integrity and fairness. The publishing industry has changed as well. Even companies like Amazon are now insisting on “honest reviews” of books and media, rather than paying people to say nice things all the time.

Get Good Comments by Building Value

To promote positive feedback, first, build a great product and run a successful company. A lot of positive PR and advertisement would not be able to cover up for most of your bad business practices.

However, if you are truthful with your clients and encourage them to tell others about their positive experiences, you can build a win-win scenario.

Every day in your business, you can add value to what you do. If you want to get customers, don’t rely on sales tactics. People are fed up with being “sold to.” They want to know exactly what the product or service will do for them.

The sad reality is that they are unconcerned about your brand. They are unconcerned if you become wealthy via the internet. They only care if you can give them enough value to make doing business with you worthwhile. They would adore you if you can. You must, however, win them over.

Techniques for Getting Positive Testimonials

Techniques for Getting Positive Testimonials

Contacting people on your “nice review” list is one way to concentrate on having positive testimonials. In other words, if you have got good feedback on a product, and they have left positive comments on your site, or if they are loyal customers, they will be perfect candidates for a video testimonial.

In most cases, if you have your list of individuals, you only need one at a time. Go through your list of brand evangelists who are willing to share their positive experiences and ask them questions about your brand in an interview format.

You might also ask them to talk about what they like best about your brand or their experience on your website.

Creating an Animated Video Testimonial

While thinking, “what should there be in a testimonial video?”, animation can be another best option for you.

The most effective form of video for ad campaigns is an animated video. This video by Renderforest illustrates some eye-opening statistics on animated videos and their effectiveness as a tool.

One of the stats mentioned highlights that around 86% of customers believe that video testimonial helps increase the brand awareness.

That being said, you must provide accurate and up-to-date details in your video to avoid exploiting your viewers’ confidence. You will get more than a customer for the day if you are open and honest about your business ethics. You will gain a lifelong brand evangelist.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials Videos: Tips for Creating Great Video Testimonials

Tips for Creating Great Video Testimonials

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind if you are working on a video testimonial to promote your company.

Being Transparent

When making video testimonials, remember to keep ethics in mind, as previously mentioned.

According to the Nielson report, people trust videos. Do not give them a reason to doubt your footage. Make sure the testimonial isn’t too scripted. It will appear to be “staged”.

Instead, simply ask your respondents to talk freely about their experiences with your brand and why they were so enthusiastic about it.

Finding People Who Appear Genuine

If you are looking for people to appear in your videos and talk about your business, make sure they are trustworthy. If your target audience enjoys individuals that are outlandish or overbearing, do not hire them.

When producing media for public consumption, always keep the target audience in mind. The video testimonial must be genuine.

Watching the Appearances

You may think it is “hip” to include a tattooed muscular man from a bike shop, but it might backfire unless you’re selling motorcycles.

Consider your target audience and how they can interact with the people in your videos.

Using Animation For Full Creative Control

You may use animated characters to tell your story if you want complete control over your video while also including genuine video testimonials.

Create a storyline that begins with a customer shopping at your store and ends with a satisfied customer telling everyone about it. Let the character in your animation face the camera and say about the positive aspects of their encounter for a complete testimonial.

Keep in mind that the script should not be overdone.


You can produce a winning Customer Testimonials Videos with Vidmonials that is convincing and engaging by concentrating on the message rather than the method. This winning testimonial can help you generate more revenue.

Furthermore, you should consider the factors of trust and integrity in your video testimonials.

Moreover, adding animation in the testimonial can do a whole lot better for revenue generation as people respond better to story-based animations rather than a talking head.

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