10 Super Effective Customer Testimonial Video Examples in 2021

10 Super Effective Customer Testimonial Video Examples in 2021

A customer testimonial video is an excellent way of building and gaining trust. Brands spend millions of dollars in gaining the trust of the end-user. A Testimonial video can provide an in-depth analysis of the product or service. It can be used as a marketing tool as well.

Customer testimonials lay a foundation for the general public to get a grasp of a particular business. After watching a client speak about a brand or a business, it becomes simple for a layperson to understand what they are about to invest in.

An Era of Advancement

Life in the 21st century is all about convenience. Countries like China and Japan are big examples of nations that have developed using technology to their benefit in the past years. A video testimonial is a giant leap in technology where it defeats the boring written feedbacks. 

Here Are Some Interesting Statistics About Customer Testimonial Video

According to specific big names:

  1. 92% of consumers read online reviews before buying (Big Commerce)
  2. 72% of consumers say constructive testimonials and reviews increase their trust during a business (Big Commerce)
  3. 70% of individuals trust reviews and proposals from strangers (Nielsen)
  4. 88% of consumers say reviews impact their webbased purchasing decisions. (Vendasta)
  5. 88% of consumers show faith in online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family (Big Commerce)
  6. 97% of Business 2 Business customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations because the most reliable sort of content. (Demand Gen Report)
  7. 86% of consumers said online reviews were a minimum of “moderately important” once they were buying a replacement product. (Statista)

Super Effective Customer Testimonial Video Of 2021

In this blog, we will look at the top 10 super effective Customer testimonial video of 2021.

1. American Express

American Express is perhaps the greatest supplier of credit cards in the U.S. This testimonial example is incredible in light of the fact that it addresses not one, not so much as two, but rather five of their clients. 

The entirety of the American Express clients highlighted have altogether different organizations and this assists with introducing the variety of advantages that American Express has to bring to the table. 

Perhaps the best thing about this testimonial example is that the clients talk about how American Express is superior to other card brands they’ve used.

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2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) computer-generated program, and this testimonial from Marriott is part of their ‘trailblazer’ series. This series of testimonials put the client as the main priority and celebrates their success so that all can know that the client is a pivot that keeps everyone together.

While the client is narrating their story, Salesforce is discussed in a natural way – making this less powerful than other testimonials, but still as effective.

This video really works to construct a story, displaying scenes with actors playing the role of customers, then interviews with actual people in the business, and lastly, scenes of the Salesforce software at work.

3. Hubspot

HubSpot is a popular and well-known Business, but this certainly does not mean they cannot benefit from a great testimonial video. As with any given content, clients are more likely to believe a well-executed and up-to-date testimonial than one that was made ages ago, so ongoing testimonials are the best way to make sure prospective customers that your product or service is still as best as ever.

This video example is super accurate because it seamlessly chops between shots of the product in use and clips of the co-founders talking about how HubSpot assisted them in increasing their business. And all of the questions have been modified, changing and transforming the clients’ answers into an effortless, illuminating monologue about HubSpot’s service.

4. Hootsuite

This testimonial is a cut above the rest because it shows the Herschel team using Hootsuite to market their products on social media. It also puts forward the opinion of different team members, presenting a full overview of how Hootsuite assists everyone in the business, from the Managing Director to the Digital Marketer.

Another principal factor highlighted in the video is growth. The client talks about utmost growth on their social media platform and explains how the Hootsuite app helped their lean marketing team to handle certain matters. Mini insights such as these really present Hootsuite as an additional team member – something that will be attractive to prospective clients watching the testimonial.

5. ChurnZero

It’s no secret that the web is overflowing with content, and you would like to hook viewers within the primary few seconds of them pressing play. This video by ChurnZero does exactly that, with a member of the team talking on to viewers. It’s a stimulating thanks to starting a testimonial video and it definitely works to grab attention from the beginning.

The rest of the video is pretty mainstream and typical, cutting between the client’s different team members talking about the benefits of the product. But, even as they started with a bang, they also end with one – showing the clients holding a flag with the ChurnZero logo thereon.

6. Customer Testimonial Video – Chownow’s

ChowNow’s customer testimonial page is another work of beauty. It’s not too shabby design that focuses on videos and standout quotes from customers. This perspective is clean, true, and skimmable—not caught up with big blocks of text which will be overwhelming and straightforward to skip.

ChowNow clearly put money in sending a video crew bent their customer restaurant locations to supply these high-quality video testimonials, but one can bet it had been well-worth the investment. Video could also be the simplest way to say thanks to portray happy customers because it allows the viewer to attach on an emotional level which will be harder to convey via text alone.

Another point to be noted is how the featured quotes talk about why customers chose ChowNow over competitors and call out specific numbers and metrics (“increased our sales 20-25%”).

7. Steve & Kate’s Camp

Steve & Kate’s camp conduct summer camps for children throughout the U.S. The distinctive factor about Steve & Kate’s camp is that their entire website is essentially a series of customer testimonials.

For instance, visit their homepage, and watch the video. After watching this, it will induce an urgency in you of wanting to go to camp, or at the very least send your kids to that camp? 

As you can observe, certain businesses don’t even require a dedicated page, but they can let their website speak to customers with emotional goosebump videos. Sending a child to summer camp can be a very stressful thing for a parent, but by using the power of video testimonials across their website, a sense of trust is achieved.

8. Codecademy – Customer Testimonial Video

Learning how to code can seem like a very interesting thing, especially if your experience is miles away from the technical world. Codecademy’s mission is to break that barrier, and educate internees how to learn new coding skills online.

Their customer testimonial page is a strong way of explaining this mission, and they have a number of students who were willing to share their experiences. They use the power of video to potray a story about how Codecademy assisted an individual change his career completely by gaining these new skills. The page then documents registers plenty of others who had alike success stories—click on a story and you’ll see a longer interview with the student about how and why they got into coding. This procedure of using their customers as advocates helps break the intimidation barrier for those hesitant to sign up for a coding course.

9. Squarespace

Did you know that Squarespace powers millions of web pages among hundreds of industries? Well, if you visit their customer testimonial page you can get all the details and get grips to so much more. 

Since their business is website constructing, their customer testimonial is not what you typically make of (i.e., a quote or a longer text-based story). Rather, Squarespace utilizes this page to share a host of real website examples from some of the most stylish brands that use their site builder, showing proof of concept and providing design inspiration.

The page feels sleek and particularly helpful for those looking to see if Squarespace will meet their needs.

10. Startup Institute

They utilized their business model to make a “once off” and compelling thanks to display their customer testimonials as “Love Letters.”

Startup Institute is a career accelerator that gives the chance to professionals to learn new skills, take their careers in a positive direction, and pursue a career they are passionate about. Naturally they get praise from the students that have graduated from the program.

Whether it’s a student raving that they have landed their dream job or just a message of a job well-done, these letters are truly authentic testimonials. This page may be a creative and thoughtful way of sharing positive customer feedback and testimonials.

Stating facts of Customer Testimonial Video

Business testimonial examples are another way of boosting a new business. Your company can go from zero to hero if clients put in a good word about your product or service. It is a well-established fact. It is up to you to provide an outstanding service leaving the rest on the consumer. They will surely put in a good word of mouth that will boost sales and give you recognition beyond imagination.

Vidmonials - customer testimonial video

Many customer feedback tools have hit the market recently. Vidmonials is amongst the big names that has made a mark for itself by providing extraordinary customer testimonial video that impact the viewer.


The 21st century is all about technological advancement. Nobody in the right mind would have thought 20 years ago that a video testimonial can change the fate of a business. Imagine someone using a service from the other part of the world praises and endorses your service, which impacts and boosts sales. What an idea? In this blog, we have tried to establish the importance of feedback through video testimonials and put forward some great examples that have impacted lives. These video testimonials serve a purpose and that purpose is to show the world that a positive feedback can take a business to ultimate stardom while a bad one can bankrupt it.

To know more about customer testimonial video and how to create one, pick up your mobile device and log onto to Book a Demo.

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